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  1. Hi all, I am selling my US Jazz. I got this new in 2017, from Bassman666 of this parish, who got it in 2013. It's a 2012 in Midnight Wine Red. She's a stunner (the one on top in the picture) in very good condition, with just few minor chips and slight play wear. This bass is extraordinary. I am selling it because I have another bass which I find even more unique and, since I always grab that, this one sits in a case, which is preposterous. I also still don't know in which continent I am going to live in the next month, so I tend to travel light. It features: A kiogon series/parallel V/V/T loom. Pull up the tone knob and you'll be able to make everything rumble, summon the occasional demon, and even leave the European Union Di Marzio pick ups, but the original ones will be included too. A hipshot drop tuner, currently set to low B (yes it does work) Two fender pickguards (white and black) Two cheap ones in white and grey pearl The truly lovely abs molded case, so fancy I'd sleep in it A truss rod tool (never got the original, but it works just fine) Fairly newish strings I can ship, if need be, but I'd rather not. I am in London, and if you come and pick it up you'll save me a massive hassle, and receive the assurance that tea will be forthcoming as you try the bass. But, if need be, happy with paypal and shipping.
  2. Hi, I am looking for a fretless jazz bass neck, ideally pre-drilled and with tuners included. I am up for anything, really, so make me an offer! Thanks!
  3. How do I decide what radius is best for me?

    For certain techniques, a small radius can be hellish, more on a 5 string than on a 4. I had a 7.25" classic '50 P with which I could do more or less anything. A 7.25" 5 string Marcus Miller V7 I had to sell rather swiftly--to small a radius for a fiver. 10" is actually more than fine for tapping and chording. It is of course possible that you would enjoy a flatter radius more, but I think it is really inadvisable to go through such ab invasive mod for such a comparatively small change.
  4. I am assuming this does not have a truss rod, correct?
  5. Spector euro 5 LX

    Thanks! But well, this forces me to ask you where you're located!
  6. Spector euro 5 LX

    Fantastic bass and colour. Does it come with a case?
  7. I might add that I have the impression that MK2 bass safes might be a little smaller than their predecessor. Number one reason why I think so is that I have been having difficulties fitting a thomann top-of-the-line gigbag in it. True, its leathery finish makes it less slippery than it would be ideal to fit it in the safe smoothly, but still, it didn't look so big in comparison to a normal gigbag. I guess I will have to find a double gigbag and see if it fits.
  8. Spirit by Steinberger XT-25

    Still for sale!
  9. Thanks a lot! I have tried with mine (I suppose it's a MK2) and fitting a stratocaster and an Ibanez Soundgear in it seemed quite a tight fit. I might try if I have to, but it does not seem ideal I have to say. Perhaps a thinner bag might help.
  10. SOLD 2012 fender jazz bass USA

    Stunning! I have PM'd you and I shall PM you again until it's mine!
  11. Hi all, I am looking for a Status neck for my jazz bass. So long as it fits, I don't really care if it is a P or J neck. Thanks!
  12. I am the lucky owner of an SKB Bass Safe, which has proved itself to be one of the best purchases I have made in the last few years. Grab a bass, stick it into a gigbag and fly without a heavy heart. However, I remember reading some time back that it is possible to carry [i]two basse[/i] in the bass safe. This would be fantastic, since I just so happen to prefer to go carry my Jazz Bass and a five stringer if at all possible. So far, I have only tried to put two basses together in the same gigbag (not advisable, I think) and, while it is a snug fit, it's a fit. I was wondering if anybody had any experience with double gigbags (or just one gigbag with two basses) and the bass safe. If that were to work, I'd call myself very lucky. Thanks!