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  1. I sometimes capitulate if they're becoming awkward. At the moment I do they always turn to their mate that's egged them on for a thumbs-up, which is a great time to knock a couple of strings out of tune. That weeds 'em out! Anyone with enough sense to step on the tuner and tweak them back in can play as much as they like. (I'm keeping the money, though!)
  2. Vinny

    Can I learn to stretch further?

    The only 'best' way that counts is however you're most comfortable - if you prefer to move your hand around, do that. If you prefer open strings, use them. You can't rush stretch if that's the sole priority, but it comes in the end (all sneaky-like so you never notice anyway!) Just keep telling the singer 'it's how he does it, honest!' We all know nobody will really hear what fret you use, besides if you get the guitarist do go 'full Wilko' nobody will even see you!
  3. Not exactly scientific, but I just watched a video of me playing my one years ago, and I'm not stretching madly on it like I do on my BTB, so I vote for 34". Hardly definitive!
  4. Post removed as I was talkin' out me hole.
  5. I had 2 of these - one 5, one 4 - and though it was a while ago I'm 90% sure they were 34s. Could be wrong, mind.
  6. 'Jazz fans' they're called.
  7. Vinny

    Protecting back of the bass..?

  8. Vinny

    Protecting back of the bass..?

    I protect the finish on mine by putting a large gut between me and the bass. Very effective, and super-attractive.
  9. As a fellow owner of this particular t-shirt, the only 2p coins I have to throw in would be... Load NOTHING! Make the rest of the band wear the roadie shoes for a while, and milk it long afterwards! Tick the 'park it firmly on a stool and use the electric' box until damn sure otherwise. The most important factor in any of it is (IMO, of course) is any stressing about literally anything. I personally don't suffer the nervous gig disease, so have a word with that bloke in the mirror and if there's any worrying about any aspect of the whole thing, tell him to stay home. I had my little event on a Thursday afternoon and was considering playing a festival on the Sunday. Showing your face locally can have it's downsides - my cardiologist told me in no uncertain terms NOT to go, and as her son's band were on after us she'd find out! I had a week off.
  10. Don't like this sort of thing, but this LP's been on repeat...a lot. What's not to like? Skip 25 seconds if, like me, you find the lumpy death-rattle of a Hardly Desirable just plain annoying... Simply cannot get enough of this...
  11. Vinny

    Is it just me?

    Say that to a Russian , you'll get a laugh.
  12. Vinny

    Xmas songs

    Very NSFW!
  13. Vinny

    NBD Ibanez SR1400 Mojito

  14. Vinny

    Ricktor? Specker?!

    Could be the much rarer Rickenbector, though.