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  1. Sold some Fat Beams to Daniel. Superfast payment and great comms, as per usual. Recommended!
  2. *SOLD* DR Fat Beams 40-60-80-100 £25 Posted. New, unused and uncut. £25 via bank transfer, please. Now SOLD, thank you.
  3. Jeff bought some strings. Instant payment, great comms and a very smooth transaction. Recommended!
  4. *SOLD* Dunlop Super Bright Nickels 45/105 Tried 'em, didn't like 'em. Tension too low for me. On bass for a matter of days. Uncut, undamaged, ready to go. £15 includes postage. Now Sold.
  5. discreet


    Bought some electronic (whisper it) ...drums from Kev. All good and a smooth transaction conducted within lockdown guidelines, which meant no tea or biscuits. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Thanks Kev.
  6. discreet

    Casapete Feedback!

    Sold Pete a Jazz Bass. Payment was super-swift and we enjoyed extensive comms at every stage as UPS took their own sweet time with delivery, but nevertheless a smooth transaction. Thanks Pete.
  7. I needed a Zoom B1on and lo, there was one. Item arrived swiftly and well-packed. So well-packed that it took ages to open, but that's how it should be. Smooth transaction, great comms and my recommendation. Thanks Stew.
  8. TMI, probably. 😁 You're very kind, but I really only popped in to annoy everyone, then pop out again. Like a hernia.
  9. I have been playing for a few years as it happens.... Don't know why I haven't had much exposure to fretless, probably because I'm not much into Jaco or the Pino 'mwah' thing et al. Never too late though, I'm just going to have to play one and see what's what. Thanks.
  10. Sold Jeff some La Bellas. Super-fast payment, great comms and a very smooth deal. Recommended!
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Brilliant! Bare-faced lying. Works every time.
  13. Thanks very much, that's what I was fearing. Ay caramba! The current mrs discreet will have my love-spuds on toast.
  14. Lord have mercy, it turns out Ibanez Musician GAS is just like any other GAS, only worse! Quick question for you fretless players out there: How long did it take you to become proficient on a fretless? Can you just pick one up and play it? Or does it take days, or weeks, or months to learn? I thank you!
  15. Here's a thing, I bought a small bottle of nail polish to touch up a few of the dings and dents in the bass and hopefully prevent any further degradation (that's my excuse, anyway). Bit difficult to colour match online, so it was a gamble. But it's just about perfect. What are the odds??
  16. Chris bought my Squier CV 70s P. Instant payment and great comms. Recommended. Thanks, Chris.
  17. Thank you! Golden era, eh..? I did not know that, but it sure as hell plays and sounds like it. I'm really glad that I picked it up, but also sad that I didn't do so thirty-odd years ago. But let's be positive, I may have left this Earth without ever having owned one at all!
  18. Tempting, and I thank you, but I'm really after the MC-924 DS. And I like frets.
  19. I know he got his MC-924 (or at least one of them) from Bass Japan Direct. http://www.bassjapandirect.com/index.html
  20. Totally agree, but why make it difficult for those fingers?
  21. So do I! The more I live with it the more I realise practically every bass I've ever had was badly-made and mediocre-sounding! There, I've said it!
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