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  1. Vinny

    Seiko SSC021

    Solar powered diver's watch from back before Seiko made thousands of people run around screaming by putting a little 'x' logo on the dial. (Seriously, look it up!) The various signs of someone else's previous use and enjoyment come absolutely free and at no extra charge, unlike custom basses. Like many basses, these watches are also possessed of some 'heft', and they balance well on the strap. They also make the wearer appear much cooler and way more talented than they did before they owned it. True story. Specs and reviews are all over tinternets, so I won't bother listing them here. This is a ton of watch for a hunnerd'n'fiddy queens, so I'd appreciate silly offers being kept to one's self if that's OK. Postage may or may not be extra, depending on how you want it - if you really must have it in the offensive tat that they came in (with a pointless, vague manual in 2481 languages that weighs more than the lot of it put together) it'll have to go as a proper parcel and will be a few spends extra. If you don't care about a horrid, councilly box or a stupid plastic egg (I'm not kidding) I can use bubble wrap and much smaller book cartons for nowt. "But, Vinny..." I hear you all cry, "...it's obvious that if I wear this I'll be swotting attractive (* insert favourite object of preferred orientation here *) away with a sh*tty stick, but what if my trebbly-widdler beats me to it and I miss out?" Well, don't worry, for I have twins. Because reasons. That last picture is really all that separates them, and it's effin' hard to see without the all the macro goings-on. First one is serial ending 31, second ends 46. Apologies to all the functioning adults, but this has to be done - PRICE IS FOR EACH. SINGULAR. Gotta love the internet, sometimes. If you happen to think it would be a crime splitting up identical twins at such a tender age (they're still dressing alike, bless 'em!) then a percentage may well be accommodated.
  2. Just picked up an EUB, the fact that he's deserving of no less than 2 whole threads of glowing feedback threads speaks volumes! An absolute pleasure.
  3. ...and the award for Super Speedy Reply Of The Year goes to... As long as it can handle 2 amp, there's no reason why not.
  4. Maybe it's because people can be rather unkind to any famous bassists that are daft enough to come on here. I have multiple accounts as I can't have anyone discovering that I'm really Drongo Notorious, the single-note king of neo Emo-billy Zydeco funk. BUGGER!!!
  5. Angi Songbird Redemption Song May You Never Kathy's Song Not to mention a million 80s synthy hits.
  6. Side 1 of Tubular Bells, not that I've learnt it.
  7. As utterly moronic as this might sound - try a dab of T-Cut. I haven't had cause to use it on a DB, but it toned a sticker mark right down on a natural-finished (solid) geetar I worked on.
  8. This all the way - although the last time we had one of these had a redeeming moment. 1 a.m, just finished, outside trying to de-sweatify myself for 5 mins. Very drunk punter: Hey, mate, did...was yer in there?...did yer see that band what were on? Dead good they were... Female half of couple walking past: He's the one on the left, dumbass!
  9. I was sat here thinking 'I wonder what it sounds like plugged in'...then he unplugged it! This is supposed to make me want one, is it?
  10. My advice to your pal would be to book a gig or 2 in what remains of this year and force the issue, that'll shift 'em!
  11. It's probably because you've set them up in a river. Doesn't look good for your warranty.
  12. That's a pleasant surprise, I thought I'd have to get some expensive gadgetry. Do you happen to know if I can just jump to the newest software version, or do I have to supercede them one by one from what ever it's running on?
  13. As far as I'm aware, when the pot's fully open it has no effect on the sound, they only remove treble rather than add it.
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