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  1. Ibanez BTB.. iirc the 2xx and 3xx 4 stringers are 34" but up from there are 35".
  2. I've got a 13430 .130 which is a couple of mm over 92cm ball to taper, and a 13435 .135 at the same. Elixir call these Long Scale. The 134xx appears to change to 154xx as a single rather than as part of a set. Hope this is useful.
  3. I'll follow this.. I have such a string at home I can measure, but out and about at the mo.
  4. Repossessed.. brilliant film!
  5. Ah, just when you think Captain Temptation has gone outside and may be some time..
  6. Just seen this.. Excellent find! So do the Status replacement necks fit the Ray3x basses nicely enough? crazily tempting as a project..
  7. I think I still have a part used 5er set of Picato flats in the Projects Box, will have a look. I preferred half rounds and rounds. Main reason for posting is that I made mine decades back from a couple of slices of brass and with only a hand drill (hence the slightly squiffy holes!) Works nicely, and I once had a low B string pull apart but cured it with a drop of superglue.
  8. Just my tupporth.. I have the Solo 3rd Generation, albeit going into Windows 10 and Reaper DAW. Excellent interface. Headphones all the way, and reasonable (I got some AKG second hand for about 25 quid) ones make the whole experience better both for tone and comfort. Using the headphones out of the Solo, press the button for Direct Monitor and mute your instrument track in the DAW. This makes it so much more possible to play in time with the track!
  9. hubrad

    funkle's feedback

    Just got a bridge from Pete. All went without a hitch. Excellent communications, and item and delivery just as described and discussed. Many thanks!
  10. "Back on because buyer pulled out last minute" ..or possibly because buyer had another look at the pics? That neck pocket!
  11. Meanwhile, this certainly sounds like an intriguing project. Re the red part of the fingerboard length, remember the FEB is something like a 14th fret neck joint whereas the double bass is somewhere around 10th, so the "12th fret" is already overhanging. Edit: Looking more closely at images of FEB, it looks like 17th fret joint. Still an intriguing one!
  12. Dill Katz.. I saw him with District Six and bought this LP. IIRC he was on a fretless J most of the time.
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