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  1. I've had a number of SR5's over the years and have generally had great experiences. They happen to be my favourite looking basses too. The new ones are superbly built but recently I've really struggled with the lack of width of the fingerboard. I'm not sure if the newer ones are ever so slightly slimmer or the fret ends have been finished differently, but if I'm not careful the G string disappears off the edge with that horrible zing/clunk sound. I never seemed to suffer from this with older models so something has either changed in the construction or equally as possible, my technique has changed. I recently switched to a Sadowsky 5 String and immediately the problem has gone away. It's very frustrating as I really do love the SR5's.
  2. Totally agree. Not being able to understand inane drivel in another language is a gift!
  3. I have absolutely nothing to do with this advert but it think this is an absolute steal at this price: https://www.thefretboard.co.uk/discussion/205952/fs-fender-60th-anniversary-road-worn-60s-jazz-bass-firemist-silver
  4. No problem. The Bass is bilingual if that helps
  5. Very similar. I don't recall them being so reliced as the Flea. The 60th Anniversary has a Pau Ferro fingerboard while the Flea has (or certainly had) a rosewood one. That seems to bother some people but I didn't find it much different personally. The radius is different too: the Flea has a 7.25" radius and the 60th has a 9.5" radius. From memory the frets are different on both: the Flea has vintage frets which I like, whereas the 60th anniversary has the more modern medium jumbo. I preferred the look of the Flea but preferred the sound and playability of the 60th as it felt closer to my other basses and I found I could get the action lower. Just my own experience of course
  6. I have (the Firemist Silver one). Very impressive build and they sound great. The relicing was well done. I got it set up really low and if you like a good Jazz I'm sure you'd love them. The one I played was decent weight too.
  7. I'd say it's around 9lbs. I've made an executive decision and it's staying. I can live with the lime!
  8. Thanks chaps. The more I play it, the more impressed I am with it, especially for the price point it's at. Sadly the retailer I bought it from hasn't got the blue in stock anymore, or the green for that matter so exchanging it isn't an option. Given how well it plays though I think I'll hang on to it, even if it looks like one of Shrek's relations.
  9. I must say, after giving it a bit of a tweak it plays and sounds brilliant. Very good quality build, a J Profile neck with Luminlays and super Dimarzio pickups. That colour though; FFS....
  10. I ordered one of those new Charvel PJ's last week and it arrived safely today. Upon opening it however, I was shocked to see that it was the metallic lime green version, not the blue one. The shop had clearly messed up. Well, when I say that, what I mean is I ordered the wrong one...
  11. For sale is a super condition Reunion Blues Continental Ballistic Gigbag. This is a serious bit of kit and superbly made (very similar to the Mono and Protec hard/soft gig bags. According to the website the gigbag is made with a water-resistant ballistic exterior that surrounds a new, lightweight Flexoskeleton™ protection system of high-density foam and EVA impact panels that offer enough protection to survive a 40-foot drop without so much as a nick or scratch. (They actually tried it. And when the guitar inside emerged unscathed, they did it again just for fun.) Inside this new case, a velvet tuck interior lining, solid-cell neck brace suspension system and thick Softmesh-lined side panels cradle the instrument in a cocoon of scuff-proof luxury. And its roomy exterior pockets, Zero G palm-contoured handle, and hideaway backpack straps are designed for getting around in the real world. Yours for £130 inc. postage.
  12. So my band where I needed a 5 string is no more and I'm struggling with the tight string spacing of this SR5, so sadly it's on the block. It's the new model Stingray Special HH in Aqua Sparkle. It's in immaculate condition, complete with case (the Candy has disappeared somewhere, sorry). It plays brilliantly and sounds fab and weighs in at 9lbs! Im looking for £1,750 plus £25 shipping fully insured but would consider trades for a Fender American Original P Bass in equally good condition plus £300 cash my way. I'd maybe consider a lightweight 4003S with rosewood board too but that's about it. I'll put some more pics up soon but here's a few for your delectation.
  13. I still have a Red one. I think the colour is called Whore Red. If not it should be!
  14. For sale is a gorgeous 1990 Charvel 1B P Bass made in Japan. These are superb instruments and the build quality is everything you'd expect from a Japanese instrument of this vintage. As it's black, it does show a number of marks and dings, but nothing horrendous and all cosmetic. The frets have plenty of life left in them and the truss rod works fine and it has a lovely low action. The headstock tip has a small chip out of the top of the lacquer, but again nothing structural, so don't worry, you still get maximum pointiness! The pickup is original but the wiring loom had to be changed due to a faulty tone pot (the original loom will be included in the sale). It's a reverse P pickup, so it sounds amazingly deep and tight. The cavity cover may be a replacement I think. Everything else is original. I have a number of these basses and they're becoming increasingly difficult to find. Yours for £300 delivered.
  15. My other Charvel has sold, so I'll leave this on for a few days more and then probably take it off if it hasn't gone
  16. Thanks Jake. Just checking; this is Pro Bono advice, right?
  17. I'm not a lawyer, granted, but I'm pretty certain these straps can only be used with pointy headstocks. Otherwise you're looking a 10 stretch, personal shower-time with Big Bill and drinking hooch out of a toilet bowl, sorry.
  18. Thanks for the PM's so far. Unfortunately I'm not looking for trades and just to clarify, the purchaser HAS to take the studded leather strap. There's no negotiation in that point I'm afraid.
  19. For sale is a gorgeous 1988 Japanese Charvel 2B active pickup PJ Bass in a lovely metallic blue finish. It's 100% original and considering it's age, is in very good condition. These really were the bees knees in the late-80's/ early-90's and it's amazing to find one as clean as this not covered in hairspray It weighs in at just under 9.5lbs but a decent studded leather strap is supplied (non-negotiable). The electrics work fine but one of the pots is a bit loose and could do with a bit of TLC. It's actually pretty unusual to find these with all the knobs in place for some reason. Build quality is brilliant and it sounds absolutely epic. Yours for £350 plus £20 postage to ship fully insured.
  20. For sale is a super lightweight Jackson Eliminator Bass from the early 90's. Considering it's age it's in excellent condition and 100% original. It has active electronics with treble, bass, pan and volume (one of the knobs is a bit wonky but works fine). The neck is 24 frets and is ridiculously skinny front to back. It's an absolute dream to play and a pretty rare beast. They were considered top of the range for Japanese made Charvel/Jacksons and it's easy to see why given the build quality I'm either selling this one or my Charvel 2B Bass. Whichever one sells first I'll keep the remaining one. It will be supplied with a gigbag and shipped fully insured. Yours for £350 plus £20 postage.
  21. Thanks chaps, it really is the best 5'er I've played and I keep having that "Do I, Don't I" debate.
  22. I remember seeing Washburn guitars and basses in the most amazing crackle/lightning finishes on the back of guitar magazines when I was a youngster (late 80's?) I fell in love with them right there and then. I think if I saw one in that finish now I wouldn't be able to resist temptation.
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