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  1. Good luck with the sale. If I didn't have an SR5005 already, I'd buy one.
  2. Actually, you know what: withdrawn. It plays too well, and I am enjoying it as much as the Prestige I bought to replace it, so there is that.
  3. I’d be over it in a heartbeat if I could just manage to sell the ones I have for sale. Japanese Tunes are incredible.
  4. Alright lads, the price has been dropped to £450. I really want to move this bass as at this point I really have too many SoundGears.
  5. Monday bump with a weird sample! (Excuse the tapping overload.)
  6. No sharp edges here—it just came back from a visit to the luthier's! And I am not great rush anyways. Pics added!
  7. Hi All, Since I am buying a Prestige, I am selling my Ibanez Ibanez SR1205VNF Premium. Those who know series should know how good they are—fantastic value for the money, and beyond, really. The reason I am "upgrading", so to speak, is that I fell in love with an SR5005 Premium. But this is more a matter of tone than it is one of quality, so to speak, This is really built like a tank, and plays wonderfully. The reasons for the low price are the following: I no longer have the original case (but I could be persuaded to part with one of my old cases), and there is some buckle rash on the back (I'll send you detailed pics if you are interested, but it's not very easy to capture with the current light). The bass looks awesome otherwise. Also, for some reason I cannot find the truss rod cover, but I suspect it'll turn up eventually. As a plus, the bass has recently been at the luthier's and had its frets levelled and the preamp re-soldered, as some cheeky loose connection was annoying the hell out of me. I have a set of boxes from Thomann which I can use for shipping it (the usual set of inside smaller box and outside larger one). Or we can discuss the addition of a Gator hardshell case, with the caveat that it is not going to be its own original foam one. So, 500 ONO. Below is the usual blurb: Tear It Up on Ibanez's High-End Tone Machine! Boutique-quality tonewoods, hot-rodded electronics, and huge, aggressive tone -- that's what you get with the 5-string Ibanez SR1205 Premium electric bass. The SR1205 treats your ears and eyes with USA Nordstrand Big Single pickups, EQB-IIISC three-band EQ, mid-frequency and EQ bypass switches, a Mono-Rail IV bridge with locking saddles, a five-piece wenge/bubinga neck with KTS Titanium Reinforcement rods, a rosewood fretboard with abalone oval inlays, an ovangkol-topped mahogany body, and posh gold hardware to top it off. Plus, this baddie's fifth string will give you more low end to shake your fans to their very core. Attractive Ovangkol-Topped Mahogany Body Resting comfortably against your front is your SR1205's rich ovangkol-topped mahogany body. An African cousin of rosewood, ovangkol adds a nice breadth of midrange to your playing, while its cool grain pattern exudes class. Meanwhile, the SR1205's mahogany body really brings out the middle and lower end tones of your notes. Together, these tonewoods deliver a very rich and dark color that you'll love through and through. Slick Five-Piece Wenge/Bubinga Neck The Ibanez SR1205's snug and comfy 5-piece wenge/bubinga neck adds a pleasant brightness and punch to your licks and grooves. Playability is the name of the game here, thanks to the SR1205's smooth rosewood fretboard with attractive abalone oval inlays and 24 medium frets with premium fret edge treatment. KTS Titanium reinforcement rods provide longer intonation and ultimate stability, so every note makes its way seamlessly from your axe's neck to its body in smooth and uninterrupted fashion. Nordstrand "Big Single" 5 Neck and Bridge Pickups A pair of Nordstrand "Big Single" 5 pickups do this bass sonic justice, taking in its full-bodied tone and projecting every inch with plenty of presence. With this pair of single-coils, you won't find any low end mud in your signal, no matter how low you go. Three-band EQ and Bypass Switches The tone controls on this baby will give you a lot of sound-shaping power. You have bass, mid, and treble EQ controls, as well as two bypass switches -- one for your EQ, and the other for your mid frequency settings. The sonic spectrum the SR1205 yields is virtually limitless. Stable Mono-Rail IV Bridge with Locking Saddles To hold your game down, the SR1205 boasts a Mono-Rail IV bridge with locking saddles. Your strings will hold intonation for longer periods, and your whole notes will resonate in lasting sustain, which is perfect for pauses or holds. You'll be able to keep your mind focused on your playing and not your intonation, thanks to the hardware on your Ibanez SR1205! This bass is sold as a factory second for a tiny blem on the back too small to photo. Features: - Ovangkol-topped mahogany body - Five-piece wenge/bubinga neck - Rosewood fretboard with abalone oval inlays - 24 medium frets with premium fret edge treatment - KTS Titanium reinforcement rods - Gold hardware - Secure Mono-Rail IV bridge with locking saddles - Nordstrand "Big Single" 5 neck and bridge pickups - EQB-IIISC three-band EQ - Mid-frequency and EQ bypass switches - Black Tusq XL nut
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