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  1. What am I even doing with this, you say? Well, that's a great question and I'm just super glad you asked. I repaired a car and was given this because people in bands play guitars and don't need money. I have no idea how to make it go, and have absolutely no desire to find out. My rhythm noise-monger has driven it and tells me it's fine - though not as good as his, obviously. (I just nodded.) I can get someone to work it and point a camera at them if needs be. Ton posted.
  2. Rather red-faced post, this, as I somewhat moronically bought this thinking it would work on proper instruments. It doesn't. You know how your drummist parks all that hitty stuff right on top of your gear so you end up with the 'in-ear machine-head' stance with your nose pressed against a speaker pole all night? Well, you know that guy on the opposite side with enough room to back a van in who stands there rooted to the spot staring at his fingers the whole time? This is for him. Do me a favour and point at this ad and shout "Pedal. Shiny." If he goes back to chirping in the mirror and clanging the bell, it means he wants you to get this for him. Trust me. £85 posted.
  3. Vinny

    Boss BB-1X

    I like these a lot - so much so I have 2 of them. This one has been living in the box on a shelf as a completely unnecessary spare. It's actually pretty hard to find a good demo vijayo of one of these, they all seem to turn it up to Hysteria-level setting and move on, but this does a really nice 'hint of drive' sound, especially with the blend control on about 50%. It's also full of clever computerized electro-pixies that know how you're playing and run around the gubbins differently if you pluck soft or dig in hard, and they're good at it, too. You'll absolutely need a 9v PSU for this, though, as the innards bump it up to 18v so the battery lasts an hour at best. Not quite sure why they even bothered with the facility to fit one. Much more importantly it'll look great on your board with the shiny metallic paint, and it even has a lil' mirror on top to check your make up mid-set. You know you want to. £85 posted.
  4. Vinny

    UPS /Interparcel

    I've used the IP/UPS combo probably 30 times with only a late pick-up to gripe about, I use it for everything.
  5. Vinny

    Perfecting the gig setup process

    Stand around scratching various body parts as the pot banger takes a full f****** HOUR to set up, usually finishing about 5 mins before kick-off. Then begin mad scramble.
  6. Vinny

    Vintage V4 MN

    I heard from the voices in my head that even the major factories were being sold fakey-lookey-likey Wilkinson hardware from deep within the Empire of the Dragon, so the real Wilkinson's had to redesign all their stuff. The voices lie, mind.
  7. Vinny

    Unholy Mashup... :)

  8. Vinny

    DTC Basses - Anyone had any experience?

    Yes, but it's really effective when doing the double bass spinny-round thing.
  9. Vinny

    Things that annoy you...

    Cymbals. I'd quite like them all thrown into the fires of Mount Doom if someone can kindly arrange it. It's like being punched in the eye twice a second. HATE THEM!!! OK, they can keep the little jumpy Smash-bot ones, but the rest of them can just go suck a fat one. Aaand...breathe....
  10. These look interesting. Question for our resident loofahs - what would they use to bond that scarf joint? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Haze-Clear-Acrylic-Body-Fretless-4-String-Electric-Bass-Guitar-w-LEDs-Free-Bag/232683959447?epid=27015829327&hash=item362d0b7497:g:~kcAAOSwsUlamMM9
  11. Vinny

    Johnny doesn't half get about

    See that nun? she's his sister...
  12. Vinny

    Vintage V4 P help?

    I had one, I think* that other than the decals they're just the same. It punched far above it's weight and if it had the correct number of strings I'd have kept it. *probably wrongly
  13. Vinny

    Tips for taming volume of acoustic drums?

    Someone I know recently spent enough to replace ALL my gear AND the car I carry it in on one of these "toneful" things, and set it up next to his old one. *annoyingly loud piercing crack*...*much louder and therefore much more annoying loud piecing crack*... ..."See?" "Uh, nope. " *repeats* Ahdungeddit. Probably never will.