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  1. What does the tool look like and how does it work? Just wondered if something else would do the job.
  2. I recently fitted a pair of passive EMG Thunderbird pickups in a Warwick Corvette, and find the result a bit blah. I've been looking for other pickups and came across Gemini pickups, has anyone used their products?
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. I managed to make a video today, complete with a few mistakes. The Real Me 2.mp4
  5. I assume it is Custom Order, but am happy to be enlightened.
  6. Thanks again Folks, I had an audio track open, but when I tried to drag the track from my computer files it wouldn't drop into Shotcut, I changed the audio file format from MP3 to Flac and it worked. Shotcut also has the facility to stretch the video and audio for syncing. I will continue to experiment with it and maybe post a video here. Many Thanks Verb
  7. Thanks Folks, I had considered Audacity but I think it was a video editor I needed. I did a few very bad videos with Windows Movie Maker several years ago. Unfortunately Movie Maker is no longer supported. I found Filmora, but wasn't sure if it was suitable. It was at this point I reached out to the members of Basschat. I'm currently giving shotcut a go. I'm having trouble putting the backing track into the time line, but I have to admit I'm a total dinosaur with regard to computers. Many thanks for your advice, I will keep you posted, just in case someone else finds it useful. Verb
  8. Hi Folks, I want to make some play along videos and I need some advice. I can use the camera in my laptop and record my bass on that video via my headphone amp, but I then need to add the original track and sync it to my playing. I am using Windows 10, can anyone recommend an app to add the original track and sync it? Thanks in advance Verb
  9. I'm sure that was on the wall in Musical Exchanges Birmingham.
  10. verb

    1/2 Basses

    Check out the Ibanez Mikro Bass.
  11. After not playing, apart from the odd couple of minutes here and there, since breaking my right hand last November, I have decided to finish learning the track that got me to pick up the bass again 10 years ago, The Real Me by The Who. I'm up to the point I got to last time, so I'm in uncharted waters now.
  12. I think it is Zoltans Bass Lounge.
  13. If my boss closes the shop I will be playing my usual Warwick Corvette. I haven't played much since breaking my right hand last November so I will be taking it easy. I've also bought a router to fit EMG Thunderbird pickups so I might do that first.
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