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  1. It is indeed good for metal and has also left the building 😁
  2. From when my eldest son wanted to be in Slipknot at age 12 or thereabouts (he is now 26....). Needs restringing and probably a basic setup. Also has annoying or useful - depending on your point of view - pick holder stuck on the front (doubtless it can be carefully removed). Pickup only as no box from Hammersmith area. Good for a beginner guitarist that likes metal. Free to a good home
  3. My lefty son had this to learn on about 10 years ago. Gave up very quickly of course ... Its a bit scraped and knocked but plays fine and has benefit of Thomastik flats on. Will need new batteries for active EQ. Good entry level bass, especially if you like the none more black, metal look. Will come in padded Fender gig bag. Specs here: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/bass/esp-ltd-b-104-bass-guitar Can post for £15 or you can collect from London (Hammersmith way)
  4. Most beautiful love song lyrics ever, in my view. Nick Cave 'Into my arms' I don't believe in an interventionist God But I know, darling, that you do But if I did I would kneel down and ask Him Not to intervene when it came to you Not to touch a hair on your head To leave you as you are And if He felt He had to direct you Then direct you into my arms Into my arms, O Lord, into my arms Into my arms, O Lord, into my arms Into my arms, O Lord, into my arms Into my arms, O Lord, into my arms Into my arms, O Lord, into my arms Into my arms, O Lord, into my arms And I don't believe in the existence of angels But looking at you I wonder if that's true But if I did I would summon them together And ask them to watch over you To each burn a candle for you To make bright and clear your path And to walk, like Christ, in grace and love And guide you into my arms Into my arms, O Lord, into my arms Into my arms, O Lord, into my arms But I believe in Love And I know that you do too And I believe in some kind of path That we can walk down, me and you So keep your candles burning And make her journey bright and pure That she will keep returning Always and evermore Into my arms, O Lord, into my arms Into my arms, O Lord, into my arms Into my arms, O Lord, into my arms
  5. Originally custom made for Kev Hopper (like my fretless ACG), this is a stunning little bass with 32" scale and ultra slim neck (1.35" nut). Obviously the design takes inspiration from Carl Thompson. Conveniently the initials are the same as my FaceBook moniker Clarky Bass, in case I forget who I am. Plays super fast and sounds very gnarly. As does my (pictured) sausage dog Pablo
  6. So my search for an EA NL210 III or NL112 is proving elusive ... next in line, Barefaced Two10S (switchable, black metal grille) - anyone got one they want to move on (or possibly p/x against silver grille One10S)? Ta

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    2. Dood


      Just realised the video won't play on my machine.. Hope that's not the case for everyone! 

    3. Clarky


      Hadn't seen that review so will take a look. Thanks Dan the Dood

    4. Clarky


      PS the NL210 video does work for me

  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. I have an early 1900s upright Cramer piano that is not being used. If anyone would like it, feel free to take it off my hands. It will need collecting from me (SW13, south of Hammersmith Bridge) and obviously will require a van and at least a couple of strong individuals. Also it will need tuning once its at its new venue.
  9. New to BassChat, Chris (aka Eggman78) took a chance buying my Gallien MB500 amp sight unseen. Friendly in his communications and quick pay. I am happy to kick off his feedback thread with a very positive experience 👍
  10. Beautiful. I am currently borrowing a Takamine TB10 which does the DB thing really well but is several times the price. May help your sale to add some sound clips or a vid to illustrate the type of sound this produces
  11. I have an Items Wanted ad but not everyone reads that forum - so is anyone looking to offload a 4 ohm (only) Euphonic Audio NL210 Gen III or Wizzy M-line 112? Thx

    1. owen


      I am pretty sure I saw some EA 2x10 doobrie on a Facebook Bass for sale type page fairly recently. I cannot guarantee it ticks all your boxes and I cannot remember which group it was.

    2. Clarky


      Thanks Owen, it was a Gen I (the heavy version at 44 pounds - the Gen III is an old man-friendly 34 pounds) - plus a pal bought that very cab off the FaceBook seller yesterday!


    3. owen


      Ah :( But the thrill of the chase!

  12. Another vote for Spiro Solo 3/4 downtuned to EADG. Have the Spiro core tone (albeit slightly darker) but noticeably less tension. See image attached for a really useful comparison. Presto UL or L are nice but a different kettle of fish altogether, being much fatter (in diameter) nylon wound, gut emulating strings.
  13. Chris(tian) bought my super-eclectic banjo bass.Very friendly comms and quick to pay. Can't ask for more! Cheers
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. Hi, I hope this doesn't sound unreasonable but my wife isn't keen on people she doesn't know coming to our house - I can swing it occasionally when I know the buyer or they have good feedback on BassChat. However, this is your first post so I'm afraid it won't fly. What I can say - if it helps - is that the amp was played at the weekend by BCer @JamesFlashG who I am sure would happily vouch for it being in full working condition. Also, I have about 9 or 10 pages of uniformly positive feedback on BassChat, so I am a trustworthy seller. As for age of the amp, I bought it off the forum six months ago so I don't honestly know. I have used it for several gigs and a number of rehearsals but mainly its been home use and so not pushed. You can see from the pics its in good (8 or even 9 out of 10) condition. I can send more pics also if needed.
  16. Paul bought my Handbox amp, paid promptly and was unfailingly friendly throughout. A pleasure!
  17. Powerful little amp with 500W of power and the GK tone. I was using this with my BareFaced One10 but had the opportunity to pick up a more DB-friendly Acoustic Image amp, so this is up for sale. No case but will be safely packed. £275 plus post within UK (probably under a tenner as its so small and light). Specs: MB2 500 WATT ULTRA LIGHT HEAD FEATURES 500W at 4 ohms, 350W at 8 ohms 10dB pad Tuning Mute Input Gain, Master Contour 4-band active EQ Footswitchable boost with independent volume Effects Loop & Tuner out Transformer Isolated DI out with Pre/Post Switch and Ground Lift Dual Speakon Combo Outputs Headphone/Line Out Footswitch Input Dimensions: 11" W x 1-3/4" H x 7-3/4" D Weight: Less than 4lb.
  18. My Recurve medium scale and custom (made for Kev Hopper) fretless
  19. Clarky


    My early 80s 62RI in uber-rare surf green
  20. Thank you gents. Return of the gear tart. So does anyone fancy this rather lovely EUB?
  21. Just sold my Barefaced BB2 to James. Friendly and flexible buyer, happy to recommend 😁
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