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  1. @Barking Spiders I raise you (the best Pumpkins song ever written). (
  2. I don't like them either. But yesterday my 'rank' badge upgraded to the next one up and I hadn't done anything! Please get rid mods, they are very stupid.
  3. Well, I am going to the Bham show. I have heard mixed opinions about whether or not he has anything worthwhile or interesting to say, but I have always found him to be engaging in interviews and generally able to string a coherent sentence together, which is more than I can say for Tommy Lee 😃 Right now, the prospect of an evening out with friends and a couple of beers is so welcoming, I would probably go to the theatre to watch a wall of paint dry. Which may well end up being a justified comparison, I will update you after the show.
  4. Is anybody going to see Bruce Dickinson on his spoken word tour this summer?
  5. I hope you don't mind being asked - could we see it?
  6. Haven't had much time, been too busy thinking about punching you in the face 😉
  7. I think somebody wants me to but it definitely isn't me ... 😆
  8. @Waddo Soqable Steady on, you old pervert ...
  9. Yeah, I'm sure @KingPrawn is chuffed to bits with the varied but comprehensive and useful answers this thread has yielded ...
  10. It was another south Birmingham all-girls secondary with a reputation only slightly worse than the school I attended.
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