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  1. I was wearing an orange t shirt today if that counts? And it did put a wee smirk on my face, fun little bass.
  2. Yup, probably very similar to a basic SDGR/Gio neck but just shorter. PJ setup, Active EQ. Stick some (Enter Pickup of your choice) in a you're away.
  3. Just played one of these, what a great little bass! Maple neck was nice and smooth, not a hint of finish on it and no sharp edges. Tuners were OK, held tuning well enough after mucking about with it. Super lightweight as you would expect. Sounded decent enough through a TC head with good amount of boost from. The treble and bass controls. Since it already has active electronics it's prime for modding. Don't know if I'll be able to resist getting one of these.....
  4. Talking of shorter scale options. I just played the new Ibanez Mezzo medium scale, what a cracking wee bass! Maple. Neck felt great and with an active preamp already installed prime for modding with better pickups. At around £200 I will probably be getting one in the near future.
  5. Interesting, think the MFD are just too hot? I really like my L2000 but yeah you do have to be delicate sometimes.
  6. If you can find one - Squier Musicmaster Vista. Punch far above their weight and are well regarded. My first bass when I was 11 and it won't be going anywhere soon.
  7. As if your choices around £1000 for a P or J bass isn't hard enough - G&L have decided to wade in Finishes are a bit limited but that red P looks nice.... https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2019/02/14/gl-introduces-the-fullerton-deluxe-bass-series/
  8. Great purchase! I recently tried one of these to see how it stacks up to my L2000, was really impressed too. Like you say, dead easy to play and the straightforward controls make it simple to find a usable tone quickly. Only thing I would change about the white is a different pickguard but that's being extra picky! Enjoy
  9. Throwing another British builder in to the mix - have you checked out Alpher? The Cobia is quite jazz like and they do a mad range of finishes http://alpher.co.uk/bass-gallery/
  10. Thomann have it as in stock in 6-7 weeks so must be new. Is it worth upgrading my B1Xon for this? Hmmm...
  11. https://www.facebook.com/groups/184621401586617/permalink/2034188219963250/?sale_post_id=2034188219963250&app=fbl OK, almost double the price but might be worth investigating @AndyTravis
  12. For £80, DO IT! A full 40 page topic all about BBs if you need any more info/help!
  13. I saw that too, it could just be the photos but the headstock doesn't really match the body. Looks far more sun bleached and aged than the white of the body.
  14. I see he's adapted butchered a Jazz as well....
  15. "Any questions, let me know" Just the one. Why?
  16. Hello Looking for tape wounds for my Musicmaster and wonder if tape wounds are OK for stringing through body? Specifically I'm looking at La Bella White Nylon Tapes. Thanks!
  17. An...interesring approach to a fretless conversion
  18. Finished at £315... Don't think my Musicmaster is going anywhere any time soon 😂
  19. Have to say I really like the look of the VJ74. Might start keeping my eyes peeled for one floating around 2nd hand.
  20. See https://www.originalscratchplates.com Gets good reviews but not sure about aged etc.
  21. I'm sure @Chownybass will be along shortly and he can answer any questions you may have. I haven't played that model but I have played the SWB short scale and it was great and they get great reviews so I'm sure this model will be of similar quality.
  22. I've been mulling over this idea for a while now.....and it just seems to make sense for my situation. I am very much a bedroom bassist who occasionally makes an appearance at local jam nights. Current collection: G&L L2000 Yamaha BB425 Tanglewood Bassmaster Funk Wolf Fretless J Bass Squier Musicmaster Vista (My first bass so it doesn't count in this) The G&L is USA from the 80's so this is staying, I played an MTD Kingston Super 5 last year and unlike most GAS - I still want it. Plan is to sell the other 3 and get the MTD, I feel I will actually play the basses if I have less rather than spending time tinkering and swapping between them. Putting this in writing so I might actually go through with this 😂
  23. Not going to lie, one of my current GAS is for a relic pink Fender of some sort. I already have a white one of these but if the pink was closer to the original pink I would be very interested.
  24. Question - if you were to replace the bridge on a BB425 what would you go with? Contemplating changing the hardware from silver to gold.....
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