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  1. Nice! Think it's this one for those looking for more info on https://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0027-harlot-6/
  2. I've had the Andertons page for this very bass open since last Friday hoping that the offer will end and the temptation goes away 😂 Looks great!
  3. Just as an aside, does anyone know what strings Tributes use as standard?
  4. It's a real shame that the bass section in GG Glasgow has slipped after Paul (I think) left. He had all the Sandberg and Dingwalls and other interesting stuff in. Now it's back to Fenders, Ibanez and MusicMans with a sprinkling of others.
  5. Genuinely had to do a double take that G&L hadn't made and Attitude bass 😂
  6. Not yet... But £100 off is a great deal.
  7. Oh....I was planning on waiting until something else had moved on. Erm. Damn.
  8. Genuinely not sure if the seller has put zeroes in the wrong place or if Brexit really has taken effect 😅
  9. That's a looker! I can't think of another brand that can offer such great designs in both modern and classic looks.
  10. Watched two videos on the SB-2 and Kiloton from Ivan the bassist on YouTube. Very straightforward reviews and I think I'm sold on the SB-2. I'm sure the Kiloton is great, but think the SB-2 offers the tone I am currently looking for.
  11. That's the only thing holding me back. Quite tempted by the one @Shepster8316has for sale too. Would need to get a darker scratchplate though.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Did a bit of a shootout in the local guitar shops today. G&L Tribute SB-2 vs Squier CV 50s vs Sterling Stingray vs Sadowsky Metro Express vs Reverend Sentinel The G&L was by far my favourite, neck just felt right and even the different controls weren't too unfamiliar. I've previously had an L2000 and I do miss it but it was a bit fiddly, and I'm finding my current Sire the same. I want something more straightforward, should I look at the LB100? Or even a used L1000?
  14. Cross posting from the Sandberg thread, but thought others here would like this
  15. Me: Maybe I'll be get a nice short scale, that Reverend Sentinel looks good but I do like a bridge pickup. Sandberg: We got you
  16. I've been eyeing these up, even tried one in a shop and it was really cool. Can't decide if I should wait until something has sold or just utilise the Credit Card 🤔😂
  17. This is far too close to me and my wallet. Looks ace!
  18. I used Montana Gold paint, mainly aimed at Graffitti/Street art but gave me a lovely matte colour. They do loads of colours, as well as sparkle coats etc and are reasonably cheap.
  19. Always funny to see a bass you sold back up for sale at twice what you sold it for, and being described as a "bargain" 😂

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    2. gjones


      It's happened to me too. The guy was a trader, not a player.

    3. jezzaboy


      Happened to me many moons ago on here. Gave the guy a Bass Pod as he was having back problems re his amp and he later sold it on here for £50. 


      It did leave a bad taste for a while....

    4. yorks5stringer


      Should always remove the batteries first....


  20. Anyone got a guy who can do Anodized (or anodized style) scratchplate? I messaged Sims but that's coming out at £165...bit too steep for my liking!
  21. And as if by magic! Still enjoying it, currently got some Chromes on it but I'm not sure they are getting the most out of it for me. Are you in the market for a sparkly purple bass @CameronJ
  22. Could be, if I can shift something in time I might take a punt on it. Just out of interest, what's the worst outcome of that crack? A massive portion of the finish just coming away?
  23. That does look good, but that crack is the entire length of the body. How does that even happen? 😂
  24. Very tempting to move on my Bass Buddy for one of these. Best of luck with the sale!
  25. Just went to the local shop and tried one. That Sire in the corner of my room is on thin ice... 😅
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