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  1. Vinny

    Things that annoy you...

    Cymbals. I'd quite like them all thrown into the fires of Mount Doom if someone can kindly arrange it. It's like being punched in the eye twice a second. HATE THEM!!! OK, they can keep the little jumpy Smash-bot ones, but the rest of them can just go suck a fat one. Aaand...breathe....
  2. These look interesting. Question for our resident loofahs - what would they use to bond that scarf joint? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Haze-Clear-Acrylic-Body-Fretless-4-String-Electric-Bass-Guitar-w-LEDs-Free-Bag/232683959447?epid=27015829327&hash=item362d0b7497:g:~kcAAOSwsUlamMM9
  3. Vinny

    Johnny doesn't half get about

    See that nun? she's his sister...
  4. Vinny

    Vintage V4 P help?

    I had one, I think* that other than the decals they're just the same. It punched far above it's weight and if it had the correct number of strings I'd have kept it. *probably wrongly
  5. Vinny

    Tips for taming volume of acoustic drums?

    Someone I know recently spent enough to replace ALL my gear AND the car I carry it in on one of these "toneful" things, and set it up next to his old one. *annoyingly loud piercing crack*...*much louder and therefore much more annoying loud piecing crack*... ..."See?" "Uh, nope. " *repeats* Ahdungeddit. Probably never will.
  6. Vinny

    Tips for taming volume of acoustic drums?

    I threw 2 pencils at our original drummer once and told him he should play with those. He was no quieter!
  7. Vinny

    Bass player exclusion

    Just cover yourself in awful fake prison tatts, grow an unfathomably stupid moustache and play a beaten-up, brush-painted upright. They love that, these days.
  8. Vinny

    Ever find your cheapest bass has the best tone?

    'Best', no (because there's no such thing) - 'Preferred', yes.
  9. Vinny

    Best strap for shoulder pain

    A knee! Or one of these if you can find one. (skip to about 90 seconds in where she plays in front of the window if you don't like the song!)
  10. Vinny

    How far do you travel to practice?

    Each way - 39 miles for one band, 34 for the other.
  11. Vinny

    How important is the band name for you?

    Go to the bottom of all my posts to see how quickly you can get over daft band names.
  12. You'd think - given this particular forum's pathological obsession with weight - that this'd be quite popular. No pleasing some people.
  13. Vinny

    made me smile anyway, do you move around?

    I don't know where to start with 2:09 - 2:14. Besides, YOU play 'Sit Down', 'Dakota' and 'Brown Eyed Hole' and look "happy" about it. GO ON!!!