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  1. I purchased a Bass from Tony and the whole process end to end was a model for how things should be done. Comms were clear, timely, informative and accurate. Packaging was excellent, all paperwork for an EU to UK deal was dealt with without any fuss and pricing was very fair. Really couldn't ask for anything more. Top top baschatter.
  2. Sorry, nothing booked to take me that way. Courier is possible.
  3. Paul purchased a pedal from me. Thoroughly nice chap to deal with. Excellent comms, fast payment a gent.
  4. DiMarzio Model P DP122BK including loom & knobs! (no screws) The series/parallel switch really adds some versatility to a good P Pup. £60+ Postage.
  5. Tonestyler B10 (click, click, click). complete with harness by the gent that is kiOgon. £80+ postage.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Purchased a pedal from Paul. Exactly how deals should be done, great comms and all very timely. Many thanks.
  8. Ian sold me a pedal. Quick and straightforward deal. Wouldn't hesitate to deal again, gent.
  9. Purchased a Bass from Nick. Excellent comms and very straightforward chap to deal with. Wouldn't hesitate to deal again.
  10. Perfect transaction with @knirirr. Face to face hand over, excellent comms throughout. Wouldn't hesitate to deal again.
  11. I'm not sure to be honest. I'll give it a try this weekend and see how it goes.
  12. PM's replied. Still available.
  13. Trades wise, from one end of the scale to the other I am on the lookout for a Double bass! (Can add cash).
  14. Bought a fretless from Peter. The whole process was a perfect example of how the best transactions are completed. Highly recommended many thanks.
  15. Had the pleasure of a deal with Gareth. Crystal clear comms and everything exactly as described, wouldn't hesitate to deal again. Many Thanks
  16. More pics added. Sold
  17. Thanks for the comments it is a fine bass. Just to add I'd also consider trades for a short scale or micro ACG 4 string.
  18. I put this together at the weekend. Had a bit of a nightmare with a neck I purchased on here. Had to return it and it sat with Parcelforce for a week, that persuaded me to just use what I have. So my silver series squire P became the main donor, little nerve racking as I did like that bass it punched above its value for sure. Everything matched up pretty well though so no extra holes required (phew). The build now has CS 62 P pups and a tonestyler. Strings are La Bella copper white nylon tapewounds 760C. They are a lovely string but think it could be better suited with something else or at least the smaller gauge. Shame I thought I'd give those strings a try but it's the second bass they don't quite work on (they went proper crazy on an unshielded Lakland). I will probably get a parchment plate made up in time but the black matched the holes so got first go. Nice little project. Might up the ante a bit and try and carve a neck now, any excuse to buy new tools!
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