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  1. Up for sale is this very nice Jazz neck. It's a Stewmac, as confirmed with some digging on Talkbass, and it is one of the nicer ones built in the Godin / Lasido factory. As far as I know, newer Stewmac necks are made by Mighty Mite. Since I also own a Mighty Mite fretless neck, I can state with complete certainty that the quality is really not comparable and that this one is miles better. I had it on one of my Jazzes for some time, and I am now moving to different woods for a different aesthetic vibe, but I really had no other reason to move away from it. This comes with no-name, but very decent tuners. The nut, as far as I can tell, is bone. Pictures in the link! I have just the perfect box and I think I'd be able to ship it across the Kingdom for about a fiver. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMLdLVUULj-PLKAHMOJUlur6lCjBE1l6QETcwWjRB5yp--ij1yN_q6_xbY_KMfgug?key=dlN6YXgxa0NRYm5UMUVCQTN4TF96NFNsWFRySnJn
  2. biro

    Feedback for Sibob

    I bought an Allparts Jazz neck from @Sibob in what truly was the easiest of transactions. Deal with confidence!
  3. See, I think the fundamental tone is more or less the same, but I am finding quite a bit of difference between the Big Singles on the 1205VNF and the SR30th5PII. My suspicion is that somewhere along the way they might have changed a recipe or two—the 1205 sounded much, much brighter.
  4. Ha, good point. I had just finished setting it up and I thought I'd rest it there just to take a quick pic! And yes, the first one is a SR5005—the model before the current one, which has the truss rod adjustment at the heel if I am not mistaken. The second is a SR30TH5PII Premium, which is really quite great. Surprisingly much more darker sounding than the 1205 Premium I had before, and I think this must be down to some change in the pick ups and preamp. It is really lovely though, fantastic fretwork and craftsmanship.
  5. Actually I might consider replacing the 3v eq too. Everything on that bass is flawless, but the eq itself is a little underwhelming.
  6. Late to the party, but I might as well show you my two current SRs. Absolutely amazing instruments.
  7. Looks like I am the first to leave feedback for Kirsten (@Brightside). I sold her a bass I was quite fond of. The transaction was extremely easy, communication extremely quick. Highly recommended!
  8. I have recently changed the bridge of my MIJ Jazz from a threaded saddle BBOT (similar to the one pictured) to a Fender HI Mass. No question that the latter might be the better bridge from an engineering standpoint. Saddles do not shift or move about, solid feel, and all that jazz. I am sure there is some difference in sound, but I found it to be negligible, and not necessarily an improvement. I would say that a hi mass bridge emphasises the character of the string over that of the tone wood, which I suppose makes sense. I did not find any meaningful differences with regard to sustain, but this bass did have sustain for days even before. Possibly, and I really am not sure about it, there is an impression of increased sustain because of an overall slower attack compared to a lighter bridge. In any event, for me it’s absolutely not worth it unless you find it aesthetically pleasing.
  9. Such an incredible deal. I sold mine some time back as it did not get enough use—I am drawn to soundgears and jazz basses—but it was excellent. Good luck with the sale!
  10. I got these excellent pick ups in a bass I bought from @BaggyMan of this parish (pictured below in one of its latest incarnations). They sounded great, but as much as I try to like other things, I always go back to EMGs. So off they go. Some history, from the book of @BaggyMan: "Lindy Fralin pickups. Bridge pickup rewound by bare knuckle pickups to LF spec. CTS pots and cloth wiring". 115 shipped to the UK, which I think it's fair. Open to offers, and, if you have a Jazz Bass neck, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
  11. Fantastic playing and tone. The piezo works great and gives a nice acoustic / Swallow-ish vibe.
  12. Thanks a lot! The bass has now been sold, but I am sure the new owner (and I, too!) will be very grateful!
  13. Hi, should be able to post it for 15-25 quid. Have a proper box for it.
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