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  1. What is it about Izettle that's not working for you, I'm not sure what you mean by tieing up your phone? I have used Stripe, Square and GoCardless as well as Izettle - can't say one really outweighed the others.
  2. I've used one of those type of storage facilities before. Main doors open all day and it didn't appear to have any type of temperature control. I can't figure out if I'm overthinking this whole thing or being foolish by potentially overlooking it. Anyway, I think I've had great advice on here already so thanks everyone.
  3. Got it in one 😉 I love Cinderella but personally, I think Long Cold Winter is a rubbish song.
  4. I'm really sorry - I'm not getting what you mean - are you agreeing with the point above about slackening the strings?
  5. I'm a sucker who fell for the £6.66 promotion, it finally arrived today. So far so good. Nothing offensive about it, rather easy listening. Bruce Dickinson could sing any old rubbish (and has!), I'm sure it's the familiarity of the vocals that does it for me.
  6. All points worth considering. Lock up will be secure so I'm not particularly concerned about getting ripped off. Although I have always prided myself on the fact that I don't really have anything worth nicking anyway 😊 I shall think on it ...
  7. Storing upright is not something I would have thought of - thank you! New house is very neglected (elderly owner) and needs much interior work, cosmetic as well as redesign. My plan is to load furniture into centre of each room and work around it for replastering, redecorating, etc. Get each room up and running one by one. Meantime, all items that fall under the category of 'can live without for a couple of months' are being boxed up for storing in the garage. Need to have as much stuff out of the way as possible to make life easier.
  8. Good morning everybody. Situation is this: upcoming house move involving a new place for renovation. Intending to store most of my belongings in the garage while the work is being done. Garage is stand alone/detached but dry. How important is maintaining temperature for storing basses? One in a hardcase, one in a gig bag, low value gear. I expect my stuff to be stashed away in there for the majority of this winter (UK based). Is the sky going to fall in if I do this? TIA etc etc.
  9. Up your own backside, perhaps? 😁 (sorry - it was too easy!)
  10. BassChatter - Allegedly, although there needs to be more bassing and less chatting probably Middle aged ? - I am 48 Married ? - Not anymore, thank god. White ? - Affirmative.
  11. On the plus side, I still have somewhere a copy of the massive black and white poster that came in the Women and Children First album which used to be right above my bed. Boyfriends of the 1990s wishing to have relations with a younger Ms. DawnPatroller were forced to do so under Diamond Dave's watchful eye, right underneath the lovely image of him handcuffed to a fence wearing nothing but a pair of leather trousers.
  12. Can't argue with any of that really. Love abit of Diamond Dave but there really did come a day when youth would pass away 😉
  13. What did you think of Stratego?
  14. Stay away from Viagogo! I bought tickets for Testament/Death Angel/Exodus just before the pandemic hit us. Viagogo took my money and then emailed me a week later to tell me they didn't have a ticket for me after all. And would I please faff around trying to get a refund off them as it was far too difficult for them to just process it back to me automatically, honest. Turned out for the best though - all three bands went down heavily with Covid after that tour because they'd come to the UK straight from Italy ... Glad you have got your Anthrax ticket. I will try and get to two shows, that's a nice long UK tour they're doing.
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