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  1. Working On The Highway Bruce Springsteen
  2. Another recommendation for Strings Direct. I can't remember, but there is almost certainly an option to pay for faster delivery rather than using the free postage (although it's not really free, obviously).
  3. Some of the Japanese reissues - I think it's the top-of-the-range/export models - have the old-style tuners with the long stem, large cloverleaf, reverse-wind and large baseplate (the top and bottom edges almost touch). Lower-grade models have short stems, small leaf and small baseplates (noticeable gap between top and bottom edges). This is just from my observations so don't take it as a completely authoritative guide.
  4. Wide-Eyed And Legless Andy Fairweather Low
  5. Paint It Black The Rolling Stones
  6. It seems as if he made everyone's night, he sounds a real gent. I'll admit that I had never heard of him until reading your post but there are so many of these talented old musicians around with quite prolific careers and yet they are happy to remain low-profile and not shout about what they have done, which is a good way to live. Did your drummer know that Clem was going to be there or did he just recognise him as he passed?
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