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  1. Site Bugs - List them here

    Was there ever an answer to this? There's lots of pages to wade through! Generally grand with the new look, just getting used to the odd bit being in a different place. :-)
  2. Duncan Designed vs Seymour Duncan?

    +1 I've done alot of tweaking over the decades, and the USA pickups are way better. So much more clarity. I tried several instruments while working in a shop, which were really good fitted with DD, but it was like the brand didn't dare fit the better pups and put the price up a sizeable chunk. I'm in the 'go for it' camp.
  3. ^^This. Should I use a pick? Why do people play with fingers? etc.
  4. How is this possible, EMG parts rant

    I know what you mean, Dood.. the last new ones I bought was a set of 5 string jazz type, bought a couple of years back from the States as I couldn't even get an estimate of lead time for UK. What are/were you after for the project?
  5. How is this possible, EMG parts rant

    I have (cough!) more than one EMG - equipped bass, and have played around with their configuration for decades. The pickups themselves are resin potted, so not repairable as you'd have to destroy it to get inside. I've always worked on the principle that backup extends to warranty replacement of a new pickup, or you're on your own ie source a replacement yourself. A rewind isn't going to happen. Pots and switches are easy to obtain, either 'official' or off the shelf at electronics outlets. Touch wood, I've never had an EMG pickup fail in the approx 30 years I've had a variety of them. :-)
  6. How is this possible, EMG parts rant

    Also if necessary you can get 22k pots from places like Maplin, which will actually do the job just as well as the official 25k ones.
  7. How is this possible, EMG parts rant

    Don't worry about the pickup buss, it's just a connecting block for the push fit red +9V ends. With the 'old' type you just solder the red pickup wires to the red battery wire. Love those EMGs!
  8. Feedback for Oggy

    Just picked up the Mono gigbag from Tim, as he held onto it for when I was passing on a gig. Trouble free transaction, and always good to meet another BC member face to face for a chat and a cuppa! :-)
  9. Recommend me some strings please

    If you really like the particular Innovation set on that bass, I'd be more inclined to address the pickup choice instead. (Scuttles away, cackling maniacally. .)
  10. Pm re the Spirocore couple.
  11. New pickups - full volume kills tone

    Possibly out of phase? Is that both full on gives thin sound?
  12. [quote name='Bassmonkey' timestamp='1508684611' post='3393753'] These are great Hugh. In fairness you can't carry them far due to the combined weight BUT they're built like tanks and hold your basses firmly as well as having extra storage room. Good luck with the purchase you won't be sorry. Andy [/quote] Cheers, I know! :-) I tried one but couldn't negotiate the price low enough while working in the shop. Will actually fit a 35" 5er Jazz. Well, two!