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  1. On 12/07/2019 at 23:05, CameronJ said:

    I quite like the design tweaks. Makes it look more distinctly “Dingwallish” while still being a pretty strong nod to the Thunderbird.


    I don't mind it too much, shame the photo is so heavily shadowed so you can't quite appreciate the changes but I'm sure there will be more photos very soon. 

  2. I haven't played a Thunderbird in a while but I tried a D-Bird last weekend - while the shape is very similar the shaping and contouring must be vastly different. I guess the Gibson patent is on the silhouette of the shape and not the execution.


    For anyone interested GuitarGuitar Glasgow have an aquamarine triple pickup model in stock for £1400 - £400 less than the blurple finish. Great bass and now going to be very rare.... 

  3. 8 hours ago, fretmeister said:

    Does anyone make good ones for any bass?


    I like them a lot but I haven’t got one for my Sandberg.

    I don't know if you could do a "one size fits all" ramp since basses vary so much, my first thought would be DIY or go to your local luthier and see what he can do. 

  4. I played a 5 string one today in GuitarGuitar Glasgow, pretty underwhelmed. Found the sharp edge of the string holders down at the 1st fret on the G string a bit of a shock, and the lightness of it made me feel like it was lacking substance somehow. I appreciate the thought of the asymmetric neck, but I've played other basses that have done it better for me. Unless money was no object I couldn't see myself spending 3k on one. 

    I then picked up a Dingwall D bird on a fancy Aquamarine sparkle finish (at £1400, seemed very reasonable) and it blew the Boden away, tone wise, feeling wise and construction wise. The fan fret system is more natural for me and the tone works better for me. Someone buy it before my G&L sells 😅



  5. It's an interesting move to get into the £1000 bracket. They seem to clean up around about £500-600 as Fender alternatives but then when you enter the USA Fender/Sandberg/G&L/Lakland territory - albeit with the boutique look - will be interesting to see how these stack up.

    Can't deny they look great - roasted maple! 

  6. We obviously can't speak for the OP but I understand his "not wanting" the bass as he wasn't looking for that exact bass and had justified a bid of £250 and no more for it. Part of him must have wanted that bass to press the button and it was an unexpected result. He has said he'll buy it and there might be a bargain available for the next person 😁

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  7. 11 hours ago, skankdelvar said:

    Exactamundo! Not remotely terrifying. 


    For the purposes of clarification:

    Titan = Despotic marionette ruler of vast undersea realm, his reign enforced by '000's of spiky headed goons in 'terrifying' mechanical fish; also former master of Marina, slave, mute hottie and Lt. Atlanta Shore's rival for affections of Capt. Troy Tempest

    Triton = 1. A Greek god, the messenger of the sea, offspring of Poseidon. Often confused with Titan (see above). 2. Popular brand of electric shower appliance



    Aquaphibian 1: "Troy Tempest! You're f*cking nicked, me old beauty"

    I think this might be the furthest off topic I've seen a thread go on Basschat 😂

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  8. Being sold with a heavy heart, I've had her for 10 glorious years - but it just doesn't get used and I don't connect with it anymore. MY G&L L2000 - the white now a lovely vintage cream - some fabulous flame on the maple too.

    She's in great condition for being 35 years old - I've shown the staining from what I can guess is guitar stand use but that was there when I bought it. Also some tarnishing on the control knobs but gives it some mojo. As with all G&Ls this is POWERFUL - the MFD pickups put out a lot of kick but in tandem with the EQ this bass can do almost anything you need it to. Strung with almost brand new NYXL which are great.

    Unfortunately I don't have scales so can't say how much it weighs, but not a light bass.

    Comes with a fitted hardcase and wee treat showing that it had a new nut in 1988 in the USA so it must have been there at some point.

    Try me with trades - but cash is King.

    Shipping is possible, but with couriers being couriers collection is preferred. Can discuss meeting somewhere if that's an option.

    Please feel free to ask any questions












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  9. Nice!

    I assume you have seen the Yamaha BB thread? There is info about reversing the saddles, particularly on the B string to get some more attack - might be worth having a look.


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  10. If you're in Glasgow I'm sure GuitarGuitar have one of each of the ranges of MM. Stick your head in and play them, they don't seem to mind how long you're there for. Or buy and return as others have said. 

  11. 23 minutes ago, AndyTravis said:

    Well, the BB’s continue to be a firm favourite...but upon reflection while the sound of the attitude with a mudbucker wasn’t what I needed; I loved the feel and shape.


    So this is happening. 

    Back to 4 Yamahas. 

    A Full ‘Trav’


    Your ability to find the weird and wonderful Yamaha models never fails to impress Andy. 


    Looks ace! 

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