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  1. honza992

    Egg, no chips.....

    Cheers Andy. Can I ask what woods you've done it on? Anything open grained?
  2. honza992

    Egg, no chips.....

    Nice video, thanks for that.
  3. honza992

    Egg, no chips.....

    I've got a build (spalted maple, walnut) in the final stages of finishing. As usual my grain fill was poor so it's taken many many more coats than otherwise it would. I've tried a few grain fill techniques in the past (filler, epoxy, tru oil slurry, shellac) and all are pretty frustrating. I've come across mention of egg whites before, and I know it's something @Andyjr1515 has used before. Anyone (ummm.....Andy?) care to elaborate on method, and when to use it? Would it fill deep grain like ash, or moderate like mahogany/walnut? Any idea what finishes it would be compatible with? This build is nitro, and after experiencing the horror of that I'm really looking for all-natural finishing techniques! (Build thread to follow, if I ever fill those damn pores.....)
  4. honza992

    Looking for rulers...

    Ooh I'm in for (another) centre zero'd ruler...rule.... Whichever. My last ruler I managed to cut in half using my radial arm saw. Did a neat job, I have to say, but made measuring things slightly more annoying.....
  5. honza992

    Another Swift Lite Bass

    πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚ Ha ha, wow you really don't hand around! Good job.
  6. honza992

    Another Swift Lite Bass

    First things first, that's another top class job Andy, congratulations. You must be well chuffed. I'm going to get bullied (and rightly so) for saying this, but sometimes I like the look of a normal black plastic control cover on a natural wood guitar. Sometimes I think the mixture of grains and woods gets a bit much, and the plain black provides a bit of relief and contrast. And also it would match the black hardware and pickup covers really nicely. Here's one of mine in mahogany and maple: You probably hate the idea, but if not and you're passing, pop in because I'm pretty sure I've got some scrap black pickguard that you can use to check how it looks..... As far as the warping question goes, I'm not sure about the Hawaiian climate, but I've definitely had wood control covers warp simply from applying finish.
  7. honza992

    What router do you use?

    I've got the same router as Christine, Trend T11. In a million years it will still be creating sawdust while the cockroaches make copies of vintage Fenders. And being able to adjust the height through the table is great - I would never buy a large router without this feature. Unless you want a smaller palm-type router in which I case I very strong recommend the DeWalt D26200: https://www.axminster.co.uk/dewalt-d26204k-2-in-1-router-1-4-ax847127?sel=952707 If you can only afford one, then I would go for the DeWalt. I think it is the single best-designed piece of machinery I own. Easily powerful enough to do every job in guitar building (if you take the body routing in multiple passes), and if you can afford it the kit which includes the plunge base is definitely the way to go. It is waaaay better than the Bosch Colt palm router thingy that the Americans seem to love. The DeWalt is proper quality, with a fine depth adjustment system that is better than anything else I have seen.
  8. honza992

    95% Tru oil finished guitar - A How to Guide

    Yes, wet sanded with tru oil as a lubricant. I didn't dry sand at all. The difference is that as you go up the grits you need to get more and more (and then more) careful that you don't leave any wet tru oil on the surface - wipe off really thoroughly. If you don't it will dry in ridges which the finer grits won't shift. I either used Matador Wet & dry (bought from Amazon) or Mirka Abralon (which is a foam back abrasive). Both worked fine. Good luck, post your pics here!
  9. Location & weight?
  10. honza992

    The Les Paul Twins

    Hurray! Can't wait.
  11. honza992

    The Les Paul Twins

    Christine, was there an update on these, or am I being blind and missed the grand finale?
  12. honza992

    Birthday Bass - ACG Build

    I'm not sure there's really much more to say! Amazing...
  13. honza992

    Bands you think were better before they got big

    Marillion. Script and Fugazi are glorious. Fish at his most angry, Steve Rothery on guitar and the keyboard solos are amazing. I loved them as much as I have anything in my life. Then along came album 3, Misplaced Childhood, they started their sorry descent into blandness. "So here I am once more........"
  14. honza992

    Another Swift Lite Bass

    Andy, can I ask about staining the neck? What did you use and how did you do it?
  15. honza992

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

    Andy, sorry I've only just caught up on this but have read from first till last in one sitting, enthralled (really, I don't get out muchπŸ™„) This is really a great technical build, lots of creative problem solving and an end result that looks amazing. You really couldn't ask for more in a build thread. Eggnog all round. πŸ˜€