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  1. For sale is a Yamaha SLB200 EUB, complete with carry case, the stand (bought at additional cost) and additional extension frame that give more a DB-sized body curve for supporting the bass against the body (costs £132 new). The bass is in overall excellent condition (there are a few very small marks) and I have fitted anti-slip tape to the body extension to improve grip. This can be easily removed though. It plays beautifully and is easily the best EUB I've played in terms of similarity to an acoustic DB and overall quality. After discussions with my band though, I'll be using a DB in future and would like to upgrade my current one. From the Yamaha website: Yamaha's Silent Bass series feature a body and pickup systems designed to bring out the best tone from each instrument. The SLB200 is a performance-oriented bass designed with a light and compact body that makes transport to and from the gig a breeze. The hollow body design and special internally mounted pickup system deliver pizzicatos which are solid, rich, and realistic, and fit naturally into any jazz or pop setting. Built-in electronics offer plug and play simplicity and the detachable frame gives the instrument a feel and playability close to that of an acoustic bass. I'm looking for £2,100 either picked up from near Monmouth or a meet up within an hour is Monmouth.
  2. I'm in two bands; an originals band with occasional corporate covers and a covers band that gigs in pubs and clubs. Neither are massively busy (probably once a month with a bi-weekly rehearsal) but that's exactly what I'm looking for. Like most things, it's about juggling time, diaries, priorities etc. but it's do'able.
  3. Could you just not all get a big house together? It worked for The Monkees 👍
  4. I had a similar experience once in a rehearsal room. It was vile. Anyway, turned out it was actually one of our guitarists
  5. Probably King Edwards or Maris Piper. Oh, you said tuners. Sorry
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. By all accounts it's even worse if you buy left handed sets of strings. A mate of mine says it's cheaper for him to buy a right handed set and have his tech install them upside down for him than it is to buy a left handed set. I suggested he should play in front of a mirror but he said I was being silly.
  8. Just checked out Mousechat and someone has posted the following: "Took the kids to church as per normal and after a nice meal by the river we returned home to find that some absolute animal has stolen our house! We moved in three years ago and after extensive renovations had just got it the way we wanted. Really, you wouldn't expect this to happen in Hammersmith..."
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Sorry to hear that John. Having faced my own tribulations and (touch wood) come out the other side, you're in good hands. It goes without saying, let me know if I can do anything at all (apart from buying your Fretless!) and hang tough.
  11. Great looking Bass, John. Hope everything is okay
  12. I sold Ritsugamesh (not his real name!) an Aria bass in a completely hassle-free and painless deal. He's a lovely guy to deal with and highly recommended. Thanks again Paul (d'oh! I've given the game away!) 😊
  13. I've not done this personally but saw a bass player use one once at a pub gig. It didn't go well though, and the locals panicked at such an unusual act and ended up eating him. I believe his bones are still hanging above the village gate.
  14. Amen. I agree with all this. The worst for me used to be weddings; the setting up and then endless waiting used to drive me to distraction. These days we do fewer, better quality gigs but that said, a good music pub with a decent crowd is still hard to beat
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. Andy sold me a lovely MarkBass combo that arrived today and he even kindly threw in the MarkBass combo stand. The combo was even better than described and I'm really pleased with it. A lovely chap and highly recommended
  17. I bought this to use with my NS EUB but it works equally well with the Yamaha SLB too. As I have the correct stand for the Yamaha though, this K&M one is no longer required. I first saw these on the Gollihur website as I want keen on buying the upgraded NS CR stand and end pin adaptor for what would have been around £250. Gollihur recommended the K&M as a suitable alternative so I bought one from Thomann. The neck holder actually bends to grip the neck tightly and the end pin holder is solid metal and as you'd expect from K&M, it's beautifully built. They're really impressive bits of kit and feel solid as a rock. Cost me £89 new to bring to the UK. It's still in super condition and it's yours for £70 inc postage (please excuse the mess in the photos, we're still unpacking!)
  18. I've been asked a few times about trades int hai and while I'm not looking for any more basses, I'd consider a trade with a Mark Bass CMD121P combo. Edit: trades for a Markbass combo now no longer needed
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  20. I had one of these and gigged it for a good few years. Lovely bass and really useful in self defence.
  21. Just thinking about old times as I do some days and it struck me just how much I miss Bass Gear and my frequent jaunts across to see Barrie @molan Phil and the dearly departed Vic. It was always a special place to; my own Tiffany's as it were and I was always made to feel very welcome. Great times 😊
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