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  1. I had difficulty voting again this month. But not for the usual reasons. In honesty I only liked two of the songs. The rest were technically proficient,not that I’m an authority on such things, far from it. In fact I sometimes feel that a good song is often killed by over complicating and intellectualising it too much. So I voted for the two I liked best and the third song was voted for on its ability to impress. Hope that makes sense.
  2. There seems to be two strict camps this month, it was either the "mystical uplifting and enchanting what have we done to the earth" style or the "talking polar bear" camp, in all but one. Mr Bilbo true to form delivered a unique take on the picture and deserves a mention for that. Every entry was bang on the mark and delivered excellently. Three was a hard choice but I managed it and wish I could've picked more. Very enjoyable.
  3. https://soundcloud.com/theboysings/we-are-like-vanpires One more talking polar bear.
  4. I would say “great minds” as mine has taken a similar theme to yours this month. However I’m not so sure there’s any greatness in two grown men penning numbers with talking polar bears in them.
  5. I really enjoyed listening to all of those. Thank you. Voted.
  6. Voted, I have to say that it was very difficult to pick one. Mornats got my vote in the end. It was a superb piece of music. I cant begin to imagine how he put it together. Well done Mornats, excellent work. Well done to the rest also, I enjoyed them all.
  7. Ok. I can see that now. Great idea. I was putting off voting as i felt bad about voting for all but one.
  8. difficult to vote as a participator this time. With there only being 5 entrants of which Im one, to vote for your three favourites is actually the same as picking your least favourite. I may vote only for one.
  9. Any link to Black Friday deals. I’m looking but I can only find full price options at $499....
  10. hi guys, Ive been really busy lately (family,work) so Ive not been contributing but Ive still been voting. I put something together for this month, hope you like it......
  11. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1501813017' post='3347528'] Here's mine, too, equally inspired by the beast's progression ... [url="https://soundcloud.com/dad3353/inexorable-what-goes-up-must-come-down"]Inexorable (What goes up must come down...) ...[/url] Something of a tone poem, really, or atmospheric piece, rather than EDM. I was looking to create a sense of both the immediate and yet the eternal; the ephemera and the timeless. A touch of human in an insentient landscape, an incongruous passage past the immobile monuments. There's a couple of 'jokes' in there, too, in both the form (a pyramid waveform...) and the repeated rising and falling of both the 'melody' and the key. Incidentally, the scale used is not authentic Egyptian, despite its familiarity; it's really the Hungarian scale, which better serves my purposes, being symmetrical (the twelve semi-tones are spaced 1-3-1-2-1-3-1...), as is a pyramid..! Kontakt 'World Percussion' for the darbukas (playing in 7/4 and 4/4 time...), a Ruby acoustic bass, Kontakt Pearl piano, a snatch of Desert Song and some home-generated samples of oud snippets, all sanded down with some slightly complex desert winds, made up of three instances of the Wind module by Xoxos (Sounds Of Nature...). Thanks for listening, if you already have; if you're about to, enjoy. [/quote] Beautiful, for a moment I was Santiago whilst my Fatima awaited.
  12. [quote name='xgsjx' timestamp='1501782636' post='3347365'] I'm in... https://soundcloud.com/gxmix/pyramids Found inspiration from it quite easily & tried to take it from a camel rider's perspective. [/quote] I started listening to this and I fell into a deep trance when I came to.... I was standing outside my local mosque. Powerful stuff.
  13. I'm thinking SKA all the way. Hope I can pull it off.
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