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  1. My thoughts exactly! Love the look but that pickup is just a bit *meh* looking. Sure it sounds fine
  2. Some in the flesh photos from NAMM
  3. Now that looks ace! Neck pickup is probably an in house Yamaha rather than the Dimarzio. As Andy has said, it'll be a shame about the price tag.... I know there were budget Attitude models in the past but would be cool to see them release a range again.
  4. Ah, I knew there was somewhere I had forgotten to take the advert down! Really sorry @ToKi! I know where it is though so if it ever comes up for sale I'll let you know
  5. That LPJ in Worn Brown looks tasty...apart from the pickup - couldn't they have gone for a chrome vintage style cover? Also, $2,300 for a T'bird, yikes!
  6. I'm not normally one to drool over older basses. They do have their quirks and mojo etc. But this is RIDICULOUS! This bass is 52 years old.
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-Natural-broad-bass-Guitar-BB1200-1978/132921428163?hash=item1ef2bc08c3:g:chAAAOSwjfBcQG3k:rk:7:pf:0 Apart from the pickguard - this looks nice. Anyone spot anything wrong? Wonder how low the offers accepted are?
  8. I haven't played the new Ray's yet but I have played the Sandberg and they are awesome! The reverse P and Humbucker combo was perfect for me and the aged neck just felt great. Would definitely recommend trying one out!
  9. Dredging this thread up in case anyone could help. Would this be suitable for practice level volume with a Bass Buddy? I have a Line6 Studio 110 which is small - but still gets in the way. Ta!
  10. 32inch instead of the 28.6inch scale of the MiKro. Very interested in getting hands on with these.
  11. Absolutell hotbed for modifications at that price point. One of those with a humbucker at the bridge would do nicely....
  12. Or if you really feel you need active, look up the older BB615.
  13. Morning all! I know there's a strong Scottish contingent around these parts so need some help. Sold a guy a bass and he has asked me about lessons. I've never had lessons in Glasgow so not sure who to recommend. Any one got any pals that would take a beginner? Ta!
  14. I assume some of us may have seen this: https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/bass-guitar-yamaha-bb2000-thru-neck-21-fret-original-hard-case/1323477337 £750 seems decent from my quick search
  15. Well...my BB425 is in a very dangerous position right now.
  16. One afternoon spent in Bass Direct. What a shop Mark has. So helpful and let me put my grubby mitts on anything I asked. Some very nice basses in stock but that Kingston Super 5.....

    1. CameronJ


      @BassApprentice, mate, that’s exactly what happened to me last time I went to BassDirect. I had no choice but to take the Super 5 home with me! Such a great bass. Treat yourself :biggrin:

    2. BassApprentice


      @CameronJ I thought you had one! I've been eyeing them up and definitely didn't disappoint. Might consolidate the collection a bit and get one! 

    3. CameronJ


      Yep. The neck profile and versatility of the preamp were too good to ignore. The coil switches on those fat humbuckers are glorious, and the 3 band EQ is the icing on the cake! What other basses are currently in your collection?

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  17. You mean something like this one. Looks killer!
  18. Oh man. I've been eyeing these up to replace my cheapo fretless. And I'm in Glasgow. Welp.
  19. At that's good! With the plugging into the amp thing - for me it would be how instinctive and easy it is to get a desired tone. For some having 5 knobs is perfect for the amount of control, for others it might be that passive, two knob control that's easy and 'natural' As you say, each to their own!
  20. Very quick question. I'll be down at Bass Direct in a few weeks, and obviously they have some very high end stuff - how happy are they for you to have a little noodle on things? Not many shops in the UK has the variety of stock they have so want to make the most of trying things to work out what basses suit me and what don't for future knowledge. Ta!
  21. Hey @Jiggfan I'll send you a private message
  22. Thanks! It's a great bass but just doesn't make its way into the rotation just now. Christmas is coming etc etc....
  23. My Dad (guitar player) is currently using and really enjoying the Mooer GE200 - I assume this is just the cab sim section from that. He classes it as basically a budget Helix type system. Have asked him what he thinks of it and will update later.
  24. While GuitarGuitar Glasgow has a decent selection, I am very excited to make a trip down to Bass Direct at the end of the month.


    1. GisserD


      who is paul?

    2. BassApprentice


      Paul is the bass guy at GuitarGuitar Glasgow - he's taken them having nothing but Fenders and Ibanez to having custom shop Sandbergs and Mayones and a lot more in stock. 

    3. jezzaboy


      Paul is the guy with the beard, specs and kind of hipster bun type hairdoo. He only works Friday and over the weekend if I remember right.

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