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  1. If I were in bass acquisition mode and a bit more flush this moment I would have this. Best of luck with the sale. No doubt it will go.
  2. I've recorded with it and sounds fine, but I do tend to use the B more on the lower frets on any bass. You do notice the difference in tension. Currently a 125 on there from the factory but may take it to 130 see how that fairs.
  3. Hardly played bass for the past 4 months so thought about time I made the effort. Took scratch plate off my short scale Elwood for a change. Bit of a clean up. Considering some new strings!
  4. I remember having a shall I or Shan't I moment with an Aria just like that in Rockbottom of Croydon years ago. In hindsight I should have.
  5. Been gigging for 40 years and to be honest quite enjoyed the break since March and hardly picked a bass up apart from a couple of lockdown recordings. Many of my gigs have been moved to next year which is fine, looking forward to getting back to it when ready. In the current environment why would anyone want to get out there gigging other than an outside job, simply not safe for you or others.
  6. Been playing a 5 for the best part of 30 years. Low B great for resting your thumb on while playing other 4.
  7. Got involved in this with a few friends for charity few weeks back. Apologies if seen already as so many involved and no doubt friends of friends on Basschat. Several bass players so just covered 2nd verse and chorus. Kept simple to let the vocals breath. Also my son on guitar for second chorus which was a nice touch.
  8. One of my first basses was a lefty Watkins Rapier, similar to these. Knew little about basses at the time. Purchased from a shop in Shaftesbury Avenue in the 70's but soon realised the neck was warped beyond help.
  9. Watched both as well. I think as we get older we appreciate natural talent more, even if not your thing.
  10. I got this 30" earlier this year. Only did 2 gigs with it before gigs disappeared plus a little home recording.
  11. Phil on drums looks a little concerned :)
  12. Ascape was so convienient for a lot of people I know. Surely leaves a gap for someone to set up another decent rehearsal/recording facility in Bromley.
  13. Hi, yes I think I had some confusion in message over meeting at Victoria. Drop me a PM.
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