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  1. [quote name='LayDownThaFunk' timestamp='1452810383' post='2953807'] Get it delivered to work! [/quote] Yeah that's what I usually do but I had a few days off this week
  2. I tweeted GuitarGuitar this pic and they called me saying how the whole office thought it was great and have given me some free strings with my order because of it haha!
  3. Thanks for all the tips. I went for Schaller, due to them being on the same site as other stuff I needed... They arrive tomorrow so I'll give my verdict shortly!
  4. I'm looking to get a slightly wider, perhaps padded, strap for my stingray to prevent my back from aching. Nothing fancy or oversized, preferably black, any suggestions? Also, any suggestions for brands of strap locks for the same bass?
  5. Still messing around with order of dirt section but I think I'll be keeping it like this for a while.
  6. [quote name='Ghost_Bass' timestamp='1452250360' post='2947989'] Just look at the MS's fx path and you'll see the way they get a synth-like sound: Octave-Distortion-Filter If you plan using the OC-2 as replacement for the MS's octave then place it before the MS so that you'll have the Distortion and Filter of the MS acting on the OC-2's sound. It's also known that octaves have tracking issues and need to be placed as early in the signal path as possible. I think i've posted this here before but i can't find my post. [/quote] Thanks for the advice. After doing way more testing I've decided it sounds best AFTER dirts, as you say the pedal works oct>dist>filter. I'm currently using it with the Square wave off, to give a rounder sound, which lets through some of the distortion pedals placed before it if need be. Now to add it into my full chain and add some modulation etc!
  7. Ok after some basic messing about with chain ordering (couldn't do too much because it was getting late) but it seems when the microsynth is put after dirt pedals (in this case a Rat, a Bass Big Muff, and a Pork Loin), it completely overrides them and almost replaces the sounds they create. But I'm not sure if that was just because I was using quite a 'dirty' synth sound, a rounder more 'wub'-y sound might not do that and might allow more of the sound created by the pedals in front of it to pass through. So at the moment it feels like the synth should go before dirt pedals, but more testing will be done tomorrow.
  8. [quote name='andybassdoyle' timestamp='1452103317' post='2946460'] I'm really enjoying learning how to use all this stuff at the moment. To my novice ears at least, things seem to work best with pitchshift/octave functions first as they seem to work best with a cleaner signal. Dirt needs to come before filter otherwise you miss all of the resonance in the filter sweep, the dirt is also less effective if the filter has taken the highs out. That puts dirt in the middle by definition. I'm putting reverb after filter as a kinda 'catch all'. Tbh though I tend to use this separately anyway so it's a zero sum game. I have found that using the effects in combination this way has highlighted how different and influential the octave sound can be. Previously using this as a stand alone voice they all seemed quite similar, impact is very different in conjunction with the other effects. Wholehearted endorse experimentation though. Whilst this works for me and seems generally accepted wisdom I believe 100% that the whole point of this stuff as a creative plaftorm is to augment your own musical voice, whatever that might be. [/quote] Yep I'd have to agree with all this. Looking at a lot of boards it seems like putting the Microsynth after drives is pretty popular, but I'll be trying different combinations to see what works best. I have a few drives on my board so I may even put some before, some after the synth. We'll see what works best!
  9. It's cool I'm just not going to use that output this time, and use separate power supplies for any other pedals needed.
  10. [quote name='GisserD' timestamp='1452008958' post='2945465'] No. Do not be confused, the moog boost is a static filter. Just cuts the highs at a certain frequency. The frequency is set by the knob, and cannot be controlled with the exp. You can controll the gain with an expression pedal, but nothing else. I use a source audio manta for my wubs. And a bloody good job it does too. Especially when fed a signal from a synth. The manta is a crazy flexible envelope filter pedal with distortion built in. It's almost build for wubs. But you also get great filter funk and phasers from it too. [/quote] Ah ok, not what Im looking for then. Thanks!
  11. [quote name='GisserD' timestamp='1451998937' post='2945310'] the manual says the tone control acts as a [color=#000000][font=Roboto, sans-serif][size=3]165 Hz - 20KHz Lowpass Filter at 6dB/Octave.[/size][/font][/color] I used it at a reggae rehersal last night and loved it thru my Eden rig. its exactly the pedal ive been looking for for sure. the overdrive sounds at higher gain settings sound lush, and used with the lowpass, i got some really subby usable tones. [/quote] Are you using an expression pedal with it? I was personally looking at the MoogerFooger LPF to create LFOs and 'wubs'. this would be much smaller and cheaper if it can do this sort of thing.
  12. [quote name='GisserD' timestamp='1451904308' post='2944357'] i have just purchased the Moog MF boost. Not only does it add a subtle amount of delicious overdrive, it also has a low pass filter that sounds super sweet!!! [/quote] Does it really work like a low pass filter? If so this could be the pedal I'm looking for. I'll try one out this week and see
  13. Cheers for the tips. I see everyone say they should go as early as possible in a chain but see a lot of people use them after dirt, so I'm going to try a lot of combinations before I decide where to put it.
  14. So I'm getting a Bass Microsynth in a few days and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on whether a synth pedal like this would work better before or after a Boss OC2. I know it's all about personal preference so I'll be trying both ways round but thought I'd get some opinions as well. Cheers
  15. So I'm getting a Bass Microsynth in a few days and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on whether a synth pedal like this would work better before or after a Boss OC2. I know it's all about personal preference so I'll be trying both ways round but thought I'd get some opinions as well. Cheers
  16. [quote name='ahpook' timestamp='1451229991' post='2938940'] No, not if everything was working OK. [/quote] Ok cool, they're sending another assuming it must have been a faulty unit, just thought I'd check incase I do this again and get a repeat of last time haha..
  17. [quote name='ahpook' timestamp='1448572963' post='2916630'] It'll be fine...the pedal will take what it needs from the supply. The figure of 500mA is an idea of the maximum current it can deliver if needs be. [/quote] My power supply just blew up. Sparks out the plug socket etc... The plug socket is working fine and so are all the pedals, it's isolated to the power supply. I've contacted the seller. This wouldn't be because I was running the tuner (and another boss pedal off the tuner) from the 500mA output would it....
  18. [quote name='EssentialTension' timestamp='1450998545' post='2937821'] Well, I linked it because it is here and pinned on Basschat but maybe it's too difficult but maybe if you worked at it you 'll make some progress. Did you read the major's introduction? [/quote] Yeah I mean, I read through the whole thread and downloaded the links but my problem is that I'm at the very beginnings of learning to read. Whereas this seems to start from a point of someone who has already been taught the basics and is now practicing what they know. Which might come in handy at another point, cheers [quote name='ambient' timestamp='1450999003' post='2937825'] Lessons are a good idea. I good teacher should have a few different ways to explain something. It needn't be a bass teacher, I learned loads at uni from guys who were primarily pianists. [/quote] Yeah I did have a few guitar lessons years ago from a family friend and we scratched the surface of reading but I don't remember any of it, I'm sure he'd be able to teach me some stuff if I got in touch again. [quote name='Drax' timestamp='1450999326' post='2937827'] The Major-Minor thread is excellent. Another great tool if you're starting from absolute scratch, Stuart Clayton's Bass Essentials - Reading Music series, can't recommend these enough [url="https://www.basslinepublishing.com/bass-essentials/the-bass-guitarist-s-guide-to-reading-music-beginner-level.html"]https://www.bassline...nner-level.html[/url] [/quote] I'll check this out at some point, thanks!
  19. Either I'm looking at the wrong thing but Session 1 includes two files. One is sheet music and one is a track... The whole point is that I can't read yet, so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to progress from there...
  20. [quote name='JapanAxe' timestamp='1450986096' post='2937696'] Save them, but change [b].ipb[/b] to [b].pdf[/b] [/quote] Ah yeah that worked, cheers!
  21. [quote name='EssentialTension' timestamp='1450979755' post='2937622'] [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/71857-the-majors-bass-boot-camp-session-1/"]http://basschat.co.u...camp-session-1/[/url] [/quote] Thanks for the links, however I seem unable to open the files he's included as they are .ipb format. not sure what that is.
  22. I've been playing bass (and guitar) for about 6 or 7 years now. I'm 99% self taught and I've gotten to a point where I'm technically pretty proficient but I feel like my lack of theory knowledge or ability to read is something I should try and improve, especially as I've been learning a lot of jazzy stuff lately. I know chords and some of the major/minor type stuff that you just pick up through playing. Anyone got any advice or tips to someone in my position? where would be a good starting point? Thanks!
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