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  1. Voted. Not an easy choice as all very enjoyable !
  2. I hope there are a few more entries. I couldn't vote for just one of the above , I'd vote for them all !! Excellent stuff peoples !
  3. Maybe a tad too much pasitis de Marseille or eau de vie eh Douglas ? !!
  4. My entry is already done, but as it's that time of year, bit of daftness from our reunion gig last Saturday.......can't link it...all have been spared.. I shall now hide !!!!!
  5. My entry into the Basschat Christmas Cover comp for December. All guitars, bass, vocals are my own doing. Also played keyboards for strings and choir-ish noises. Ez played piano and also tried to keep it all in time on drums ! There's also a fraction of Christmassy stuff in it somewhere !! Nige
  6. Four hours in, and no entry from Douglas yet ?
  7. Nicely done Gents... Looking forward to the January photos....
  8. Voted. T'is gonna be close...enjoyed all the toons !!
  9. First little ditty for a while !! Thunderbird bass, detuned squire guitar,keyboards and vocals all my own doing (as if you couldn't tell !!). Mixed,of sorts in Reaper and aams.
  10. I know a bit more about grey ones, but apparently she was classy in her day....the ship that is !!
  11. Voted. Enjoyed all those, well done all.
  12. Nice one U-D, Can't stop, I'm on the run from the Recording forum Mafia !!
  13. Thanks Douglas, If possible I'd like to pass the honour of choosing the next picture to Upside Downer as I can't see me getting an entry in this month....work,gigs etc....
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