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  1. .. and later down the line its resale value will be amazing!
  2. +1 for Hiscox! Also they make their bass cases to order in the (yet) heavier duty models.. I got the larger one in Pro11 grade for only a few quid more than the Std .. twice the strength and with D rings already fitted. You can contact the factory for nearest stockists to you. 01543571420
  3. Back to the op.. if you *have* been hacked, first thing is GET OFF BASSCHAT NOW BEFORE ALL OUR MARKETPLACE ACTIVITIES ARE MADE PUBLIC!!! 😃
  4. I've occasionally won auctions in this way.. I don't desperately want it, but if I can get it for only that much I'll have one! Some years ago I ended up with actually too many nice electric guitars by this method, even for me, so sold most of them! 😃
  5. My main gig is with Steve Tilston, and someone recently put up a snippet from a gig.. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10214095621649944&id=1394607311&sfnsn=mo
  6. Looking at the bass model, the bridge looks pretty normal format, so I'd look at a replacement bridge with piezo saddles. Hipshot do them, as do Schaller, probably others too, depending on suitable dimensions. Don't forget string spacing!
  7. By 'ecky thump, that's a mad bargain. If you know Overwater basses you already know this! If not, think USA Deluxe then some. I was using my 5er fretless from that very stable in a Leeds studio this week, much to the approval of both the client and the ex-UB40 soundman studio owner.
  8. Do the Omega have adjustable spacing, and indeed do you use that on the 2000 or is it just set at 19mm? I have a few 2000, both 4 and 5 string, and the flexibility of spacing is the whole point to me. Even on the 4 string I can get 17 or 16.5mm easily.
  9. Possibly distrust of the 'I'll pay and my mate will collect' scam potential? Not suggesting that you are pulling such a thing, but could be that. Only way for it to work is for the mate to turn up with cash.
  10. No probs with adverts on Samsung Android, but even after accepting cookies I can't get rid of the Cookie Policy box.
  11. Watch.. yes, very light strap and not at all restrictive. Worn on left (fretting) wrist. Wedding ring.. no probs on electric, but tends to clatter occasionally on double so move it onto right hand.
  12. Great stuff, thanks. . I've just subscribedto your podcast channel for consumption at work.
  13. I'll go for the tu3 if still available!
  14. When I worked in a music shop, we sold a guitar mail order to a chap who specified string gauges and setup heights to the fraction of a millimetre. Not a problem as such, but our tech (who really knows his stuff and has a natural feel for setup) phoned him to advised it would rattle all over. Customer got quite high-horsey, and 'knew exactly what he wanted', so our chap did as instructed and we shipped the guitar out. Not a surprise, then, when customer rang up suitably shame-faced and accepted the offer of another setup as per our chap's suggestion. Happy customer! Back on topic, you can go a bit lower action-wise by using heavier strings. This, of course, may alter feel and tone in a way you like or dislike..
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