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  1. Cheers for the comments people...after 5 years, I've finally won one outright 😁 With top tunes all round to boot, I'm really chuffed to have won !! Anyway, before the 'old guard' start hounding me, I'll go find a picure !!
  2. Entry into this months basschat comp, inspired by the picture for this month. Fender squire guitars and t'bird bass (through various guit rig5 settings) and vocals, all me. Incidental sounds from "freesounds", and acknowledged. Ez does drums. Be warned !! No amount of time in isolation can make up for a lack of talent !!
  3. Bravo Douglas !! Despite having the ageing ears of a 12 bar rocker, I really enjoyed listening to that...
  4. Mrs J has just offered, when seeing the picture " well, you want something noisy or very quiet"..... mmmm !!!
  5. Got somethin' this month, luckily it's not spreading though ! Entry into this months basschat comp, using picture supplied by last months winner, (Dad), for some sort of inspiration ! Two rhythm guitars and lead guitar played on Fender Squire (through guit rig 5), tbird bass (through guit rig 5) ,and vocals all me. Ez drummer tries to keep it all together. All cobbled together in Reaper.
  6. Voted. Not an easy choice as all very enjoyable !
  7. I hope there are a few more entries. I couldn't vote for just one of the above , I'd vote for them all !! Excellent stuff peoples !
  8. Maybe a tad too much pasitis de Marseille or eau de vie eh Douglas ? !!
  9. My entry is already done, but as it's that time of year, bit of daftness from our reunion gig last Saturday.......can't link it...all have been spared.. I shall now hide !!!!!
  10. My entry into the Basschat Christmas Cover comp for December. All guitars, bass, vocals are my own doing. Also played keyboards for strings and choir-ish noises. Ez played piano and also tried to keep it all in time on drums ! There's also a fraction of Christmassy stuff in it somewhere !! Nige
  11. Four hours in, and no entry from Douglas yet ?
  12. Nicely done Gents... Looking forward to the January photos....
  13. Voted. T'is gonna be close...enjoyed all the toons !!
  14. First little ditty for a while !! Thunderbird bass, detuned squire guitar,keyboards and vocals all my own doing (as if you couldn't tell !!). Mixed,of sorts in Reaper and aams.
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