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  1. OK, I am giving Ricks one last crack. Just moved on my almost-new jetglo 4003 and take delivery of a new jetglo 4003S tomorrow. Hoping the body contouring, lack of binding etc will make it feel more natural and confortable for a long-time Fender player. This time, as a precaution, I won't remove the pickup cover or change strings for a while so - if it's a no no - I don't lose my right to return to the retailer. But fingers crossed it works out fine and dandy. Still think they look cool AF
  2. By way of update, this bass is still available. Two things: 1. Be aware per the pics and description in my first post that this is quite mojo'd with plenty of characteristic Shergold cracks and crazing in the finish and a number of dings. Its no case queen but it is very cool 2. As a reminder its £450 plus delivery at cost via UPS (probs £20-25). It will come in an old hard case for safety but be warned the case is not pretty, although its very solid and functional.
  3. Hi there, its kind of on unofficial hold for a previous owner who wants to buy it back but needs to raise some funds first. If that changes I will PM you
  4. Jake actually said in an interview that the MW is based on a Newport: "I also have the Midwestern and the Midwestern II, which are short-scale basses influenced by an old Epiphone design—the Epiphone Newport, back from like the early, early ‘60s, when they were still making them at Kalamazoo. So the Midwestern is kind of like a modernized version of that." https://reverb.com/uk/news/found-on-reverb-serek-basses-vintage-modern-mashups Either way these are fabulous basses. GLWYS
  5. Probably means you have used up your allotted space for attachments. Click on your BC profile and scroll down to your attachments. Then delete a load of old, no longer relevant pics. Should fix it for you (I think!)
  6. Hey Nick, are you sure that isn't a pic of BassDirect's showroom?
  7. At least its Fender Shaped Objects, rather than Fender Related Objects .... as FRO could cause offense
  8. Guessing its Fender-shaped object? Either that or Flatulent Sheep Owner
  9. Another string deal with Tim and again all good!
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/175060602267?hash=item28c26ccd9b:g:IB8AAOSwmoxhxIuv
  11. Now that I think about it, yes! Put them on my now-sold Serek bass for a short while but went back to stock DR Hi Beams
  12. This is what a short scale set of Dunlop flats look like. Do the silks match yours Nick?
  13. This is ludicrous. I'm out and I am using the luxury of the ignore button.
  14. Funny. When I googled Confederate Flag, the first thing that came up on my feed was the ADL 'Fighting Hate for Good' website, listing it as a hate signal which has become associated with/coopted by white supremacists. But if thats not offensive, what do I know?
  15. Even if not well executed its clearly supposed to denote the confederate flag (or is the name 'Rebel bass' a complete coincidence?) And if enough people think thats what it denotes (I clearly am not in a minority of one), it will cause offense. That was my point.
  16. 3 strings too many for my agricultural style of bass playing but WHAT A WORK OF ART!
  17. La Bellas sold. Only Dunlop 40-100 short scale flats left, good condition barely used on 2+2 headstock Serek Midwestern, £20 posted (new £45+)
  18. I used exactly the same rig at my last gig, which was one week before the March 2020 pandemic lockdown (the upstairs music room of the famous Olympic Studios in Barnes, which is now a cinema downstairs). Sounded fantastic and the volume was probably only on 1 or 2! GLWYS
  19. I wouldn't pay a premium for Alan Davey's bass. However, he is a very good player if somewhat heavily inspired by his predecessor Lemmy. Take a listen to Right to Decide from the album Electric Tepee for some prime Lemmy 'Space Ritual' type bass lines
  20. Mike bought a rather luverly preamp off me. Whole deal was as smooth as a snake. Top stuff! Many thanks Mike
  21. My eyesight must be shot as both this and the bass on eBay appear to have chrome hardware to me!
  22. Gotta say - in the interest of fairness - this does look like the bass (pic from 2014)
  23. I am going to trademark a new website: Guiarchat
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