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  1. That twang of annoyance everytime I hear 'Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick' knowing I'll never be able to play it as cleanly as Norman 😅

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    2. NickA


      that riff in call me al .... near impossible.  But heard a South African bass player name of Schalk Joubert a few years back who can do that and any other S African township riff to order.  Amazing player.  5-string bart rigged afzelia dolphin into a little SWR working man combo.  Sounded great.

      As for "hit me" saw Norm playing that in our local music pub a couple of years back ... blow me .. but have you seen the length of that guy's fingers!!

    3. BassApprentice


      Fun fact about that lick in Call Me Al - it's backwards. Recorded then played in reverse in the record, hence why it's impossible as the phrasing is, well, backwards 😁😂

    4. Soledad


      that is SO cheating. And all these years never knew that. Still fairly bonkers player though. You have to spend years locked away from polite society to come out playing like that. Bit like Alan Rankine on 'Party fears two'... "That's not really how we do it, son".

  2. Oooft, a very nice Bolt On Thumb for sale on Facebook if that's your thing 


    1. Soledad


      Looks like a cracker for a 90s 5er, full of woods they can't use anymore - ovangkol body etc. Won't hang around at 795 asking. Lucky foe me I'm not buying basses anymore :)

  3. Think I've found the pickup config I like most. Either P or J but with a big ol Humbucker at the bridge. Just works for me

    1. TheGreek



    2. mcnach


      Yup, a big bridge humbucker is where it's at. Paired with a P, for me. 

  4. Royal Mail excelling themselves this week 0 for 2 so far.....

  5. I see that Bass Direct now have Super 5s with Laurel fingerboards in. 



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    2. BassApprentice


      Good point.

      Only balls would be mine on the chopping block if I cave and buy one! 

    3. CameronJ


      Hahaha. Yeah, I saw the new stock yesterday. They look tasty!

    4. TheGreek


      That purple Chowny SWB looks amazing...

  6. Quick question - can you use a Zoom B3/B3n as a recording interface via usb?

    1. JapanAxe
    2. LukeFRC


      @BassApprentice -
      As an audio interface:  B3 yes. B3n no. 

  7. Why don't Sandberg do a Shell Pink? A soft aged shell pink VM4 would be an instant buy.

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    2. BassAgent


      It's not shell pink, but it is pink:


    3. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      I'm sure they will build you one.

      Here's a pink Sandberg California in action....


    4. BassApprentice


      Ooooh, reason I said as pink wasn't on the configurator. Those pinks are a touch pink. Going to drop Sandberg an email.

  8. One afternoon spent in Bass Direct. What a shop Mark has. So helpful and let me put my grubby mitts on anything I asked. Some very nice basses in stock but that Kingston Super 5.....

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    2. CameronJ


      @BassApprentice, mate, that’s exactly what happened to me last time I went to BassDirect. I had no choice but to take the Super 5 home with me! Such a great bass. Treat yourself :biggrin:

    3. BassApprentice


      @CameronJ I thought you had one! I've been eyeing them up and definitely didn't disappoint. Might consolidate the collection a bit and get one! 

    4. CameronJ


      Yep. The neck profile and versatility of the preamp were too good to ignore. The coil switches on those fat humbuckers are glorious, and the 3 band EQ is the icing on the cake! What other basses are currently in your collection?

  9. While GuitarGuitar Glasgow has a decent selection, I am very excited to make a trip down to Bass Direct at the end of the month.


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    2. GisserD


      who is paul?

    3. BassApprentice


      Paul is the bass guy at GuitarGuitar Glasgow - he's taken them having nothing but Fenders and Ibanez to having custom shop Sandbergs and Mayones and a lot more in stock. 

    4. jezzaboy


      Paul is the guy with the beard, specs and kind of hipster bun type hairdoo. He only works Friday and over the weekend if I remember right.

  10. Have to say, that Kala U Bass Journeyman looks mighty tempting for a living room noodler..... 

    1. Burns-bass


      Don't do it.


      I had one at it just ended up being an attractive case warmer.



    2. JapanAxe


      I have to admit I rarely use my own U-bass, but the Journeyman has knocked the bottom out of the used market so it won't be going anywhere!

  11. 3:17 - Pure, unadulterated, musical joy. 


  12. Anyone who might be looking to move on a fretless might want to take a look at the Yamaha SBV500 in the for sale section 😬

  13. Which member of this fine establishment made high quality leads? Or is there someone anyone would recommend?



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    2. Dood
    3. discreet


      Unnecessary I know, but plus one for OBBM. Been buying my leads from him for years. Best quality, great value and superb customer service. What's not to like?

    4. Chienmortbb


      What lead are you after? i make my own and have cable and connectors.

  14. Everyday I'm more and more convinced I need a Shell Pink bass in my life.... 

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    2. discreet


      Shell Pink is good, nothing wrong with it. Lots of shades of white/cream out there though, have you thought about that..? ;)

    3. BassApprentice


      Ha, I may have one or two cream basses 😬



    4. discreet


      That G&L is very nice... GAS!

  15. Newly Discovered Band Of The Day - The Main Squeeze.  Fuzzy, funky goodness 🤙

  16. Been in my new place for almost 2 months. FINALLY got my desk practice set up sorted, Phil Jones Bass Buddy just tucked away under the monitor. Nice.

    1. SpondonBassed


      It's nice to get settled in.

  17. Played some VERY nice Sandbergs today. 


    If my G&L doesn't up its game in the near future it could be facing the chop! 

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    2. Osiris


      @discreet does this tickle your whatsit (or your wotsit) any? I err *cough* know the seller very well *cough* and can highly recommend him as an absolute gent (that's gent, 'K?) to deal with. 


    3. discreet


      @Osiris It would indeed be very ticklish but for the usual problem! Thanks for the link though, none of this is helping me spend money on all the piddling crap I really don't want to spend it on, but have to. Bah! :(

    4. CameronJ


      Just gonna leave these here:


  18. I see GuitarGuitar Glasgow have some Sandberg 48s in.....

    Think I'll happen to be passing by in the near future. 

  19. Was at the Blues Kitchen in Brixton last night and there was a house band playing R&B/Soul. All good. Apart from they didn't have a bass player 😅

    Made for slightly odd listening. 

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    2. BassApprentice


      I think it was Sister Cookie? Very good but very much lacked a bass player! 


      It gets worse, saw Steve Winwood yesterday. He didn't have a bass player either!! I know it's rare to spot us in the wild but I didn't think we were that endangered! 

    3. gjones


      Death to all Hammond players!

    4. discreet


      Steve Winwood rarely uses a bass player. He plays bass pedals on his Hammond. And very well too, I may add. He is also a very handy bass player himself.

  20. While my other half watched Love Island, I rocked out to some Audioslave for an hour. 


    I think we all know who had a better evening! 😂

    1. discreet


      In a previous rock covers band we did 'Cochise' and it was a highlight of the set. Spine-chilling line to play, IF the rest of the band are up to it which in this case they were. I miss that band, but not the bum-shattering volume we played at. ;)

    2. lowregisterhead


      What a great description! I've played loud, but never to the point of shattering my bum. Not that I was aware of, anyway. I was also in a band some years ago that had Cochise in their set. Girl singer, and she could do it, too.

  21. In case you were wondering......Joe Dart is definitely still the funkiest bass player on the planet right now.

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    2. HazBeen


      But the funkiest.....?

    3. TheGreek


      Hmmmm...No doubting that Joe is very good but have you heard Richard Searle???


    4. Chewie


      Dr and the Medics?

  22. Think my Half Wound experiment is over, making my G&L sound a bit lifeless. Where to next.....Chromes? La Bella Golds? Or Newtone :scratch_one-s_head:

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    2. BassApprentice


      Hmmm I might try a set of flats and see what I feel, especially something like the Golds/Chromes that are supposed to be quite bright.

      But it will probably end up with rounds on it again :biggrin:

    3. Sibob


      I don't mind rounds, but higher strings/notes always sound a little feeble to me now compared to flats.
      But it really depends what bass and music you're playing I guess :)


    4. daveornorm


      Maybe try Rotosound 77s - I'm really enjoying them after a long time on rounds only.

  23. Slightly unexpected NBD tomorrow. One way to break the January blues xD

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    2. discreet


      'you cannot escape the GAS'

      Very true, especially if it's of your own making.

    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      How Can you have an "unexpected" NBD?
      Did you accidentally fall into a guitar shop, grabbing a bass to break your fall.... whilst your contactless credit card flew right past the credit card reader? ;)
      Have a great NBD :)

    4. Rikki_Sixx


      Everyone knows it's not official until you post some pictures of it! They'll come take it away!

  24. Had the Ken Smith Slicks on my L2000 for a few months now and they just aren't doing it for me....Do I go full flats or go back to my comfort zone of rounds?

    1. Pow_22


      I used the Slicks and loved them for that Stone Roses kinda vibe (1st album)  Im now on Elites Grounds and they are really doing it for me.  The growl of rounds without the tinny twangy top end but more going on than full on flats

    2. BassApprentice


      Might try them next but I've been reading good things about GHS Balanced Nickels today....

    3. Pow_22


      Ive not used rounds in years but the more I read about Boomers the more I think I might give them a go on a back up bass one day.  Good luck in your quest

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