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  1. 3:17 - Pure, unadulterated, musical joy. 


  2. Considering he uses a Jazz bass 99% of the time live this is a huge scoop for MusicMan. Although this could also be a joke, you never know. Looks cool AF anyway!
  3. Paging @skelf pretty sure he is experimenting with strings on tiny basses. He uses Newtone custom gauges - pretty sure the formula is: shorter = higher gauge to ensure tension.
  4. If anyone has/spots a 5 string fretless one kicking about - I could be interested! 😬
  5. Anyone who might be looking to move on a fretless might want to take a look at the Yamaha SBV500 in the for sale section 😬

  6. Open to trades on your Fretless basses you no longer need! Let me know what you've got!
  7. Been a fair few roller-coaster rides recently on this forum. But I'm so glad they mostly have had happy endings! Congrats and hopefully you can finally enjoy it!
  8. Vintage V74 Icon Jaco-a-like or a 2nd hand Squier VM Jazz would be a great place to start I reckon. The V74 is reliced so no worries about bumps and bruises!
  9. Which member of this fine establishment made high quality leads? Or is there someone anyone would recommend?



    1. Dood
    2. discreet


      Unnecessary I know, but plus one for OBBM. Been buying my leads from him for years. Best quality, great value and superb customer service. What's not to like?

    3. Chienmortbb


      What lead are you after? i make my own and have cable and connectors.

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  10. Everyday I'm more and more convinced I need a Shell Pink bass in my life.... 

    1. discreet


      Shell Pink is good, nothing wrong with it. Lots of shades of white/cream out there though, have you thought about that..? ;)

    2. BassApprentice


      Ha, I may have one or two cream basses 😬



    3. discreet


      That G&L is very nice... GAS!

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  11. Right, September is DEFINITELY the month this is going to sell. I can feel it.
  12. And just like that: Cory Wong touring the UK next February. Good odds that Joe will be on bass if he's available. Either way it'll be a brilliant gig! https://www.corywongmusic.com/tour
  13. And if you want to try and learn some - this guy on YouTube is very good https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUd7cP9eT5SLvX39z4aGOpw It's strange how much easier it is to watch and learn from a lefty when trying to play along 😄
  14. To be fair to the guy, he's not trying to hide anything. He's put more photos up than you would get on a fully functional and intact bass!😅
  15. Safe to say, I'm addicted to anything Vulf et al. release. It's just so easy to listen to and fun.
  16. Funny this should come up - I'm literally away to put my first set of NYXLs on my G&L after reading some very positive reviews!
  17. Newly Discovered Band Of The Day - The Main Squeeze.  Fuzzy, funky goodness 🤙

  18. Looks like it. I don't have it to hand, but I'll send you some photos later on.
  19. Been in my new place for almost 2 months. FINALLY got my desk practice set up sorted, Phil Jones Bass Buddy just tucked away under the monitor. Nice.

    1. SpondonBassed


      It's nice to get settled in.

  20. Nice! I have a Tanglewood Funkmaster which looks *very* like a Warwick Streamer. I'm sure Kiogon will be along shortly and he will hopefully be able to help you out. If not I have an EMG-BQC preamp that I don't have any use for, might involve a few extra pots though.
  21. I see you're in Central Scotland. Merchant City in Glasgow have a few basses and I think they have one of every Reverend guitar model in every colour. Flippin loads of them!
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