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  1. Hi All, I might be willing to part ways with my trusty SKB as I am moving back to London and I have far too much stuff that I have to carry over. It's just a fantastic case, which has accompanied me to a number of exotic destinations without no problems whatsoever. It's in excellent condition. Some people have reported serious scratching with these cases, but either I've been very lucky or they were greatly exaggerating... It comes with the gigbag I used for it, which (unlike many gigbags) fits nicely in it and is well padded. Happy to upload pics later on if requested. I am based in Liverpool at the moment, but I will be travelling back to London frequently until I find a flat there and then be based there. Also happy to ship if needed.
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    Feedback for Pinball

    Bought a Stingray from Pinball. Seamless transaction and fantastic instrument. Strongly recommended!
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    And withdrawn again, apoogies!
  4. I am really tempted by the 'ray... but you already know that!
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    Hi All, So, I am relisting this semi-hollow beauty, which is in tip-top shape. It is a fantastic instrument, but having a Prestige 5005 I find myself privileging that over this one—not because it's a prestige (the quality is really up there, really) but really because of the different pick ups, which work a little better than the Nordies for me. It is, overall, a stunning specimen, and it comes with its lightweight case. Happy to send additional pictures if there's a need for that. Specs pasted below. The bass you see in the video is the one that is actually for sale. Excuse the wrong notes! The bass is in Liverpool. Considering the pandemic currently wreaking havoc on whatever is outside our homes, I would prefer shipping, but after restrictions are lifted it might be possible to do a socially distanced collection in Liverpool or London. Body Lacewood/Ash/Mahogany Neck 5 Piece Wenge/Bubinga with KTS Titanium Rods Neck Shape Atlas 5 Fingerboard Wenge Scale 34" Frets 24 Medium Pickups Nordstrand Big Single 5 Pickup Set Controls Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ EQ bypass switch (passive tone control on treble pot) & Mid frequency switch Bridge Mono Rail V Bridge Tuners Gotoh
  6. Hi all, Some time back I decided that I wanted to try the 5 string Jazz thing again. It did not work for me: I like 5 and 6 string basses just as much as the next guy, but not if they are Fender-like. Makes complete sense, doesn't it? Well, that's my story anyways. So I think I am going to buy another one of these, but 4 string. Hence the decision to list this beauty. I have absolutely no complaints about this instrument. The fretwork is top notch, the rolled edges of the fingerboard are something to lust over, and the colour is fantastic (especially with a zebra-print strap, which I can strongly recommend). The tone is stellar, but we all know that by now. The weight, too, is decent on this one: 4.7 kilograms on ye olde bathroom scale. Bought from Andertons a couple of months back, obviously never gigged and set up with extra care by yours truly. Not only that, but I also did some necessary set up, such as filing the nut to the correct height—so you don’t have to. The bass is effectively new, so why not knock 100 quid off the list price? The specs are listed below. Of note, this is a 2nd generation iteration, which is great because the radius is much less extreme than the original 7.25", which drove me crazy. For the connoisseurs, there is some very nice birdseye figuring on the maple fretboard, which is a thing of beauty. I have tried to capture it, but it's not so easy. Trades: thanks, but no thanks, unless you have a USA Stingray 5H with an Alnico pick up which you are willing to part with (of course, the difference in trade value would be compensated). Offers: open to reasonable ones, but, really, the bass is new. Specifications Body Body Material: Swamp Ash / North American Alder Pickguard: Ivory Pearl / Tortoise Neck Neck Material: 1 Piece Hard Maple Neck Shape: C-Shape Scale: 34” Fingerboard: Hard Maple / Ebony Fingerboard Radius: 9.5” Frets: Medium, 20 Frets String Nut: Natural Bone Inlay: WH Pearloid Block Neck Joint: 4 Bolt Steel Square Plate Electronics Pickups: Marcus Super Jazz Advanced Electronics: Marcus Heritage - 3 with Middle-Frequency Control Controls: Volume / Tone (Dual Pot), Pickup Blender, Treble, Middle / Middle Frequency (Dual Pot), Bass, Mini Toggle (Active / Passive ) Hardware Knobs: Jazz Type Black Plastic Bridge: Heavy Mass Standard Tuning Gear: Premium Open-Gear Hardware Finish: Chrome
  7. Having bought a Musicman from Chiliwailer in the past, I confirm: great seller! Bass looks stunning too, so have a bump on me.
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