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  1. hubrad

    Gallien Krueger Parts

    If Polar aren't being much help, I'd contact GK in USA. If they suggest contacting Polar, say why you've come direct to head office!
  2. Phew.. I'm glad I'm not the only one to have seen that one! Fair enough, someone has put a load of extra work into it, but we all know about the resale value of mods.
  3. hubrad

    Magic Scratchplate

    This looks like yer man: he'll take your existing plate and replicate it in a wide variety of materials and finishes. http://www.jacksinstrumentservices.com/custom-scratchplate-cutting.html
  4. Basically, it all starts here.. the more you play, and the more intensely, the quicker it'll develop. Keeps on happening for years, albeit less noticeable day to day. Enjoy the ride! :-)
  5. hubrad

    Gator Rack Screw Replacement

    I just looked at my Gator rack case.. deffo smaller than M6, so 1st port of call I'd try M5. Go to your local hardware shop with the case, ask to try a couple of sizes, and use the magic words 'If it fits, I'll buy a dozen'! :-D
  6. hubrad

    Gator Rack Screw Replacement

    You need a specialist nuts and bolts supplier; most towns in regions where engineering is or was an industry have one still. You can usually take them a sample bolt and they'll identify it and sell you more. Generally that's a few pence per bolt, and you can often have a selection of heads. Isn't most Gator stuff made in the Far East? That usually means metric threads (tried M5?) unless they are really trying to protect their after sales.
  7. hubrad

    Music Man's s new clothes.

    A Facebook friend of mine has one of the first few from this 'plate maker on a MM 5er. Not my thing personally, but looks really good in its way.
  8. hubrad

    Box to ship a bass in!

    Insulation. . Tick Fire hazard.. Tick :-/
  9. Mine's a Sub'n'up anyway, so I'll have to keep an eye open for this. Excellent Herculean task, Dood!
  10. hubrad

    Updated TC TonePrint app on the way...

    Sounds interesting. . As an Android user I'll watch for further news.
  11. hubrad

    I hate bastards who do this!

    If someone bought a Chinese Squier in 1974 then at least it has potential rarity value! :-D
  12. Yup, there's a 5 and a 6 string version of the 2000. I have a 5, on a used Overwater to bring the spacing in a bit. Awesome bass! Schaller also do a 5 string version of their usual roller saddle bridge, but you can't get the spacing quite so tight. I think the details are on their site.
  13. I've converted a couple of my 4 strings (also had one built) with the Schaller 2000, for similar reasons but not drop tuning. Excellent bridge. Some of the Ibanez BTB four strings are 35" scale, so great for unflabby drop tuning.
  14. hubrad

    Mark King & the 'new' Status T-Bass?

    They've worked together for so long that it surely stands to reason he'll be carrying the latest model, if only for road testing. Quite possibly MK was involved in the design stages.
  15. Where in the country are you?