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  1. Vigier was not a one man band, the workforce has the skills. Stuff those people 😅 One of the reasons I applaud the decision to close is we should be spared a "Why don't Vigier up their game while lowering prices." thread. They can scream and scream and scream until they're sick ; last guitar means just that 🙂
  2. Good on him, hope he has many happy years ahead 🙂 I also support his decision to shut up shop , a sure way to avoid any future budget range appearing from the Far East.
  3. Noll Electronics offer P-bass options. https://www.noll-electronic.de/bass-electronics/precision-bass/
  4. You're aware gig.ink are a printing service ,it'll be up to you to provide the correct graphic and colour.
  5. I was in touch with Phil couple of year back. Widest board they buy in is 150mm and they get some boards 50mm thick. Never got an idea of price as they were waiting to see what impact the "B" word would have.
  6. Jealous isn't a strong enough word to describe how I feel 🙂
  7. To get £100 out of me they'd need to do a damn sight more than "aim" 🙂
  8. Pinched from 60's Teisco Sharkfin, they even latter added the back bevel at the hook.
  9. No, they should apologise as they refund your £100. Here's the link to Brian in Glasgow, you've the choice of 5 or 6 Torts (4 being red tort). https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/115165557727?hash=item1ad066f3df:g:DagAAOSwob5h0FKA
  10. All too easy done. Drawer at my feet is a doss house for 12 split-P, 10 sets of jazz singles, 8 P-bass singles and about 9 humbuckers 🤣
  11. 5mm diameter ? 4 will cost you £14.53 inc VAT, free delivery. https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/p504951/F5-10G-Budget-Single-Thrust-Ball-Bearing-with-Grooved-Washers-5x10x4mm/product_info.html
  12. I'm definitely count as 1 of the above. Over 8 years now and I still rate my £76 Harley Benton PB-50 as one of my better purchases 🙂 OK, the paisley pink finish on the Fender is prettier but the HB plays and sounds every bit as good.
  13. I'm wondering if the folks suggesting DiMarzio have read that sentence. DiMarzio's place in the market was helped by roundwound becoming the norm. The combination of roundwounds and the overwound Model P (output further boosted by ceramic magnets) was a breath of fresh air to jaded alnico/flats players , louder/brighter = better 😄 Want old P-bass tone ? Stick with Alnico 5 👍
  14. Aye. There's no Border Police with electric fences trying to keep the vibrations penned in 🤣
  15. There's one on eBay ATM , £175 + £20 shipping. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125354867289?hash=item1d2fbb7a59:g:L5MAAOSwPnVilHi2
  16. @CBbass Don't buy another body, buy a scratchplate that's a snug fit around the neck. Plenty of Fenders ship with gaps/snug scratchplates 👍
  17. Can't say I've been too impressed the Seymour Duncan single coils. They're are a bit like Nescafe ; well known brand but not particularly good coffee 😀 Herrick in Wales do a couple of nice 51 single coils , both straight singles or split singles (if you worry about hum get the split). Jess Loureiro does split and single too, really like his split 👍 Dave at Bloodstone does a really nice single, the custom super overwound split he made is great. Martin Harmer built me an Alnico 2 single , that turned out really well 🙂 On eBay you can find a brilliant low wire count alnico 5 from China for £12 . Bootstrap in the US do another single at £40. There's also Haussel in Germany and Bare Knuckle though I haven't tried them. Keep your eyes peeled for somebody selling a Roswell from a Harley Benton PB-50 , same alnico slugs as Duncan QPs but a more balanced tone.
  18. Slab body P-bass (don't care what hardwood is used) , 20 fret all maple neck. 250k pots , 0.1 cap. 2 saddle bridge and any tuners with a ratio above 20:1. For the pickup, an Alnico single coil with lowish wire count.
  19. Aye, something pretty important. Right hand playing position, simply moving towards the neck or to closer the bridge makes a big difference.
  20. Fantastic. What do you reckon , couple of hours to get it how you want it ? You've won a watch 😀 Congratulations on a fine purchase 👍
  21. You're welcome. Whichever one you decide on I'm sure it will be a cracker .
  22. Put a dot of white paint on the end of the pole pieces then drop the pickup in the cavity. Remove the pickup and drill a hole in the areas marked by the paint. This allows the poles to drop lower but leaves the cavity depth untouched. Should you sell the bass ; copper tape will hide any evidence of the holes 👍
  23. I'd say none. Both Laurel and Pau Ferro are up there with Rosewood when it comes to weight and hardness , only difference is cosmetic. You hear more about the JB-40 because it's been on sale 7 years longer then the JB-75 FL.
  24. Don't forget the cardboard Stratocaster from a few years back, folks at Fender went on record saying "sounds like a Strat"
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