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  1. Indeed Lurks...I miss the comments (if you got any !), that appeared throughout the track on soundcloud .
  2. For me, it has to be pick...........I have no choice !!😁
  3. Loudest gig ; AC/DC - 31st October 1978 Edinburgh Odeon.....deaf for 3 days whilst in Rosyth with RN...they thought I was just being a smart derrière, but I couldn't hear a thing !! Motorhead 1980 Portmsmouth Guildhall was just a loud mess....!!
  4. Here is my entry into this months basschat competition. Using the image chosen for last months winner(dad3353), as inspiration. There's nothing much to see here, so please move on !! There's no underlying social comment about large industry, nanny state,industrial countries and the developing world. No, it's just big guy has plodding motiff and little guy runs. Mustang bass, squire guitar,my vocal,mt drums, lpk25 keys and some kontakt bits all bundled into reaper. It was my 3 1/2 year old lad running about that formed the lyric base !!
  5. Another for the Peavey 115BW. Even reversed over it with the van, sturdy stuff !!
  6. Cheers Rikki, I'm glad you liked it. I had a real hoot doin it !! Yes indeed- get recording..
  7. “My entry for the December Basschat competition is a cover of a ditty that first hit our screens in Jan 2016. A few of you folk may remember the image ! During the original recording, the main ‘artiste’ had to nip out, and we had a bit of fun with his tune. Unfortunately, I had to fly to NZ before finishing my parts, and by the time I had returned the bugger had released his version. Then, out of the blue, I received the original takes in the post. Judging by the attached letter, I’m guessing they were from a (ex?) fan of his! I have left some of the original in, and added a few bits, here and there.” Listening to both now, I much prefer the original. Thanks Rikki B !! All guitars, (telecaster,t-bird and squire), all vocals and keys by my own admission. Mt drums try to keep it tidy. Cobbled together in reaper through a focusrite.
  8. Quick off the blocks there sir ! Oddly, I really enjoyed the piece. That's 'oddly' as in , not my normal listening, as opposed to it being just odd. ☺️ Also made me realise how much my French vocabulary has declined over the last few years. Hooray for Collins Robert !! (Although this has seen better days. it has many pages missing, tea stained etc...).
  9. https://soundcloud.com/nigel-jewell/chase-me-with-your-shipt-bag For some reason when the track is embedded it's not there - but is as a link??
  10. Yep, sorry about the technical staff today ! Although the empty track I posted has some merit, given the right circumstances.
  11. Entry into this months basschat comp, using picture as help ! Walking through our local woods, I often see dog owners having to pick up bags of crap and then have to walk round with it. Which led to the thought of them chasing the wheelie dog with a bag as it crapped down the road. Anyhow, in this effort I used ; ye olde squire for all guitar parts, tbird bass, mt drums and me own vocal chords. All done in reaper, and not a dog in sight or Roll on the Christmas cover !!
  12. Nearly completed the mess I started ! It has, at least, a working title,a start and an ending.. I've managed a way round this Lurks. I've found a gizmo that pitches my vocals to 50khz. The dogs on the estate are going crazy but to the human ear it's inaudible 😌
  13. Entry to monthly basschat comp using the picture (chosen by last months winner, Douglas), as inspiration. They came with a message, in a form of sound we couldn't comprehend. Luckily a well known basschater called me and said " Nige, I've transcribed the piece and it's actually in 'E' ", with a 12 bar country feel". "Thanks Bilbo, " I said . "That's good coz I can do that stuff" !! Used the trusty tele, t-bird bass and just messed about with amplitude pedals etc. Mt drums kept a check and the diddy lpk25 did some soundy stuff whilst I warbled the vocals. All reapered and that's that !
  14. I'd love to come to the launch, but I'm afraid I'm out that night !!
  15. Entry into this months basschat comp using picture as inspiration. On new laptop this month with very few recording bits or gizmos....guitars by me ( and reaper delay/echo), rest is all free Kontakt. A tree chat is all it is....
  16. So, following the top tips from Douglas last month, I bought an expansion drive and managed to save my 5 years of 'stuff'. Took a while as I got sidetracked and listened to most of it again. Unfortunately, the realisation is that there ain't much improvement !! Anyhow, the good people at Focusrite helped me install the correct driver on my new laptop for the interface. On the downside, all the old authentication codes have been lost on old email addresses. So Ez drummer,Ez keys,guitar rig5, and some orchestration thingy have all been sacked ! The entry this month uses all free Kontakt stuff and the guitar is simply through the interface, with cockos reverb etc. T'is strange, but I never realised how much stuff was in Reaper, and it's refreshing starting all over again...even so far as using the old 'two bob bit effect' on the guitar, (although I couldn't find one, so used a scratchy old plectrum....). Ha, bear with me as I appear to have lost the track !! 😕
  17. A policy I try to follow but, the resistance is ebbing away here. The draw of Noggin the Nog, one of my all time favourite programmes (with Mr Postgates' wonderfull narration), is causing a wobble !!
  18. Voted Some really top sounds people, and a mighty fine collection... (Lurks got 3 points added for the attempt at the local accent, but then lost 2 for putting t'uppeny rice' in me head !!)
  19. We're in, despite the computer problems !! A tad unfinished, but as Douglas often says "less is sometimes more" . Just glad I could save it ,(along with most of the past), hey ho ! Entry into this months basschat comp using the picture chosen by last months winner, (me !!), as inspiration. A change from the norm, using some Garritan orchestra on my little lpk25 keyboard. There's still a tad of Squire guitar, and some freesound noises and that's it. The walk is from the ruined settlement on Shapley Tor and ends in the picture, which is looking SSE from Haytor.
  20. Houston, we've had a problem here !! My old Acer laptop has decided I no longer need a screen or audio to produce any toons. I've managed to get some of the stuff onto an external drive. Unfortunately, when I started this malarky 5 years ago, organisation wasn't (& still isn't!) a strong point. A lot of the licenses are on old deleted e-mails, the dill extensions are all over the shop, blah ,blah,blah. Suffice to say, a new computer has been ordered and we start from scratch. When I find the piece for this month, it will be posted as is !! Happy tooning all ..
  21. Well Lurks and Douglas, you are indeed correct. Even on Dartmoor the heather flowers in Autumn, and yes it is Dartmoor. It's the view looking s'easterly from Hay Tor to be precise, which is 15 minutes by car (10 by Triumph and as long as I like on dirt bike!), from our front door. There's no hidden message (or is there?) in the photo, (ie we won't be out till autumn), just a gentle picture after last months noise !!
  22. Cheers for the comments people...after 5 years, I've finally won one outright 😁 With top tunes all round to boot, I'm really chuffed to have won !! Anyway, before the 'old guard' start hounding me, I'll go find a picure !!
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