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  1. Pro tip: there is quite a bit of padding at the pointy end, and removing some of it allows to fit longer basses than one would think without harming them.
  2. I have one and I put it through its paces. Never failed me once. Strongly recommended!
  3. In what could possibly be the fastest sale on BC, sold pending the usual!
  4. I have recently upgraded a few things and, since I will be moving to a different city soon, I am getting rid of some of the stuff I have around here. So here's a very nice AllParts neck (left) with inexplicable, but easily removable 'Kennedy' decal. Works great, frets in excellent conditions, truss rod is perfectly effective. 205 shipped to UK, Schaller tuners included and generic bone nut included.
  5. Hi all, moving out of my flat so selling some bits from my trusty Harley Benton JB40FL. The body is really quite beautiful, with a nice grain and finish. The neck is honestly a dream to play. I have upgraded and now I have a Fender with a Warmoth ebony-boarded neck, otherwise I would have kept it. The neck is lined, but I did the sharpie trick to make the lines less intrusive. (I can include a sheet of 1000 sand paper if you want to go back to the original version.) i am also including pots and the Roswell pick ups it came with. There will be some soldering to do and I strongly suggest getting a different bridge (the saddles on this are glued in place, which I normally do on all my basses, but on this one I went too far with the glue). Shipping is extra, but it will normally be 10 quid or less. Pictured also the AllParts neck I am selling (for 200 shipped with Schaller tuners, which is what I paid for it)
  6. Just bought a Warmoth neck from Chris. Excellent communications, serious packing game, and excellent advice. Speedy and smooth transaction, highly recommended!
  7. Up for sale is this very nice Jazz neck. It's a Stewmac, as confirmed with some digging on Talkbass, and it is one of the nicer ones built in the Godin / Lasido factory. As far as I know, newer Stewmac necks are made by Mighty Mite. Since I also own a Mighty Mite fretless neck, I can state with complete certainty that the quality is really not comparable and that this one is miles better. I had it on one of my Jazzes for some time, and I am now moving to different woods for a different aesthetic vibe, but I really had no other reason to move away from it. This comes with no-name, but very decent tuners. The nut, as far as I can tell, is bone. Pictures in the link! I have just the perfect box and I think I'd be able to ship it across the Kingdom for about a fiver. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMLdLVUULj-PLKAHMOJUlur6lCjBE1l6QETcwWjRB5yp--ij1yN_q6_xbY_KMfgug?key=dlN6YXgxa0NRYm5UMUVCQTN4TF96NFNsWFRySnJn
  8. biro

    Feedback for Sibob

    I bought an Allparts Jazz neck from @Sibob in what truly was the easiest of transactions. Deal with confidence!
  9. See, I think the fundamental tone is more or less the same, but I am finding quite a bit of difference between the Big Singles on the 1205VNF and the SR30th5PII. My suspicion is that somewhere along the way they might have changed a recipe or two—the 1205 sounded much, much brighter.
  10. Ha, good point. I had just finished setting it up and I thought I'd rest it there just to take a quick pic! And yes, the first one is a SR5005—the model before the current one, which has the truss rod adjustment at the heel if I am not mistaken. The second is a SR30TH5PII Premium, which is really quite great. Surprisingly much more darker sounding than the 1205 Premium I had before, and I think this must be down to some change in the pick ups and preamp. It is really lovely though, fantastic fretwork and craftsmanship.
  11. Actually I might consider replacing the 3v eq too. Everything on that bass is flawless, but the eq itself is a little underwhelming.
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