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  1. 50 mins on the phone seems like a good sign.. I occasionally dep with a soul band and have probably spent more time on the phone with the guitarist, a friend of a friend, than actually playing music! We can disagree on some things but still talk about them.
  2. Sorry to hear about the health stuff! I know what you mean about the buying and selling addiction.. I frequent a couple of other forums in other fields, and the same thing happens. Easy to be drawn into it, and sometimes quite a down to step back from it! Mind you there's tons of other stuff going on inbetween all that part so well worth staying around for me.
  3. I've not played their EUBs, but I used to work for Martyn, half of Oakwood, so got to play quite a few of their instruments. All handmade in Leeds, and even their most basic of mandolins is really nice, so I'd expect this to be an excellent bass at what seems like a bargain price!
  4. hubrad


    I just bought some strings from Charlie.. they arrived swift and safe, just as described. Many thanks for a smooth transaction!
  5. This. ^^^ Unless the socket is fixed onto the chassis then a loose or broken solder joint is remarkably common. Manufacturers do it this way for cheapness, deffo not reliability, and I hate it! If it does turn out to be the socket itself you may need to contact the manufacturer or distributor for a replacement, but alternatively you can buy a chassis mount socket and wire it to the pcb. As soldering jobs go, it's one of the safer ones, just take it steady. Edit: Rereading your last post, it probably is a replacement socket job. The hardest bit is usually actually getting hold of a direct replacement, or as I've sometimes done just wire in a different one.
  6. Nope, the mini only has 3 knobs. My Subnup is quite a pedal, and gives more than simply an octaver.
  7. Am I the only one hanging onto this thread and waiting to hear if there's a match on this? I love a good back story! Or did it get taken to pm to protect the innocent?
  8. Crumbs! Hope your friend is ok. As you say, sucks on so many levels.
  9. Eyup ead, when you say you inverted the pickup, did you invert the whole thing, i.e. both halves, or just one half relative to the other? If the whole thing it may just be that you altered its pickup direction so it's not getting whatever is causing the problem. Is it worse when you stand near such as TV, strip lights etc? 'Fraid I have no experience of the passive EMG, just actives which I like alot. However, as with any sealed pickup, if anything goes amiss inside it's skip time!
  10. Or, indeed, the rabbit vs rabbit hole..
  11. Maybe the market is slow at the moment, but I'm surprised this one is still around. I paid more for mine several years back at mates' rates, and there are a couple up for grabs on various sites (and in various countries) for far higher prices. A lesser-known name, perhaps? At this bargainful price I'd really recommend anyone who's in the market to arrange popping round for a try out!
  12. When I worked in a music shop I used to very happily sell these, including a couple to friends. Cracking basses for the money. The solid carved top makes for good dynamic sound. Glwts.
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