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  1. The logo does look the same as my early 90s USA Peavey Predator. If it's that generation it's good gear, but the price seems rather steep.
  2. Excellent! I'll be following this to see what you think.
  3. MXR Phase 90.. one knob, sounds great! Some folks particularly rate one of the versions, but I think I have an 'ordinary' one.
  4. I'd like the bag, please.. do you have an idea of postage? Sadly not travelling near Nottingham in the near future, otherwise I'd go for amp no.1 as well!
  5. Is this still on the go? If so, have a free bump! If I didn't already have one, I'd be in there myself.. don't be fooled by the label, as these are seriously undersung heroes of the guitar world. That's a seriously bargainful price - folks pay that for a used Chinese Squier. I fiddled with the pickups on mine, to go from bar magnets to pole; here's a demo of before and after:
  6. Ah, I wondered, as the TE 3 pin XLR was yet another of those potentials for error, including forcing 500W down a mic cable! The number of times I've 'gracefully' refused requests to use my 1/4" instrument cables for speakers.. 😬
  7. Wasn't it Trace Elliot (quite probably others, too?) that used XLR as an alternative to 1/4"? This was before Speakons really made an entry(!) to the mainstream, so 80s-ish. Was there a technical reason for this practice stopping, or is it just that Speakon were better/trendier?
  8. Hehe, I have 33, 34 and 35 inch.. fretlesses! Also other things from double bass down to mandolin. It's just a case of relaxing into each of the instruments you have, and after a while your muscle memory switches with instrument. The brain is an amazing piece of kit!
  9. Something you can do very inexpensively as a temporary measure, so she can keep going for now.. put a guitar capo on the 1st or 2nd fret of the Squier then return down to normal. Gives her easier stretch but still the same notes. If she has a definite preference for one of the capo positions, aim for a short scale as close as possible to that length.
  10. If MAP is removed, I reckon you'll see fewer and fewer Fender dealers, all racing to the bottom.
  11. Fingerboard was mentioned earlier. Actually this reminds me of seeing a couple of eBay bargains crop up, but always fretted when I was wanting a fretless.. I spoke to Chris about the whys, wherefores and costs of getting a fretted bass converted to unlined fretless, the upshot being my purchase of a custom fretless Progress III .. PROCEED WITH CAUTION! 😀 Actually, I still have and love that bass, so no regrets whatsoever. Talk to Chris.
  12. Wow.. posted at 6 minutes to 6 in the morning! Good stuff to read and reminisce upon.. I suppose I was lucky to grow musically with folkies, mostly older or more experienced than me.. loads of Eddies! Thinking about it, when I started playing in ceilidh bands there was a commonly played 'honour your partners' chord, always by feel. Nobody counted it out loud, just everybody did it. Nowadays no bands in get to play with seem to have it any more, even after attempts to rehearse it.
  13. If you find a dealer for Stentor, they should be able to get some bows in on sale or return for you to try, subject to Stentor's Bowline list availability. Worth asking.
  14. Now an even madder bargain by the looks of it.. the kind of bass that makes me wish I was in the market for a 4 string fretless!
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