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  1. I always wanted to try a Thunderbird properly, so I bought this one. It is really impressive, and succeeds in the impossible quest of making me look cool. The Gibson pick ups are really something special, the neck can be made exceptionally straight, and the action can be set as low as you want, really. It is also surprisingly light, which was welcome news to me. The Gibson pick ups are growly and thicccc, and, as the video demonstrates, they oddly work well for playing Bach, which I did not expect. However, the longer I play, the more I blame it for not being a Jazz. Clearly that's not its fault, but mine—it's just that I always revert to a Jazz. So I am putting it up for sale. Nothing terribly urgent here: it's in very, very good conditions, minus a small ding, which I have endeavoured to capture in as much detail as I could. But it's really not that evident. Ideally this would be picked up from Liverpool. I don't have a case. Trade wise: I would be interested in a P bass of some sort, ideally a nice Squier / Mexi Fender. Shipping is possible. (I have a box, not a case, but I am good at packing!) Movie on 31-05-2019 at 12.56 #2.export.mov
  2. Hi All, in the market for a cheap P Bass. Ideally local-ish (Liverpool or London). Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I am selling this Bass Vi. It is in as-new condition, with some of the plastic film still on, and it plays marvellously. (And yes, it djents.) Also, I should have taken better pictures, but natural light was not an option at the moment. The only reason why I am selling this is that I have just just found my dream Ibanez RG on ebay and, in a fit of '80s nostalgia, I pulled the trigger. So what needs must. Currently, I am in Liverpool, but I visit London and Dublin frequently. Arrangements can be made, but the shipping is on you.
  4. I am not sure I've ever been so tempted to buy something I have absolutely no real use for! I'll be watching this closely.
  5. I just sold my Spirit to Mick (overdriver). Very smooth transaction, and he actually drove all the way to Dublin. I am sure the bass is going to a loving home. Recommended!
  6. It appears I am the first to give feedback to Saimonbass. I sold a Warwick Thumb to him. Smooth transaction, and lots of patience on his side as I was setting up my paypal account. Recommended!
  7. Now 900 for a straight sale!
  8. You are absolutely right! I might have to go and have my prescription checked... I'll edit the posting!
  9. Surely we could discuss terms for me to relieve you of it! I have been berating myself forever for selling mine!
  10. Hi, I am selling my Spirit. It plays very well, but it's just not getting enough use and I just saw a guitar that I want to buy. It's located in Dublin, but I do travel to London every so often. It's got newish .040 strings and a string adapter, too, that I can sell of keep for another headless of mine, so your call entirely (250 if you don't want it). Incidentally, I have levelled the frets and the action is just plain ridiculous. Comes with the original gigbag. Being broom-shaped, it may also be used for menial housework..
  11. biro

    Feedback for Roceci

    Joe was the perfect buyer. I sold a bass to him, paid promptly and organised collection with no hassles whatsoever. Warmly recommended!
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