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  1. Just messing about on the configurator - change the pick up covers for cream/white and yeah, that'll do nicely.
  2. I like the way the single cut models look but the current MK1 pickups just kill them for me. If Cort can make good looking basses using those pickups that look more interesting than the Ibanez SR but match the quality of the Sire then they could be on to something.
  3. That is almost exactly what my experience was with the bridge pickup yesterday. The neck pickup wasn't as bad but yeah, not impressed
  4. Oh wise SR members - I want to pick your brains. I haven't really tried or played an Ibby in years since I have thought of them as a bit boring if I'm honest but I tried an SR305E today when testing the new headless model. I was surprised by how much I liked the tones I could get out of the PowerPan pickups and I liked the tight spacing. Not such a fan of the burst colour and the black is a bit boring too so my question is this: Which 5 string SR(past or present) would be similar to the current SR305E but comes in something other then black? Ta!
  5. Right, my brief review of the EHB1005MS - Seafoam Green. Caveat - I am no Ibanez aficionado and I am not really familiar with the Ibanez preamps so might not have been able to get the most of this bass. Firstly, if you like modern basses these things very cool. Nicely finished the flat green is really bright and i liked it. It is also very light, like stupidly. I checked and there were no rattles or anything loose on this specific one. Set everything flat and started to play, sounded decent enough. The neck is very flat and super easy to play. You adjust to the multiscale thing almost instantly and the curves on the body fit me just right. The shop had set up this bass a bit and the G string was noticeable lower than the others so there were one or two of the frets where it just started to bottom out and become a bit buzzy but not sure whether this was the same issue mentioned in the previous review Set balance to the front pickup. Nice and full sounding and got some good tones then the bridge pickup.... Oh dear. Not sure what was going here, as I said the G string was lower and closer to the pickup but the balance was all off. The D and G were so quiet but the pickup was set completely level and I know that could be tweaked but I wasn't really impressed. Fiddled about with the controls a bit but since I wasn't quite familiar I struggled to get a tone I was happy with. I've asked them to give me a call when they get the 1505 in so I can compare the Barts and Nords and see how different they are. For comparison I tried the only other 5 they had, an SR305E and found it far easier to get multiple tones I liked from the PowerPan pickups but that is of course personal preference. Let me know if any of this ramble has helped or is just nonsense 😁
  6. I'm in Glasgow but my Dad (who is a keen guitarist and will understand your plight) is in Perth which is pretty close might be able to at least start the collection process for you.
  7. Looks like a nice wee bass, also good to know that the routing is neat enough that you can have it without the pick guard. Do the V3s have the rolled neck or smoothed edges?
  8. Think he is based in Malaysia from what I can gather from his Instagram. Could be tempted by a very basic one just to have as a practice tool. Is that what you find using yours for mostly Cam?
  9. Yeah the Airborne one with interchangable necks is far more expensive but the wingbass style ones start at $400 for a 4 string.
  10. As others have said, just needs a touch more refinement on its squashiness. Looks a bit too wide at the controls. Sure it sounds ace though!
  11. Instagram just threw up this: Looks good right? What if I told you these start at $400? OK what if I told you they do another model called the Airborne is available in 30", 27", 25.5" and 22.75" , 18" scale length and the necks are interchangable. This model is obviously more expensive but a bass that can from sofa/hotel practice to gig ready sounds pretty cool...have a look https://www.mauriziouberbasses.com/mubgx3m
  12. If you're looking a smaller bass for home/casual use look at the Ibanez Mezzo. 32" scale and P J set up perfect for potential upgrades. Probably made in the same factory as the Cort so will be on par quality wise!
  13. I've messaged them when potentially shipping basses and they were very reassuring that their insurance covers them and the quotes never came out too expensive. Never followed through with those sales so haven't actually used them but appreciated the responsiveness
  14. £500 is scarily good value for this. If I genuinely hadn't spent £500 on something else this would be mine 😂
  15. Saw Stereophonics last night and Richard Jones played pretty much every iteration of the new BB series throughout the set. Looked the dogs b******* in a big stage setting.
  16. I had almost forgotten about these basses as I haven't seen one since I tried one in Guitar Guitar. If the 5er is as much fun as the 4 it will be hard to resist.
  17. Anyone in the SE able to get this to help make @AndyTravis BBM a reality? Black BB424 https://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/yamaha-bass-guitar/1368493735?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android Price: £ 80
  18. If you're not sure about spec my inclination would be to email Adrien and Co. Since they've now made 100s of Elwoods they must have seen nearly every combo they have available and know how it sounds. I'll order my own custom one day but like you, just not sure which bits makes a difference when ordering! 😅
  19. Jeez Jabba, they look amazing!
  20. As a very guilty pleasure I went to see McBusted (I grew up in the 90s/early 2000s) and the bass player there used a Sterling with LEDs. Very cool 😎
  21. Without realising they had a narrower nut width than standard I tried a Ray35 without the carve. I compared it with a Sub 5 and while the fit and finish was far better than the Sub I did miss the carve but that's personal preference of course.
  22. Why are there so few EBMM Sterlings out in the wild? Or why have they made a version in the Sterling Range (would that just be too confusing?) The smaller body shape must appeal to a fair amount of us so only having them in the full fat versions seems illogical.
  23. I get the feeling @cristian wants us to look at the Grossman over at Bass Direct 😅😉
  24. If he's got access to the Ashdown production line rather than being part of the partnership by name only he might get these done. The 1930 looks really cool.
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