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  1. Yeah most likely, I've not looked into it to be honest. Might do that over the weekend! Thanks for the suggestion
  2. Yeah they look very good! I'd rather fix up my OC2 than get one of those tbh. That's fair, it's definitely different (which is fine because I wanted an OC2 alternative). it's a bit more of a 'run of the mill octave', which is generally what I'd heard about it and expected, but very beefy so I can see it being very usable, if not slightly less unique than the OC2
  3. I'm based in Luton, just north of London. Yeah I did try running mine on both 9v and 12v but didn't notice any audible difference. But I've checked a few forums and pages and it seems that if it says ACA adaptor not PSU adaptor, then it needs 12v to run properly. But I can't find anything official.
  4. @dodge_bass I've also JUST learnt that the old Taiwanese/Japanese OC2s (like mine) which use the Boss ACA adapter need 12v to run properly... So for all these years I think maybe I've been underpowering it and that could be a factor in why it's so quiet?? Gonna test it out
  5. Oh interesting, I'll have to look into this. Know anywhere I could look to have this done? My OC2 actually has no dry signal.. I think the pot for that control is broken so that's another repair that needs doing. Maybe I could look for someone who could do both at the same time. Although I've just bought an MXR Bass Octave deluxe and I think that might be more usable, as much as I love the oc2.
  6. I have an OC2 and a MXR Bass Octave Deluxe. The OC2 sounds amazing, but is very unique and the -1 octave output isn't very high. The MXR seems like the perfect all round bass octave, really versatile with a lot of adjustability.
  7. So I see a lot of people using OC2s with the dry signal and -2 octave all the way off and the -1 octave all the way up. I've had my OC2 for years but whenever I've tried to use it like this, it's been way too quiet, the -1 octave simply isn't loud enough to be used alone and when engaged, there's a significant drop in volume, even when using a powerful amp/cab and a Cali76 compressor in front of it. Am I missing something? I watch demos and it doesn't seem to happen to others.
  8. Bought an MXR Bass Octave Deluxe, came the next day in great condition
  9. Quick 'trusted seller' post for Big Bass Man, sent me an MXR bass octave deluxe boxed in great condition, came within 1 day of posting. Cheers! 

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      You could do him a solid and post your comment on his feedback topic.  Feedback for Big Bass Man.

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      @SpondonBassed oh yeah totally forgot about those, thanks!

    3. Big Bass Man

      Big Bass Man

      Thanks man - that's really nice!

  10. Hmm might give them a shout.. The direct signal of my OC2 doesn't work anymore and I've got an MXR analog chorus which just stopped working one day and seems to cause any power supplies to cut out when it's plugged in, so not sure what the issue is.
  11. Hi there, If you've got an MXR Bass Octave Deluxe for sale please let me know! Thanks
  12. It kinda sucks that they changed how you scroll through patches, so when you're on 9, you go to 10 rather than going back to 1, which means you HAVE to double click program to scroll down.. Bit of a pain.
  13. I'll look that up, thanks for the tip!
  14. I have one last question (for now lol)... How do you split a parameter like this? I see some patches shift pitch/resonance/LFO etc and I have a patch I'd like to apply to this too.. but can't seem to figure out how. I'm reading through the user manual now, but perhaps you might be able to help?
  15. Ah yes, 'When ready with editing turn FI off and on again.' Apologies for all the questions, thanks for your help so far
  16. Ok I'm attempting to do it now, powered up holding down Program, selected rS, changed the 0 to 1 but the Quickstart guide doesn't explain what to do now (unless I am missing something)
  17. Thanks, I know as i said "It is mentioned very briefly next to the link but I figured it would be easier to just do it manually.." It does not give any information as to what it is/how it works so it didn't even consider using it.
  18. Oh all the values on my pedal are already set to 5 on everything, so perhaps this will not be necessary?
  19. I did not know about an online updater. It is mentioned very briefly next to the link but I figured it would be easier to just do it manually.. Yes I loaded the v3 presets I don't know what you mean by the last bit... How do I 'reset all' or set the time base??
  20. Ok never mind I managed to figure it out! It seems that you have to use the old editor to update the firmware, but then use the new one to write the v3 presets onto the pedal. This is not mentioned in the instructions, the only time the editor is mentioned is when it says to use the currently installed version (which implies the old one?) I've managed to update successfully anyway thanks!
  21. I'm having a hard time understanding these instructions sorry.. It says to: Launch your currently-installed version of the Editor; So I use the V1 editor to update to V3 :S? And also it keeps mentioning powering on: "Power on the FI holding both footswitches to put it into update mode;" "Reboot the FI to the boot menu by holding down PROGRAM while powering on." So I need to disconnect the power supply and turn it back on again at these steps?
  22. Also, the update instructions say to download the v3.00 Distribution Package, but there is no package on the support page, only the individual editor, firmware and preset download links. Not a huge issue, but thought I'd let you know.
  23. Damn well I'm very glad you've told me this thanks a lot! I wouldn't have sold mine, but being able to update it is great And that's really cool! Keep up the good work!
  24. Well I recently visited the support page to get the default sounds (as I'd edited a lot of mine beyond the point of no-return) and saw: "Future Impact v3 Bass/Guitar Synthesizer Refresh your firmware to the latest version of 3.00" Now because I have v1 not v3, I did not think this applied to me and so I scrolled down to the legacy files. I'm not experienced with firmware and it didn't cross my mind that it would be possible to update the v1 firmware to v3. What exactly is the point of making a new pedal if the old one works with the new firmware?? Are there new components/effects/etc in the new model? Also do you work for pandaMidi?!
  25. Oh I didn't know that! I'll update my firmware now then! I'm not sure what version I'm using currently, it's the newest non-v3 version I think though
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