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  1. I have an AI Clarus and - as other have said - it sounds better with DB, likewise I had an EA Micro 550 which was better with DB. HOWEVER, in each case this can be rectified simply via a warm-sounding preamp (eg Sansamp BDDI, MXR M80, EBS ValveDrive, etc etc) or overdrive pedal (TC Mojo comes highly recommended on BC for a low cost option, or Darkglass Vintage Microtubes for pricier option). I have an EBS Valvedrive (valve-driven preamp) and this helps my my electric bass sound fab through the AI.
  2. The buyer had some misfortunes so had to withdraw. Back up for sale
  3. I know this could go in Items Wanted but I have a feeling few people read that forum. My preferred strings are Pirastro Perpetual steel (like a softer, more flexible Spirocore) but I may be playing some fast country/cowpunk stuff with a new band and I think the super low tension of Silver/Golden Slaps will suit that specific setting better. So does anyone have a spare set they want to sell (not the Super SIlvers BTW, only the regular Silver or Golden Slaps, thanks)? Cheers
  4. Always wanted to try a Gretsch Broadkaster (MIJ around 10 years ago) and have finally snaffled one. Short scale thumpy with flats on and should work well in my country/blues tinged bands.
  5. Clarky

    Vigier Passion

    If anyone is into matching pairs of basses, you could buy this beauty and a near-identical Passion 3 fretless currently FS at BassDirect http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Vigier_Passion_Series_III_Amber.html
  6. Clarky

    Ibanez Affirma

    Wonderful design by Rolf Spuler RIP
  7. I really don't need this so how about £33 posted?
  8. On sale at Reidys for £738 in brown, ebony and cherry https://www.reidys.com/pr/electric-guitars/gibson-les-paul-junior-tribute-dc-bass-cherry-28492/
  9. My acoustic/Americana/blues outfit live from Upton Blues festival a couple of weeks ago. This time I am playing a Takamine TB10 on an endpin, rather than the fully monty DB. The video is embedded on the page https://wilybo.com/acoustic-band-videos/1982-2/
  10. Clarky

    NickA feedback

    Nick bought some DB strings off me. Friendly comms, prompt payment. All good!
  11. Great that they worked out for you 😁
  12. US made piezo pickup with basic ziplock attachment cable for bridge. Similar to well-known K&K Bass Max but without the neat bridge fixing. Bought as a backup and never used. The very last thing in my double bass drawer clear-out! £42 posted (which is less than half the Bass Max' ~£110-120 price tag ... and also less than the £55 I sold one of these for on BassChat in 2011!)
  13. Another vote for Hemispheres and Permanent Waves. Which is two
  14. My (very) occasional country band, Tupelo Uncles
  15. The tension on La Bella Mustang flats is definitely not high, I would say roughly medium. If you want low tension, then Thomastik JF324 medium scale flats work really well on a through body Mustang.
  16. Change of heart. This will be useful for smaller, scuzzier gigs where its built-like-a-tank qualities may come in useful!!!! Withdrawn
  17. I had a mixed set of 4/4 Spiro Mittels (I bought the G new a year ago, rest were s/h of indeterminate age from TalkBass) up for sale on the forum for a cheap £55 posted. Withdrew them this morning (for use as gigbag backups) but would still sell them on if you wanted?
  18. @headofire has just posted up an old Hungarian ply DB on the FS forum here for £475 with decent strings and he also mentions a choice of pickups. He also knows his onions re DB matters. That would be an inexpensive way to try things out ... thats if you can get down Brighton way or meet somewhere mutually convenient
  19. I bought the G new about a year ago. The EAD came s/h from TalkBass and are of indeterminate age
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