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  1. Limelight get nothing but good reviews, obviously there's a bit of wait with them though. Sandberg do aged finishes if you want a Precision with a difference
  2. Or if you want to save more cash. Get the Sandberg Electra and disengage the preamp. Fantastic basses for £400
  3. Pretty sure I saw that for sale near me, was sorely tempted as that's a great combo!
  4. I could be wrong, but I'm sure I read they have a UK and and NL based warehouse. Item shows as in stock but doesn't say where its in stock so could be UK (no charge) or NL (potential charge) I think Thomann have worked out a system of calculating all the charges and incorporating them into the price you initially pay
  5. You could be right, I'll have a look at some potentially more useful options
  6. Hello! So I've had plenty of basses but I've never had any with Barts or a Nordstrand in it so looking for some advice. I play at home just for fun so live sound is less important for now. I like to play a range of styles, from rock to funk and slap style so something that covers all bases is great rather than a one trick pony. It'll be going in my MTD Kingston as I feel the current setup isn't quite working for me but the rest of the bass is great! I know MTDs are generally paired with Barts and I like the tone that you see and hear players with MTDs have, but you can't avoid the good press Nordstrand get. Happy to take suggestions for preamp upgrades too
  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers with Anderson Paak and Thundercat next year. YES! 

    1. Jakester


      Have you seen the prices though!?!? Cheapest ticket I could find was £242....

    2. BassApprentice


      I paid slightly less than that on the O2 presale but not a cheap day out. As long as the set list is good the I'll be happy 😊 

  8. That looks ace! Hmm I see they have one in Glasgow. Might take a trip across and see how it compares to my Sire.
  9. I've got a slightly battered P Bass style body that I can donate, drop me a PM.
  10. I emailed Sandberg a few years ago about Shell Pink as it wasn't a standard colour. My god, it's perfect. Please someone buy it from Bass Direct so it stops tempting me.
  11. A BB Peter Hook on Facebook for bang on £1000, seems a fair deal!
  12. It looks like the pickup placement is slightly further back than the basic @[email protected] could be wrong though. Also a bit more traditional body shape too which some appreciate. That would be some shootout between this potential stingray type, a G&l Kiloton and a Sterling Stingray.
  13. Hmmm, these new Euros look very good. Will have to try one when they got the shops
  14. Seems to be a lot of NBD posts this weekend, makes me feel left out 😂 

  15. I'm seeing it for £399, still expensive and £70 more than the standard guitar version. I am tempted to sell my Bass Buddy as these are less wires and seem a better practice tool.
  16. A pretty spicy looking BBNE2 has just popped up on Facebook....
  17. Guess who has two thumbs and is now regretting letting his 80's L2000 go 👍👍
  18. Appreciate the offer, but I'm a bit further north of where ACGs are born!
  19. I think medium scale might be the one for me. Don't get me wrong I like both my full scale and short scale but from a comfort point of view 32" really appeals. Would want to try and high quality medium scale before ordering a custom Sandberg though!
  20. Picked up a Sire a few week ago and wasn't quite working.....Slapped a set of Chromes on, now we're talking!

    1. Marvin


      Good combination. I had Chromes on my Sire for the last few years and only recently put some rounds back on (for a different project). The Chromes sound well balanced on the Sire

    2. TheGreek


      That's nearly a rhyme...


      Reminds me of that reworked Elvis song.

  21. I'm tempted to sell my Bass Buddy and get me one of these. Assume they have Aux in and headphone out for practice?
  22. So I've got the Bass Buddy for headphone based practice and it's great, but I like like to have the same tone when not using headphones. Would you sell a Bass Buddy for a Double Four or Micro Combo? I only play in the house so I don't need anything bigger for now.
  23. I saw Clapton and Santana at Hyde Park a few years ago with just normal tickets. Definitely didn't appreciate how far back you'd be! Weather was excellent and even though you were mostly watching on a screen the sound was good and had a great time. If Pearl Jam are a band you *need* to see, I'd stump the cash for the experience. Also, considering we haven't been spending any money on gigs or holidays I think a one off is justified 😅
  24. For anyone genuinely interested in that SBV, it used to be mine. Mostly decent nick, few scrapes and chips and routed with a battery compartment. I actually spoke to the guy who is selling it the other day as he came in to my work. I reckon I could get a bit off that if someone wants me to be the middle man?
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