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  1. TE 715 combo A bit rough around the edges and the metal corners have a bit of rust. The cap is missing from the input gain knob. Collection only from DY13 area.
  2. TE 1153 cab that a previous owner has fitted with a Celestion Truvox 1530 8ohm driver. Cab is solid, but very much showing its age. Collection only from Dy13 area.
  3. I bought these for a cab build several years ago but never got around to doing it. New and unused. As they don't have any Eminence labels on them, I contacted Eminence and they confirmed that they are the earlier version of the APT80. Price includes UK postage.
  4. 4x American made, Valenti nickel plated steel 5 string sets.£35 Inc. UK postage
  5. That is the price you pay. Thomann collect the UK VAT for the HMRC, so there are no charges upon delivery.
  6. As I said, I'm not high-tech. I just selected the USB as the sound source for the video from the laptop's built-in camera. I then added the original track to the bass only video in Shotcut.
  7. I use one of these to connect my bass to my laptop when recording YouTube videos. Not the most high-tech solution, but neither am I 🤣, although I'm more than happy with the results.
  8. Interstate Love Song, Plush and Sex Type Thing by STP Outshined and Spoonman by Soundgarden In Bloom, Lounge Act, On A Plain and Love Buzz by Nirvana. Alive, Jeremy and Even Flow by Pearl Jam These are the first that come to mind, but there are loads.
  9. I'd never used a router before I decided to install bigger pickups. I purchased a Vonhaus palm router, made the template, did a couple of practice routes in some 4x2 and then attacked my Warwick. Take it slow and respect that blade spinning at 20,000 rpm
  10. An unused tin of Warwick wax. £11.50 collected from DY13 area. It's too thick for a large letter so postage would be small parcel size, £3.20 with PayPal F&F, or £4 with regular PayPal to cover the fees.
  11. I emailed Clive a few years ago, he was very helpful, he even gave me the part number for the Series 6 EQ slider pots from memory. He also told me that he had binned all his TE drawings when he retired.
  12. I have a cardboard box from a bass case available, if anyone wants to collect it from a DY13 postcode.
  13. You can still use your onboard preamp, use the EMG volumes and connect the output into your preamp. I have active PJ EMGs connected to an Aguilar preamp in one of my Warwicks.
  14. I like the EMG JVX pickups, they are active but voiced differently to the standard active EMGs.
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