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  1. Sunny day so took a wander round Glasgow and dipped into Kennys Music and they had this, which I instantly thought was a Warwick but is actually an SX. Very similar to my Tanglewood Bassmaster Funk in ripping off designs 😉 https://www.sx-guitar.com/index.php/Products/lists/pid/25/cid/34 Had to have a shot and was really impressed! Really flat neck which suits me and the variety of tones I got through the Ampeg combo I was using suited me down to the ground. Well worth the £300 IMO. My Yamaha BB425 might be in danger....
  2. Seems to be they have a bunch of stuff that is slightly reduced that sits on the page for a while then they update daily with the massively reduced stuff. Strange as the have B stock in with the normal stock so not sure what the difference between them is.
  3. 😮 That looks incredible! Best of luck to the new owner whoever that is!
  4. Fancy opening the raffle to Non-Attendees 😁 Very generous and hope you all have a great day!
  5. What a stunner! You've done well there! Regarding 4 to 5 transition it can come very quickly - try and get in the habit of playing around the 5th fret rather than using open strings. Bet you won't be able to put it down!
  6. Great, now all I want is another G&L - The Irish Red Ale Kilotons look very nice.....
  7. Another entry for the £500ish short scale, from Eastwood this time. https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2019/04/14/eastwood-guitars-now-shipping-newport-bass/
  8. Talking of Custom Shops - if you could go to Yamaha and get them to make you a BB, what specs would it have?
  9. That looks insane. I have trouble justifying a new bass these days as I have all my basses (pun intended) covered, but I could definitely make an exception for something like this!
  10. Not the first time I've heard Bass Direct getting the description wrong but very weird that something as fundamental as that wasn't picked up.
  11. Bass Direct have an interesting looking P bass. Probably won't stick around long!
  12. Talking of Musicmasters.... For your price range look out for the Squier Musicmaster Vista. Great little basses from the late 90s that punch well above their weight.
  13. That's a pretty glowing review considering the calibre of basses they have reviewed..... Wonder when they be on the streets to have a shot of?
  14. Fender Rumbles get good reviews and are really light - go all the way up to 800 watts now so plenty of choice.
  15. Welcome! If you aren't keen on the shape or colour - would it be a good idea to look at 1024/2024s? As you can see, they are going for silly cheap sometimes!
  16. Royal Mail excelling themselves this week 0 for 2 so far.....

  17. Damn....well I'll be here. Waiting.... 😅
  18. Calling shotgun if you have to sell it to get a white one! 😉
  19. Might go for seconds..... Edit: message sent...
  20. Erm.... I'm not sure I can let this one pass me by. Better be quick!
  21. Seems they still do some Fender-y stuff. With the high end stuff he does, wonder what mad stuff you could spec.
  22. Bought some White Nylon tapewounds from Isaac and he sent them quickly and arrived even quicker! Pleasure to deal with and would buy from again. Thanks!
  23. First Sputnik specd. Just €2,800.....
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