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  1. Thanks @Christine @JohnDaBass opening a Paypal dispute hadn't occured to me. I'm just done it fingers crossed. I must admit I don't really get this. If you're a small company shouldn't customer service be the most important thing? The Creamery and Mojo pickups regularly turn off their online shop so that they can catch up with orders. That way they don't take on more work than they can fulfil. Instead, Jess clearly takes on too much, can't keep up with orders or emails and ends up pi**ing everyone off.
  2. I knew it! The master has spoken and that's good enough for me😁
  3. You can get a mini DPDT ON ON ON everywhere (https://www.axetec.co.uk/guitar_parts_uk_051.htm for example, and cheaper from ebay and non-guitar shops) but they are really small - the sort of thing used for an active/passive switch, like this on a j-retro For purely aesthetic reasons I want the switch in the standard Les Paul position and such a small switch looks a bit ridicuous, so I was after a slightly bigger one. And are impossible to find.....
  4. Actually it's not going to be Nitro. It's going to be..........shellac. My plan is to French Polish. I've got no way of spraying Nitro and the one time I brushed it, it worked but I swore never again. I like the idea of being able to do it at home in the evening and also the fact that it's seems to be pretty environmentally friendly. I'm active in Extinction Rebellion so I'd find it hard to spray Nitro. I know I only make a few guitars a year so realistically it makes no meaningful difference to the climate crisis, but symbolically it's important for me to try to reduce my carbon footprint. I also know that FP is considered too soft for electric guitars, but I don't gig and if it get's trashed I'll make another one! I'll probably use blonde for the front, keeping it as pale as possible, and garnet for the back and sides, hopefully darkening them quite a bit. As for the bridge, yes I think it will be at an angle. There's not much travel so between short scale and low tension strings I'm nervous of running out of adjustment. I haven't drilled the bridge holes yet, so I'll wait till everything is done, string it up and mark it out properly. Yes, I'm using a neck angle, albeit only a slight one - 1.6 degrees. I forget what the minimum string height at the bridge is, something like 16mm, so it's significantly more than a fender style bridge which is somthing like12mm. So it definitely needs an angle to make it useable. As for radius, I think it's 12", but will double check tomorrow. Certainly that's the radius I'm building anyway!
  5. I ordered a pickup from Jess Loureiro at the beginning of December and have heard nothing since. Anyone dealt with him recently? I've ordered from him before and I got the pickup promptly (though I must admit he never replied to an email he sent).
  6. It does look curved! But it's not. Flat as a ....pancake. But thinner. Much much thinner (the veneer started at 0.5mm....) The switch I'm using in a DTDP ON ON ON very generously donated by @BassBunny. It's not just a simple pickup selector switch, it allows for 3 completely independent selections - in this case 3 different cap values. The bridge is this one: https://www.blackdogmusic.co.uk/product/bass-guitar-bridge-and-tailpiece-set-2/ It's obviously cheap but it feels very solid and the chrome is nicely done. I haven't used one before so I'm not sure how well it's going to work but it was the only reasonably priced TOM bridge with seperate tailpiece that i could find. This whole bass is bit of an experiment, so I'm testing the water as I go!
  7. OK the binding is on. I cut some veneer for a couple of accent lines for the front and back faces.... ...then used Rocklite ebano bindings with a 0.3mm white/black/white series of stripes which will be viewed from the side. I used super glue to glue the bindings in, doing all 3 layers at the same time, apart from the lower cutaway which is a bit more difficult so I glued the black and white veneers in first then the binding itself. I've pre-bent the last piece of binding here, just prior to gluing: The superglue worked ok, but has left a little bit of staining round the sides, even with a couple of layers of shellac before gluing. I think the problem was that the superglue I used was thin, but not water thin. I've ordered some super thin CA glue from BSI, so next time it will be perfect. Godammit..... Time for a mock up.... Annoying the Jess Loureiro pickup that I ordered well over a month ago (precision in Cabronita style case) has never arrived. No nothing. I've emailed and left voicemails and no acknoweldgement of any kind. Very annoying. I spoke to Matt from House of Tone pickups who suggested they could do a custom wind in a standard guitar humbucker size. Lead time is 5 weeks or so, so in the meantime I've ordered a cheap (ish) wide spaced guitar humbucker from Tonerider and I'll stick that in in the meantime to see how it sounds. Most of the internet commenterati say that using a guitar pickup in a bass is doomed to failure, but I have my doubts. If it sounds rubbish I'll get Matt to build me a proper one.....
  8. Thanks for that, looks interesting. Would it work? Not sure. Electronics is definitely not my strong point. Luckily the amazing @BassBunny has sent me the right ON ON ON switch, so I think I'm going to run with my original plan. Thanks Bunny!
  9. That is really kind of you! You'll have pm.
  10. The body is coming along nicely, f holes now done and the sides are sanded ready to have the binding channels cut: The binding will be rocklite ebano with an white/black/white stripe on the side, and a white/black stripe on the top. The flame on the back of the body is going to be stunning! Because this will only have a single pickup (a P in a cabronita cover, from Jess Lourieiro) I've decided to play around with the electronics a bit. There's a great TB thread on using multiple different caps (https://www.talkbass.com/threads/multi-capacitor-tone-control.737912/) so I thought rather than having a pickup selector in the traditional Les Paul location, I would have a toggle switch selecting between three different cap values - 0.047, 0.001 and 0.0047. I've posted in the Repairs & Technical board about where to find a DTDP ON ON ON toggle switch that is the same size as a Les Paul pickup selector switch (most ON ON ON toggles are mini), so if anyone knows where to buy one, please let me know! So that's where I am. Thanks for looking.
  11. Sorry, this one is well due for an update. Lots of progress that I should have shared in real time, but by the time my day of arguing with a toddler has come to an end, I just don't have the energy😂🤣🙄😭 Here goes.... The neck blank is made from flame maple and sapele, with a few accent lines thrown in for good measure. I also took the time to make a proper jig for flattening one side. I've been meaning to make one for ages and I have to say it works brilliantly. It's a direct copy from Bruce Johnson on Talkbass.: The body I've decided to chamber a bit more than I have in the past. Still with a solid block for bridge and pickup, but otherwise chambered: The veneer went on in the normal way. Wine not included... The neck pocket I did in my normal way - make a template using the neck itself (albeit this is from my other build): The biggest step up for me in this build is that I have decided to do a proper mortice tenon joint. The joint isn't straightforward because it is angled in two different directions - the neck is angled back (at 1.6 degrees) and the neck itself tapers. I thought long and hard about how I could use a router to do it (my preferred technique for almost everything) but in the end decided to go old skool. Cutting the side wall with a guide placed at an angle of 1.6 degrees: Hacking at it with a chisel! Ending up with a tenon like this: After an entire morning of going back and forth, test fitting, sanding a bit, chiseling a bit, swearing a bit, I think I ended up with a joint that I am very pleased with:
  12. Ha ha ha...sorry I was being a bit slow. Thanks for the info re latching and momentary, that makes sense. I'm building a Les Paul style bass : I was reading this thread: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/multi-capacitor-tone-control.737912/ And thought it would be cool to have a capacitor selector switch in the normal style of a LP pickup selector. A rotary switch is the obvious way to go, but aesthetically I'm not sure it would fit in with the rest of the design. I like the idea of have the normal 'rhythym/treble' style selector. So the initial plan was to have an ON ON ON DTDP switch connecting to 3 different caps - 0.047, 0.01 and 0.0047. The bass is only going to have a single pickup (a P in a cabronita case) so I thought the multiple caps would add in a bit of tonal variation. Here's the diagram posted by the OP in the Talkbass thread I've linked to above. It's really a great thread, well worth a look if you're into that sort of thing. BassBunny, that one looks great. I've got a mini ON ON ON like the one on the left, but it looks ridiculous in the traditional Les Paul position. The one on the right looks much better. Any idea where I can get one? I've only been able to find ON OFF ON in the bigger size, and actually I've ordered a couple. I think I can use the ON OFF ON by permentantly have the 0.0047 connected, then using the two ON locations to add in either 0.01 or 0.047. Not quite such a neat solution as the ON ON ON and being able to select each one independently, but I think it would work. Thanks everyone!
  13. Using a piece of wire? Sorry, I'm hopeless with electronics, so not sure what that means! RS have got these two: https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/toggle-switches/7346805/ Though for 'switch operation' is says latching, rather than on on on. I'm not exactly sure what that means. And this on: https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/toggle-switches/0394431/ Which always says 'latching' rather than on on on. The only switches it specifies as being 'on on on' are mini ones. Which are tiny and look ridiculous! (I'm actually going to use it as a a cap selector.....)
  14. Anyone know where I can get a larger size DPDT on on on toggle switch from? There's a no end of mini toggle switches, but I'm looking for one just a bit bigger, the equivalent of a Les Paul pickup toggle. I'm building a Les Paul bass......
  15. All gone I'm afraid. None were useable by anone else - nothing I make ever has standard size neck pockets, routs or scale lengths! But they had already been recycled by me in one way or another. Mostly for experimentation either for fixtures or finishes. Bit hard to see but that Tele on the top has been planed down several times to apply different experiment grain fill & finishes. Control cavity has about half a mm at the back😮
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