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  1. That's a great video. Thanks for sharing. I'd like to see a Rick Beato "What makes this song great" video for this too...
  2. Thanks for sharing this. I did have a look after your earlier post, but couldn't find it. The bass here sounds a lot better to my ears. To me, it sounds almost sounds like a cheap bass being used in Sir Duke, which I highly doubt was the case. It's like the sound I get in the upper register when I use a sponge as a mute under the strings on one of my bases that could do with a set-up.
  3. Agreed. It hasn't changed my opinion on it at all, I'm just surprised how better it sounds in the final mix. Although there are some bits I'll always hear differently from now on. It's actually the third chorus that has been my favourite part, and trickiest to learn. He really just lets loose there.
  4. It's been a very long time since I posted. It looks like I haven't added the YouTube link properly. Sorry about that....
  5. Apologies if this has been posted before. I just came across it yesterday, and was fascinated by it. It seems to be the actual recording. Comparing it with a tab I have from an old Guitar World's Bass Guitar, it matches note for note. You can also hear studio bleed at various points, making me think it's the real deal. I've seen a few threads about isolated bass tracks, and how the final mix often makes the bass track seem wildly different. Maybe it's just me, but it sounds like Nate Watts was playing a bass with terrible action.
  6. Adding my first edition Squier JV '62 Precision, with large Fender logo. Interestingly, this has the same neck date as Rick's, so it's a pretty early model. Plays great and it's year of birth bass, so it's definitely a keeper. I'd love a first edition '57 P to round off the collection.
  7. Really sad news. I'm a big Chris Cornell and Soundgarden fan. I was just listening to Euphoria Morning on my way to work this morning. I thinks it's a great and really under-rated album. His latest solo album is really good too. I saw him solo in Dublin a few years ago. He was supporting Aerosmith and blew them out the water. RIP
  8. I sold a cab to Mike this week. He's highly knowledgeable in all things bass, and was great to deal with from start to finish. Highly recommended!!
  9. Had forgotten about this. Still taking up space, so needs to go. Open to reasonable offers.
  10. Amazing....£505 with 20 seconds left. It went for £945. If I was the seller that suspense would have been too much for me in those last couple on minutes!
  11. Bump Will probably end up putting on eBay if there's no further interest here.
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