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  1. Same here, replaced the original chrome security strap buttons with normal, 'mushroom-shaped' black ones. The screws are a very common size.
  2. I have no knowledge of the Soundcraft, so I can't offer a comparison, but I do use the Behringer XR18, and you can find a lot of favourable comments about it, including mine, in this thread.
  3. Re-do the intonation and adjust the action/saddle height to your liking. There is usually a marked difference between rounds and flats, on the same bass, even when their gauges are similar. Takes a bit of patience at first, but Chromes settle rather quickly.
  4. No, it doesn't, and I believe that is quite normal. The other side has the bass bar. NB, mine's a lefty.
  5. Couple of crappy photos just to show what mine looks like:
  6. My understanding is that the bridge must be level with the f-hole marks, but that's not the end of it. What seems to make a big difference to intonation and playability is the angle of the bridge with respect to the body. Luthier Gary Edwards, who created the instrument, recommends the following. The shape of the bridge is such that it's fully in contact with the body when it (the bridge) leans slightly towards the endpin. In other words, the bridge must not be straight. This is the reference web page in its entirety.
  7. Warwick provides/used to provide one of these in the toolkit that comes/came with their basses. The rounded tip means the truss rod can be tweaked even when using the tool at an angle.
  8. Except perhaps a low F#? @Dood knows what I'm talking about!
  9. If you don't mind the narrower string spacing, playing a 5er allows you to play across rather than along the fretboard. Some people don't see any point/advantage in that, others love it. (I'm in the latter camp.) Nothing, but nothing beats the majesty of the sound from a good, properly amplified, open low B from a 5er.
  10. " Dio's musical career began in 1957, when several Cortland, New York musicians formed the band, "The Vegas Kings". The group's lineup consisted of Dio on bass guitar, Billy DeWolfe on lead vocals, Nick Pantas on guitar, Tom Rogers on drums, and Jack Musci on saxophone." From his Wikipedia page. I knew that, because he would occasionally mention being a bass player in interviews, usually while talking about the rhythm and delivery of his singing lines. Sorely missed. RIP.
  11. All the action on this topic is now happening HERE!
  12. Oh, and you've got a K at the start of the number, which is October. October 2005.
  13. You've got RB (= Rockbass), SN (= Serial Number), a bunch of digits, and 05 at the end, which as you already knew means 2005. I can't read the whole serial number from your photo. If you post it or PM it to me, I'll enter it into the website and see what it says.
  14. Anyway, one piece of info can be copied here:
  15. The connection to that site is, apparently, not secure - as in, it's probably an http as opposed to https - but my Firefox reads it with no problems, and the site doesn't trigger any anti-malware or anti-virus alarms, so it's safe to force your browser to display it, if possible.
  16. A quick search threw up THIS SITE.
  17. Actually I think you're right, Matt. There were a lot of ongoing changes in the older Rockbass line, and the aim was, as you say, to bring it to line with the German models, so Peter's bass may well be an all-original, transitional one.
  18. Oh, that's weird, on both counts. My Corvette has what I would call a normally thin neck, as in, identical in thickness to that of other small-bodied 4-stringers such as my Bass Collection, for instance. The Fortress has a thin, comfortable neck, but my newer Warwicks (Corvette Pro 5 fretted and fretless) have an even thinner, shallower neck. It doesn't make a lot of difference when I'm playing, I must say. The non-adjustable nut you have is almost certainly a replacement. All Warwicks have what they call their special "just-a-nut"; the cheapo models have it in plastic, the expensive ones in brass. I hate having to do without one on my non-Warwick basses.
  19. Take no notice of right-handed players, Peter - they are not part of our élite! I've got a Rockbass Corvette from 2007 and a Rockbass Fortress (5 string) from 2005. Excellent basses, good construction, lovely thin necks with adjustable nuts (best invention since sliced bread). At the time they were also incredible value for money (I bought both new from Thomann). They both have the following couple of design issues, though: 1. The holes in the Warwick single-piece bridge are too narrow for some types of string; for instance, you can *just* fit in a flatwound E string, and you would struggle to fit most makes of low B if you had a fiver too. This problem was addressed later by Warwick by creating the two-piece bridge, but they're not interchangeable. 2. Watch out for the jack socket becoming loose with use (Warwick basses are apparently notorious for this). Tighten it up as soon as possible or the movement may dislodge or de-solder the wires from the pots/preamp. Other than that, they're great - enjoy your Corvette!
  20. When that happens to one of my cheapos - and it happens periodically - I tend to take the view that the frets popped up by a fraction of a millimetre, as opposed to the fingerboard shrinking. It usually happens when I have to tweak the truss rod due to changes in the season. I take a piece of fine sandpaper to the frets' ends, smoothing them very carefully, then clean the area with a damp cloth, make sure it's undamaged, then oil the side of the fingerboard.
  21. One advantage of the Eminence is the endpin bar, which prevents it from spinning while you play, so the waist extension may not be entirely necessary for keeping the instrument in a comfortable playing position. I still prefer to use the extension, though.
  22. Well, it does a job, but IMO it's a bit, well, minimalist. Small and not particularly versatile (see below). If you can source something better in the UK that's cheaper and fits the hole in the side of the body, I would go for that.
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