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  1. Feedback for Hamster

    Colin kindly gave me some nice plywood to build a cab out of, nice chap.
  2. I bought one of those cheap clip-on JOYO tuners from Ebay a year or so ago, and now it needs a new battery. I popped in my local Tesco only to find a pack of 8 was £7, time to order a new tuner me thinks. While in IKEA tonight I stumble across a pack of the required batteries, CR2032, 8 for 95p I guess the batteries will last longer than the tuner.
  3. Hi Folks, I am doing a favour for a friend on the old Warwick Forum, by collecting a bass from a UK Basschat seller and posting it to him in Greece. To protect the bass in transit, I am looking for a cheap or free case. I am located in Worcestershire and can collect, I will be at the London Bass Show this weekend (weather permitting) and will be travelling to the Woking area next week so could collect on route. If anyone has a case they can spare, I would be most grateful. Many thanks verb
  4. discreet

    Mark had some strings from me, great guy to deal with
  5. Hi, I have a 4 string set of what I believe are stainless steel 50,70,90,110 Elites. They were on a Warwick I recently bought and I believe they haven't seen much action. I'm happy to pop them in the post if someone can make use of them. Cheers Verb
  6. Feedback for Scrumpymike

    Sorry for the very late feedback. I bought a TE amp and cab from Mike last year. We had a service station meetup which went smoothly, the amp and cab were as described. Great bloke to deal with.
  7. Harryburke14

    I bought a set of strap locks from Harry, arrived quickly and as described.
  8. Garbev

    Gary bought a pickup from me, all went smoothly.
  9. I sold some pickups to Cam, all went smoothly.
  10. Hi, I need a Warwick, 38.5mm, 4 string, right handed, fretted JAN I or plastic JAN III Just-a-Nut, or any of the screw inserts from the JAN I. Cheers Verb
  11. Floppy strings

    I was hoping they would arrive today, I sent them 1st class yesterday.
  12. 10 detent 250/500k pot

    Trace Elliot used multi detent pots on their amps, they were made by Alpha Taiwan. I would look at RS components or the other online electronic component suppliers.
  13. Floppy strings

    I started using D'Addario EXL230 55-110 nickels when I needed to tune down a tone, I have even tuned the E to C# but that does get a bit floppy. I use them for standard and semitone down without problem. I have a used set you can have, cut for a Warwick, if you want to try them.
  14. Unused EMG MMCS 4 string pickup set, the battery lead and battery buss have gone missing, but this can be sorted with a 9volt battery connector soldered between the pickup and the jack socket. £45 posted within the UK