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  1. Hi @D.J. MannThere is a beautiful vintage white one FS on the forum too. More expensive but its mint and virtually brand new
  2. Been thinking on further to my post above and - if no interest by Wednesday end of day - its going back in it's case and @wateroftyne will be happy
  3. Like this? Thanks https://www.designacable.com/neutrik-angled-trs-jack-to-male-xlr-lead-van-damme-balanced-cable.html
  4. ^^^ also includes the version of Cissy Strut used in Jackie Brown, I believe
  5. Not sure if anyone has posted this (its up to 82 pages!), but Butches Brew by Butch Cassidy Sound System is a fantastic album. Check these examples out
  6. Getting nervous about this fuel shortage/non-shortage. Whole band is supposed to be driving up to Scotland from London on Friday, returning Monday and really don't fancy running out halfway there...

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    2. prowla


      I wouldn't call calmly sitting in a queue of 5 or 6 cars to fill up on the weekend exactly "panicking".

      As has been said, though, there'll probably be less demand later in the week.

      On the plus side, the roads do seem to have been a heck of a lot quieter these past few days.

    3. Lozz196


      It took me 10 minutes to park my car yesterday as the 500+metre queue blocked access to the parking for where I live. Coupled with the vehicles overtaking and forcing others onto the pavement/pedestrians off of the pavement onto grass verges and the 2 accidents I saw in said 10mins I`d venture closer to panic than a state of calm.


    4. prowla


      10 minutes to park - that’s a definition of panic if ever I heard one!

  7. Thanks chaps. This is what the manual says: DI Output Jack: Balanced DI output for sending a balanced signal directly to low noise studio equipment. The DI can be configured to either Pre (default) or Post EQ via internal jumper settings. See “A Look Inside” for specific jumper settings. NOTE: The DI out is a balanced output. A 1/4” stereo jack is used as opposed to a more common XLR for space considerations. To connect to an XLR input a simple adapter is needed (rather than an adapter/transformer). The 1/4” stero jack is wired as follows: Tip=Positive, Ring=Negative, Sleeve=Common. If anyone has a specific recommendation for an adapter or cable with adapter, it would be great thanks as I don't really understand this stuff and need to be spoon-fed!!!!
  8. Hi all, the DI out on my incoming Euphonic Audio Micro amp is a regular jack, not an XLR. I would like an adapter so that it becomes XLR enabled. Would this do the trick please? Or would you recommend somthing else? Many thanks https://www.amazon.co.uk/Amazonbasics-XLR-Female-Inch-Adapter/dp/B081T3FC76/ref=sr_1_33?crid=1YFRVYPU0A8F&dchild=1&keywords=female+xlr+to+jack&qid=1632662480&qsid=257-0111066-8483417&s=musical-instruments&sprefix=femalw+xlr%2Cmi%2C164&sr=1-33&sres=B00824HCAM%2CB08RDF92BG%2CB08DNYWHNZ%2CB08V538GDZ%2CB01CT4IJ16%2CB077GWDCF2%2CB07W6PB52G%2CB07VMQDT8P%2CB01D8VDJY6%2CB07YS2PM68%2CB07R7PQFRW%2CB07CKHMT8K%2CB09F2YRGGK%2CB083R4K3W8%2CB085C8ZQQB%2CB01CR114TA%2CB00ESD2XBO%2CB083JHRDB5%2CB08LNK91TZ%2CB07YMQPC4H&srpt=ELECTRONIC_CABLE
  9. Thanks Yannick. TBH, I am not awfully bothered if it doesn't sell as I think the rarity of an early 70s P bass with an A neck will mean its a good long term investment. Its simply the fact that I am not playing it (and that I am really loving my Jazz) that has led me to put it up FS - and maybe this is the bass of someone's dreams? If the time is not right, I am happy to put it back in its case and see if if I come around to this at a later date
  10. My lovely 1999 AVRI 62 in LPB, near mint, manageable 9.3 pounds. Don't think it had ever left the case. Background here:
  11. Fabulous 1971 P bass with the rare A width neck. Bought on this forum from the super helpful Yannick aka @Hoochand still in the same condition. All original bar refret, new nut and cavity shielding which Yannick had done. Very light bass (8.4 pounds) and plays slickly with LaBella 760 light flats. Selling as I am happier playing a Jazz bass these days (love my AVRI 62 RI). After essentially what I paid including import costs/VAT (it came to me from France). Collection south of Hammersmith Bridge or post at cost. UK-only after some post-Brexit horror stories (2 of which I have been involved in - 1 of which was getting this very bass from Yannick in France!) Will come in a very rudimentary (but protective) non Fender hard case and will be very well packed. No trades, unless its an all-original early 1970s Jazz in 3TS/rosewood that weighs no more than 9 pounds (not many of them around, so highly unlikely ...) Previous FS link with loads of pics and history of the work Yannick had done on this
  12. +1 I did this when I had a Bass Max on my upright
  13. Hi Marc, ideally I was after a downsized KK Baby Bass (like the one Creeper sold recently ... but in a more traditional brown colour) however there don't seem to be any around. The Azola looks like it would be very portable and high quality but is a bit pricey (and its in Ireland which I presume you have to add 20% VAT/import duty on top). An Eminence would be amazing (I once toured Portugal with one) but I cannot think there would be one anywhere near my budget Thinking hard about alexpea's beautiful Traditional KK Baby Bass although it is less portable than ideally I was after. I do know KK are great quality and I used to own an original (smelly) Ampeg BB. I did see the KK 5er for sale but I have no idea what the 5th string is for, lol!
  14. Fantastic, beautifully made short scale basses Found the Soundpure ad for it so peeps can see what the original scratchplate looked like https://www.soundpure.com/p/serek-midwestern-vintage-white-short-scale-bass-mw-120/27726
  15. Putting this on Hold for someone who has asked for 2-3 months grace to get the money together No rush to sell on my part so all cool
  16. Clarky


    Very cool indeed. If you offered postage I am sure this would be snapped up in hours!
  17. Is it me or does anyone else think that flashing up tabloid headlines in the documentary about Phil Collins' ex-wife marrying (their words) a "toy boy", demanding £15m and refusing to leave their Miami home was rather unkind and out of context (private lives are just that, private)? Surprised Genesis (and in particular PC) agreed to that
  18. Thats very pretty but possibly bigger than I am after (I am after a compact-style Baby bass I can sling comfortably over shoulder). Plus it would need to get to me in London and I see you are in Bristol, @alexpea
  19. £1500 plus post (if needed, normally c.£25)
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