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  1. My old bass! didn't have it for long even though it was a joy to play and sounded lovely. Only gig I can remember using on was a Water Rats function. An older gentleman came up to me saying how much he enjoyed the bass playing. Our guitarist was a bit miffed that Bert Weedon didn't approach him at all 🤣
  2. I mostly listen to talk radio but tuned into R2 to days ago and Get Back was the second song in.
  3. The Who, Edmonton Sundown 72/73. Squashed at the front so about 10 feet from Moon's kit and ridiculously loud backline from Entwistle and Townsend in both ears. Having said that my first gig and I loved it. Daltreys bottle of water being thrown over me every few minutes kept it real
  4. Don't listen to albums that much these days, but back in the day... The Who. Live at Leeds Cheap Trick. Live at Budokan
  5. Some fabulous memories on some of those posted so far. Couple here. apologies if already in the thread... Remember playing along on my first fretless to this. Mo Foster on bass iirc Black Beauty...
  6. Came across an old photo recently of my Fender Mustang. Purchased it for £150 used from a shop in London's Shaftesbury Avenue late 70's, before I knew anything about basses. Sold it on a couple of years later, still not realising what a gem of a bass it was and how I may have appreciated it years later. With the original finger rest in that position and look, I guess it was a later 60's early 70's model.
  7. As I rarely play between gigs, I can safely say my playing has gone in one direction only
  8. Recently purchased an amp from Sean. Smooth transaction and the item was as described. Deal with confidence. Thanks Sean.
  9. Would have had it but plenty of bargains to be had in the new year I think with no major gigging due soon. Notice he's selling a TC amp as well. I used a RH750 with my old Barefaced 1x15. Nice combination.
  10. I had a stroke 3 years ago, bleed on the brain, out of the blue. Couldn't walk and couldn't even hold a pen and write with no real control of my hand. I play finger style, no plec. Fretting hand was fine. Really thought I was f***** go forward as laying there in hospital. Six weeks later did my first gig. After 30 mins any real control and stamina in the hand had gone and was literally brushing my hand across the strings hoping to hit the right one. A few months no problem in gigging. I'd say was 70% back to normal. 3 years later I know it will never be 100% but I can gig with no one ever knowing I had/have a problem. Physio will get you back on course. You'll be fine.
  11. Not siblings but have done a few functions and a couple of pub gigs with my son. Never had any issues and can't help but feel proud when looking across the stage.
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