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  1. Sold Jeff some Boomers. Another stress-free transaction. Recommended. Thanks Jeff.
  2. *SOLD* GHS Bass Boomers 45-105 As new. Fitted to bass for a matter of hours. Uncut, silks perfect. Great rounds these, I just prefer La Bella Flats! £18 posted. Bank transfer please. SOLD
  3. Bought a set of La Bellas from Peter. All good - great comms and fast delivery. Recommended!
  4. Chris bought some strings. Super-fast payment and great comms throughout. Recommended.
  5. *SOLD* Fender 9050 Flatwound 55-70-90-105 £18 Posted Briefly used, but uncut. Silks in good condition. £18 posted. Bank transfer please. I thank you.
  6. Thank you. I'm of the opinion that the development of the electric bass reached its artistic and technical peak in the mid-1980s. Everything since has been merely window dressing.
  7. Got the bass out this morning and played it. Oof! Woah! Lucid moment: If I sell it, I know I'll immediately have to replace it and be well out of pocket! It's such a great high-quality instrument in every way, and absolutely knocks the competition into some kind of weird headgear. Build quality, materials, electrics, design, value and a tone monster. This has everything. The one bass to rule them all. My preciouss... So I'm keeping it. Apologies if you were on the brink of pulling the trigger. Have a great week, y'all.
  8. Thanks Mick, it was true then and it's true now! These basses were around £2,300 in today's money.
  9. This one's 9.75lb according to the tried (but not that trusted) bathroom scales method. It balances very well on a wide leather strap. I'm no Superman, but it doesn't seem unduly heavy, certainly not compared with some of the 70s boat anchors.
  10. This one's 9.75lb according to the tried (but not that trusted) bathroom scales method. It balances very well on a wide leather strap. I'm no Superman, but it doesn't seem unduly heavy, certainly not compared with some of the 70s boat anchors.
  11. Withdrawn: 1983 Ibanez Musician MC-924 Polar White Having just this year found 'the one' bass after decades of faffing around, I now need to sell it to fund a non bass-related project. I really don't want to, but things being what they are, needs must, etc. etc. You probably know all about these - the 'high-end Ibanez top-of-the-range early-to-mid 80s golden years of Ibanez' basses. It's a really great instrument in fine playable condition and is a Tone Monster. It has its share of dings, scuffs and dents of course (it's 38 years old - check the pics) and has non-original Hipshot tuners. The rest of it is 100% original including the mega 3-band EQ-B Tone System, Sure-Grip Controls, Super J5 and P5 pickups, Accu-cast bridge, 5-piece maple and walnut laminate through-neck with steel tone bars, ebony board and ash wings. It's currently wearing Fender 9050 flatwounds and has a new preamp battery. Comes complete with its original Ibanez leather-look green velvet-lined case (few ever do). Serial number dates it to May of 1983. Priced to sell at £750 cash on collection please - no trades. Silly money for a genuine high-end vintage instrument. Distancing rules apply. Located in south-east London close to the A205 South Circular. Happy to deliver for fuel costs if you're not too far away. Channel your inner Dave Swift! I thank you!
  12. Sold some Fat Beams to Daniel. Superfast payment and great comms, as per usual. Recommended!
  13. *SOLD* DR Fat Beams 40-60-80-100 £25 Posted. New, unused and uncut. £25 via bank transfer, please. Now SOLD, thank you.
  14. Jeff bought some strings. Instant payment, great comms and a very smooth transaction. Recommended!
  15. *SOLD* Dunlop Super Bright Nickels 45/105 Tried 'em, didn't like 'em. Tension too low for me. On bass for a matter of days. Uncut, undamaged, ready to go. £15 includes postage. Now Sold.
  16. discreet


    Bought some electronic (whisper it) ...drums from Kev. All good and a smooth transaction conducted within lockdown guidelines, which meant no tea or biscuits. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Thanks Kev.
  17. Sold Pete a Jazz Bass. Payment was super-swift and we enjoyed extensive comms at every stage as UPS took their own sweet time with delivery, but nevertheless a smooth transaction. Thanks Pete.
  18. I needed a Zoom B1on and lo, there was one. Item arrived swiftly and well-packed. So well-packed that it took ages to open, but that's how it should be. Smooth transaction, great comms and my recommendation. Thanks Stew.
  19. TMI, probably. 😁 You're very kind, but I really only popped in to annoy everyone, then pop out again. Like a hernia.
  20. I have been playing for a few years as it happens.... Don't know why I haven't had much exposure to fretless, probably because I'm not much into Jaco or the Pino 'mwah' thing et al. Never too late though, I'm just going to have to play one and see what's what. Thanks.
  21. Sold Jeff some La Bellas. Super-fast payment, great comms and a very smooth deal. Recommended!
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