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  1. Yes this is my old (but as new) bass. Gigged a few times and well looked after. I may have considered buying this back but I ordered a short scale 5 string as planned. Graham is a top bloke to deal with and this bass is a pleasure to play and sounds fabulous.
  2. Sire M2 Gen 2 is very light. I have a 5 string (blue with maple f/b). My son has the same but 4 string version. Around 7lbs I'd say. No neck dive which can often come with lighter/smaller bodies and at under £300 for the 4 it's a great bass for the price.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Hi All, Tricky one this. I'm absolutely loving my SWB Pro. 18v version so no lacking of volume. Great from rock to slap. The short scale really works for me but most of my gigs for the forceable future are requiring a low B. I occasionally take out my Sire 5 which I also enjoy playing but short scale is the way forward for me. So it's with reluctance I'm seeing if there's any interest in this before I order a 30" 5 from a certain Polish maker, or similar. It's only a few months old with no marks and works perfectly. Used on about 15/20 gigs. Pics are from gigs, the non truss logo pic from this Saturday gone (I was trying this for the look). £600 is firm or £575 cash on collection. Will be shipped in original box.
  5. Price drop to £315.00 including postage or £300 cash on collection. If it doesn't sell at this price then will keep it, so please, no offers as a bargain for such an amp.
  6. Lovely bass. I remember trying the exact same bass in Rockbottom of Croydon years ago. Kinda regretted not buying it. If this was all fretted from factory would have it. GLWS.
  7. Looks exactly like the one I purchased from Chappells of Bond St in 1979. Lovely sounding bass. Wonder where it is now!!!!!
  8. Can't recommend the Sire M2 2nd generation enough. A lot of bass for the price at around £350. Lightweight, well balanced and versatile. Can't speak for their P and J type basses as never tried.
  9. Ashdown RM-800 in very good condition. Been used on various gigs for the past few months with no issues. I also have the RM-500 in a combo so feeling like trying something a bit different as a separate head. looking for £350 plus £15 postage. £315 including postage.
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