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  1. Feedback for Oggy

    Just picked up the Mono gigbag from Tim, as he held onto it for when I was passing on a gig. Trouble free transaction, and always good to meet another BC member face to face for a chat and a cuppa! :-)
  2. Recommend me some strings please

    If you really like the particular Innovation set on that bass, I'd be more inclined to address the pickup choice instead. (Scuttles away, cackling maniacally. .)
  3. Pm re the Spirocore couple.
  4. New pickups - full volume kills tone

    Possibly out of phase? Is that both full on gives thin sound?
  5. [quote name='Bassmonkey' timestamp='1508684611' post='3393753'] These are great Hugh. In fairness you can't carry them far due to the combined weight BUT they're built like tanks and hold your basses firmly as well as having extra storage room. Good luck with the purchase you won't be sorry. Andy [/quote] Cheers, I know! :-) I tried one but couldn't negotiate the price low enough while working in the shop. Will actually fit a 35" 5er Jazz. Well, two!
  6. Industrial strength solder?

    Get some flux, as it'll be even better that a blob of molten solder. Make sure it's acid free, electronics grade flux, not the acid type used for plumbing soldering. Hopefully the reason is obvious!
  7. Speakon cable problem

    Are they wired to 1+/- or 2+/-? , and which do your amp and cab use. Usually 1+/-. Obviously it makes a difference. If they're on the wrong contacts it's an easy fix, but I wouldn't be buying anything else from that lot in a hurry!
  8. If the whole thing has been managed without actually falling out, then the door isn't closed to 1)still being mates, and 2)possibly playing together some time in the future if the moment is right.
  9. ^^ that. Or play a bit lighter. Learn which works best for you. I have a bass with nylons on pretty much all the time, quite different from anything else.
  10. Any bridge love? I'm also up for trades for other interesting stuff..
  11. I was at Will Lee's birthday party last week!

    Excellent. . You won't be forgetting that trip in a hurry. :-)
  12. Lined Fretless (Question)

    Just get an unlined fretless, and save yourself all this needless stress! [size=4] [/size]