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  1. fingers211

    September Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Thoroughly enjoyed listening to that lot....voted.
  2. fingers211

    September Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    My entry into this months basschat comp, inspired by the image chosen by winner JPB. Squire strat guitars, mustang bass and vocals by me. Shuffled together in Reaper. (t'is amazing what you forget in 9 months -- providing,of course, that you knew anything to begin with !!) Ez keeps a beat and space talk courtesy of Freesound.... it were a bit of a struggle but, I'd forgotten how enjoyable these ditties are to do 😲 !!
  3. fingers211

    September Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    Thanks Lurks... Indeed that ! Started as acomment to the good lady and now can't get it out of me 'ead !!!
  4. fingers211

    September Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    Well Lurks, I have indeed decided to get back on me bike....! We adopted an 11 month old boy back in March and needless to say have struggled to find the time for the comp..I think the brain forgets what it was like first time round (or at least mine does !!).. Anyhow, I've got some basics done,under the working title of "Hazy Sunday on the moon " !!
  5. fingers211


    Voted....tried to vote for two , but no joy .. Anyway, my second choice appears to be doin rather well without my help, a bit like this competition over the last 6 months !!! Good stuff all, Nige
  6. fingers211

    April Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    One more ear'ole and I'll be there !
  7. Voted..it amazes (or amuses !) me, how the standard increases whenever I've not contributed !! Crackin' bunch..cheers Nige
  8. fingers211

    December Cover Song Challenge - GET WRITING!

    We're in...and that's all I can say !!
  9. fingers211

    November Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Yep, top effort Mornats, and a very worthy winner !
  10. fingers211

    November Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Voted.. ( and enjoyed)... still a wide range of interpretation, even if t'is a small bunch !! Nige
  11. fingers211

    Izotope Elements sale

    +1 ! Even after telling myself that I haven't got the hang of what I've already got...... Would I follow you all if you'd jumped in the lake ?...........probably !! nige
  12. fingers211

    November Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    A somewhat hurried effort this month, due to wonderful eight day holiday in Scotland !! (Revamped site and all ! ) Next Blimey, wasn't expecting that !!!
  13. fingers211

    October Composition Challenge - VOTING..!

    A well deserved winner amongst a whole bunch of winners !
  14. fingers211

    October Composition Challenge - VOTING..!

    Voted. Really enjoyed that little lot.....top stuff all round ! nige