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  1. Am I the only one hanging onto this thread and waiting to hear if there's a match on this? I love a good back story! Or did it get taken to pm to protect the innocent?
  2. Crumbs! Hope your friend is ok. As you say, sucks on so many levels.
  3. Eyup ead, when you say you inverted the pickup, did you invert the whole thing, i.e. both halves, or just one half relative to the other? If the whole thing it may just be that you altered its pickup direction so it's not getting whatever is causing the problem. Is it worse when you stand near such as TV, strip lights etc? 'Fraid I have no experience of the passive EMG, just actives which I like alot. However, as with any sealed pickup, if anything goes amiss inside it's skip time!
  4. Or, indeed, the rabbit vs rabbit hole..
  5. Maybe the market is slow at the moment, but I'm surprised this one is still around. I paid more for mine several years back at mates' rates, and there are a couple up for grabs on various sites (and in various countries) for far higher prices. A lesser-known name, perhaps? At this bargainful price I'd really recommend anyone who's in the market to arrange popping round for a try out!
  6. When I worked in a music shop I used to very happily sell these, including a couple to friends. Cracking basses for the money. The solid carved top makes for good dynamic sound. Glwts.
  7. Weirdly, although there are no pics in this thread, the view in All Activity showed a pic of the 5 string set! Not entirely sure if it's the same set but the gauges shown are 42,56,75,100,118 As op is selling a 4 string set my 50p is on 42,56,75,100. Still find it weird!
  8. You neeeed a bit of Melissa Etheridge in there!
  9. I just saw their photo of this bass. It looks awesome, and speaking as a big fan of Overwater I'd say it'll sound it too!
  10. My eyes are going out of kilter! At least on the photo, so it might be down to the angle of the shot, it looks like a 34" neck in a shorter scale body.. it's noticeably shorter from bridge to 12th fret than 12th to nut.
  11. As one who mostly plays fretless, I'm always going to suggest taking that leap! If you already have a nice fretted 5 string then a fretless 4 string means lots of bases covered, and a budget as you mention means you should be able to find a good one. Basses For Sale is well worth a look from time to time. You might find something local or within easy distance, to boot. I'm on the mobile so can't see where you are. Good luck in your quest!
  12. I have one of these.. brilliant piece of kit! I've used mine for remote recording with a couple of pro studios. Although it appears to be single channel, software can split the two inputs. Glwts!
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