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  1. Not siblings but have done a few functions and a couple of pub gigs with my son. Never had any issues and can't help but feel proud when looking across the stage.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Reduced to £325.00 + postage.
  4. It is historically a derogatory term but most people within Germany are oblivious to it. I spent the best part of 3 years touring and recording there in the early 80's as part of the German new wave scene (NDW) and never came across the term once other than used by those outside the country.
  5. Depends how you play it and who your playing it with 😀
  6. Markbass TTE 501 Amp in very good condition. Everything works as it should with no issues. Lightweight, loud, punchy, quiet fan, PAT tested last September. Always wanted one of these so picked it up a couple of years back. Last used on a lockdown recording for the preamp. DI works a treat. My son gets the odd pro bass gig and he doesn't want me to move it, so unless he wants to buy it off me 😎. Recent change of main bass, I'm favouring a more cleaner sterile tone hence this post. Any questions please ask. Prefer cash on collection, otherwise add £25 for postage. Thanks for looking.
  7. If I were in bass acquisition mode and a bit more flush this moment I would have this. Best of luck with the sale. No doubt it will go.
  8. I've recorded with it and sounds fine, but I do tend to use the B more on the lower frets on any bass. You do notice the difference in tension. Currently a 125 on there from the factory but may take it to 130 see how that fairs.
  9. Hardly played bass for the past 4 months so thought about time I made the effort. Took scratch plate off my short scale Elwood for a change. Bit of a clean up. Considering some new strings!
  10. I remember having a shall I or Shan't I moment with an Aria just like that in Rockbottom of Croydon years ago. In hindsight I should have.
  11. Been gigging for 40 years and to be honest quite enjoyed the break since March and hardly picked a bass up apart from a couple of lockdown recordings. Many of my gigs have been moved to next year which is fine, looking forward to getting back to it when ready. In the current environment why would anyone want to get out there gigging other than an outside job, simply not safe for you or others.
  12. Been playing a 5 for the best part of 30 years. Low B great for resting your thumb on while playing other 4.
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