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  1. I have never seen you write anything about the rock/metal scene that I didn't agree with but there is no way that Kirk Hammett wearing a bit of eyeliner and looking like a Mexican pimp now he's hit middle age is anything like the makeup that the Crue wear!
  2. A video always worth revisiting 👍 (especially when everything you attempt to play is silly fast).
  3. Having the manual dexterity of a housebrick, I was REALLY pleased with myself when I fitted strap locks on mine ... until a mate came round and pointed out I'd somehow done it flipping wrong (and kindly corrected it for me). My other problem is I know way too many guitarists just itching to get their paws on it for a bit of set up practise.
  4. Wow. I am going to attempt this 😂 Some great tips in this thread.
  5. I had a great experience with Andertons too. I needed a hard case and I called them first to check the inner dimensions. When the case arrived, my Jackson was just a couple of millimetres shy to fit properly. When I called them about it they arranged a no quibble exchange of a nicer, more expensive case and did not charge me the difference. The box was so large that I didn't have it by the front door, and when the courier delivered the second case, I was in the middle of something and forgot to do the exchange - and he forgot to ask for the one that was supposed to be going back! Shortly after he'd left, I realised my error and called Andertons to explain. Again, they were completely relaxed about it and rearranged the courier to come back out to me. I like their website too, the explanations and descriptions about the gear are brilliantly useful and there's also lots of novice advice about the basics to read up on as well.
  6. I would certainly have some contributions to make to that 😎 Although would like to discuss the coolest thread title name for it ever possible before proceeding ..
  7. Frank Skinner used to do some really, really close to the edge stuff back in the late 90's that definitely wouldn't fly these days.
  8. Exactly. My ex husband was always trading guitars in and out to keep up with which ever tribute band he was in at the time, and usually grabbing good deals online for other gear as needed, Overall, it kept his budget balanced over the years. His biggest problem was cramming it all into his studio room. I used to make him empty it all out once a year so he could get in there and CLEAN it.
  9. He certainly was (and we are abit miffed that he got something right because we love to hate him).
  10. That's all great and I wish you all the best.
  11. Or CV's being binned because of the applicant's name. E.g. Barbie (poor girl). These days it'd be Chardonnay, I presume.
  12. How can you be non-binary when the basis of non-binary depends on there being a binary in the first place?? You know, two immutable biological sexes. I'm not getting into this again, don't worry.
  13. Twenty years ago in Terrorizer magazine (a publication for metal that covered extreme/underground genres) there was a long running debate about the coverage of metal bands associated with any far right output. Every month on the Letters page, there were people writing in disagreeing with previous viewpoints in letters published the month before, and so on. It went on for some time, if I recall.
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