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  1. This is nice and a third of the price you mentioned in your original post
  2. BTW in time honoured Jack and Clarky BassChat tradition, if you don't get on with the new strings I will trade you for a barely used (as in few months old) set of Slaps (Golden not Silver but identical, colour apart) plus a bit of moolah! 🤣
  3. So long and farewell Silver Slaps, you served us both well
  4. Wrong forum, drop a message to the mods
  5. In response to a question, yes I would ship outside the UK. For mainland Europe it would be £310 posted
  6. Now £950 posted (UK) including brand new GruvGear gigbag (c.£110)
  7. Ok, I guess the arrival of the V2 Terror Bass has made the V1 slightly less coveted. Lets call it £295 posted to mainland UK, or £280 collected
  8. Aha, I did indeed have an SG bass in Kismetik (great memory!) But it was a regular cherry one
  9. Thanks Skank. I have not owned a white SG bass to the best of my recollection ... though to be fair, I may have done and forgotten Lemmy-style (“That was a great time, the summer of '71 – I can't remember it, but I'll never forget it!”)
  10. Rare-as-heck c.2006 TV yellow Gibson SG bass. Arrived today, love it
  11. I agree. I am rarely grabbed by rap but that was an amazing and powerful performance. So much so that I rewound it immediately and watched it again
  12. Mrs C has decided to name it Bob 🤔
  13. Thanks. These are uber hard to find (I have seen one on sale in US and one in Australia in past several years) so I am not going to customise it
  14. NBD. TV yellow, yum


  15. Back in ~2006, Gibson made a limited run of SG basses in non-standard colours including pastel pink and TV yellow. I have long been a fan of TV yellow (Johnny Thunders, Buzzcocks etc) and so have been on the lookout for one for absolutely ages. This popped up a month or two back on Reverb and, after a decent price cut, I snaffled it. Its in superb 9.9/10 condition, weighs a shoulder-friendly 8.1 pounds, typical SG short scale ... and its minion coloured according to Mrs C 🙄. Great alternative to my 1971 Mustang. One happy bunny!
  16. Have box so can now post. Probs around £20 within UK with Interparcel/UPS standard 2-day delivery but I would get an agreed quote first
  17. In response to question regarding nut width > tape measure slightly askew but I reckon its 1.625"
  18. Slight price tweak so its below £300 collected
  19. Good condition, not a lot to say. You know what these loud beasties do. £290 collected from London (Hammersmith area) or with post on top (guessing £10-15 with UPS but would get a quote agreed first).
  20. Bump. As a deal, I would include the GruvGear Edge gigbag for £50 (it is literally unused, has never left my house and cost me ~£110). So that's £950 collected for the bass plus bag. https://gruvgear.com/products/gigblade-edge
  21. I originally imported this last May. Kind of wish I had kept it given how my main band has progressed (from funk to country punk)! I guess my Orange TB does a similar if less sophisticated job 🤘
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