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  1. I've been mulling over this idea for a while now.....and it just seems to make sense for my situation. I am very much a bedroom bassist who occasionally makes an appearance at local jam nights. Current collection: G&L L2000 Yamaha BB425 Tanglewood Bassmaster Funk Wolf Fretless J Bass Squier Musicmaster Vista (My first bass so it doesn't count in this) The G&L is USA from the 80's so this is staying, I played an MTD Kingston Super 5 last year and unlike most GAS - I still want it. Plan is to sell the other 3 and get the MTD, I feel I will actually play the basses if I have less rather than spending time tinkering and swapping between them. Putting this in writing so I might actually go through with this 😂
  2. Not going to lie, one of my current GAS is for a relic pink Fender of some sort. I already have a white one of these but if the pink was closer to the original pink I would be very interested.
  3. Question - if you were to replace the bridge on a BB425 what would you go with? Contemplating changing the hardware from silver to gold.....
  4. I try to avoid this thread for GAS related reasons 😂 Dropped by the Public Peace website for the first time in a while - Has anyone here ordered a Pike yet? They look very similar to Ibanez SRs....
  5. Yeah basically - just seems the guitar range in the Sterling brand has more models than the bass one, which is just various flavours of Stingray.
  6. I'd love them to release a Sterling in the Sterling or Sub range. Any reason why they haven't?
  7. Talking of Teal BBs, the dude must be a giant 😂
  8. You'd think at that price, with those features - it would be based on the most recent Rumble features. If so, I'll probably be getting one. Could it be used for headphone practice?
  9. The boys from Bass Direct are over at NAMM - here's an in the flesh photo of the Mini-Ray!
  10. I've played a Dingwall briefly and it does work and feels very natural - although I've read on other threads that these shorter fan frets (1" change) doesn't make the best use of the fan fret. Intrigued to hear how it is @anzoid!
  11. My thoughts exactly! Love the look but that pickup is just a bit *meh* looking. Sure it sounds fine
  12. Some in the flesh photos from NAMM
  13. Now that looks ace! Neck pickup is probably an in house Yamaha rather than the Dimarzio. As Andy has said, it'll be a shame about the price tag.... I know there were budget Attitude models in the past but would be cool to see them release a range again.
  14. Ah, I knew there was somewhere I had forgotten to take the advert down! Really sorry @ToKi! I know where it is though so if it ever comes up for sale I'll let you know
  15. That LPJ in Worn Brown looks tasty...apart from the pickup - couldn't they have gone for a chrome vintage style cover? Also, $2,300 for a T'bird, yikes!
  16. I'm not normally one to drool over older basses. They do have their quirks and mojo etc. But this is RIDICULOUS! This bass is 52 years old.
  17. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-Natural-broad-bass-Guitar-BB1200-1978/132921428163?hash=item1ef2bc08c3:g:chAAAOSwjfBcQG3k:rk:7:pf:0 Apart from the pickguard - this looks nice. Anyone spot anything wrong? Wonder how low the offers accepted are?
  18. I haven't played the new Ray's yet but I have played the Sandberg and they are awesome! The reverse P and Humbucker combo was perfect for me and the aged neck just felt great. Would definitely recommend trying one out!
  19. Dredging this thread up in case anyone could help. Would this be suitable for practice level volume with a Bass Buddy? I have a Line6 Studio 110 which is small - but still gets in the way. Ta!
  20. 32inch instead of the 28.6inch scale of the MiKro. Very interested in getting hands on with these.
  21. Absolutell hotbed for modifications at that price point. One of those with a humbucker at the bridge would do nicely....
  22. Or if you really feel you need active, look up the older BB615.
  23. Morning all! I know there's a strong Scottish contingent around these parts so need some help. Sold a guy a bass and he has asked me about lessons. I've never had lessons in Glasgow so not sure who to recommend. Any one got any pals that would take a beginner? Ta!
  24. I assume some of us may have seen this: https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/bass-guitar-yamaha-bb2000-thru-neck-21-fret-original-hard-case/1323477337 £750 seems decent from my quick search
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