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  1. Should anyone else need a nudge on blank boards, they feck guitarists right off!
  2. I have a Korg Pitchclip living on the bridge of my EUB, does a great job.
  3. So wait...Yamaha dream up a price-fixing scam with GAK, shop them for it, and get off with nary a slap? Nice going, Yamaha!
  4. If there's a screw (usually an allen head) on the bottom end of the bit you turn, then it's more than likely not reversible, if it looks like a mushroom shape it might be. The only way to tell is to pull one to bits and find out, really. Edit: I have an SR5 (around 99/00 build) and they look like they should be switchable - the end of the shaft is machined flat just to make me look daft after writing the above! It had strings not long ago, so I've no plans to mess with it yet.
  5. Mine did the same thing when I ran 2 devices off the same power supply, so it's more likely that side of things.
  6. Vinny

    Seiko SSC021

    Remaining watch withdrawn for now as the mod bug has bitten. Ceramic bezel already fitted, sapphire ordered!
  7. Vinny

    Seiko SSC021

    No. 31 sold, No. 46 (the one with the spare NATO) still available.
  8. Clever type Janina Ramirez is the owner of a lefty P, I'm told.
  9. Definitely in the 'no' camp over here (classless, unmusical, etc...) but I bloody love it when it's played on what it should be played on - trebley skinny guitars.
  10. We had some fisties break out in front of us a few years ago as we were lining up to play the second half. Singist (who is a long time primary teacher) utterly nonchalantly grabs his mic, and with appropriate over-the-top-of-the-specs stare and expertly wielded forefinger..."Right, you two, sit down." Halfway through the first verse I was trying not to overtly snigger, as it was dawning on them that they didn't quite know why or how they were sat down.
  11. As to pub gigs - there's no real reward in it other than diesel and an illicit Tunnocks biccy on the way home. 90% of them are a logistical nightmare, usually no car park or load-ins through 18 inch doors, added to the fact that drummers can't seem to grasp the concept of their mountain of cases taking up space you could otherwise be standing in. An indifferent crowd will make you question your very sanity regarding all of the above. A good crowd that wants to get involved will make you beg for the next one.
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