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  1. For sale is my Ashdown CTM 300 Bought on here a couple of years ago but i'm no longer doing the gig i mainly used it for and so it's just sat in a rehearsal room unused. It's an absolutely thunderous amp and when i plugged it in the other day i came very close to keeping it but i simply can't justify it at the moment. I did some touring with it so i purchased a flightcase (included) for it. Can also include a spare valve. It's got a couple of great features. The valve driven Di output and the easy to use valve bias-ing system are both incredibly useful in a live setting. If you're looking for one of these you probably already know what they are but here's what Ashdown say: https://ashdownmusic.com/collections/heads/products/ctm-300-head More pics available on request and prospective buyers welcome to come and try it in Manchester (Northern quarter, city centre). Obviously collection preferred but if you're seriously interested and can't make it here then we can look at couriers.
  2. Interesting about the Reddi. It does seem to get high praise, i'd not really heard of it before. I suppose the Avalon is slightly more versatile sound-wise and especially in terms of home studio recording. But then i'll be mostly using it live for at least the rest of this year. It seems more research is in order.
  3. Anyone got any experience of using an Avalon U5 live? I've used them in plenty of different studios but recently seen a few interviews and 'rig rundowns' where bass players use them as part of their live set up. It seems like an interesting idea. In my mind i'd be thinking of using it as a high end DI. This has come from having spent decent money on an amp set up for FOH engineers to then just take a direct DI bypassing the amp altogether. Thus only i enjoy the the sound that i've spent time and money crafting and the audience just get often a cheap DI box sound. Would very much appreciate anyones experience or advice on this. Thanks, Harry
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. I bought an Ashdown CTM 300 off James. It arrived safe and sound by courier three days after i sent payment. Very easy to communicate with! Cheers, Harry
  6. Any ideas on couriering for it to Yorkshire/Manchester?
  7. How much to courier to manchester do you think? Also I don't suppose you're interested in an EBS session 60 plus cash your way?
  8. Hi there, pretty interested in this. Currently based in manchester/Halifax (W. Yorkshire) how would you feel about maybe meeting somewhere halfway?
  9. Stentor 3/4 double bass In good condition with just a couple of small dings, only selling as i don't get the chance to play it these days. Comes with gig bag and bow Based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Collection only. Feel free to ask questions or for more pictures.
  10. Looks amazing! If only i lived a little nearer so i could see it in person
  11. amazing! How much do you reckon postage for the head would be?
  12. harrison

    2X18 feedback

    Just bought a Hofner verythin bass off Will. Great guy, easy to deal with and very accommodating with trying before you buy.
  13. Got my bridge very quickly at great price!
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