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  1. RnRDave

    Zilla Cabs

    They were massive and everywhere for guitar cabs for a while. Think I'll look elsewhere.
  2. RnRDave

    Zilla Cabs

    There's one key word here... 'heavier'. I think you may have pushed me over to team barefaced.
  3. RnRDave

    Zilla Cabs

    Anyone any experience with these guys and how their bass cabs sound before I enquire about one? Has GAS for a barefaced cab for a while but may be swayed by one of these.
  4. That's it. Fully committed to the helix. All other pedals up for sale.
  5. Loads of connectors. Comes with euro to UK plug adapter. Asking price includes postage.
  6. OCD Clone Pedal. Great range of dirty filthy grunt. Asking price includes postage.
  7. Great reverb with 3 settings. Great pedal. Free postage with asking price.
  8. Classic pedal. We've all had one at one stage or another. Free postage for full asking price. Cheers
  9. Had it for a couple of years. Light use, still works great. Free postage for full asking price. Cheers.
  10. So I have my stomp now and finally getting to grips with it. Even planning to ditch the rest of my pedals in favour of it once ive given it some more tweaking here and there. Has anyone used the Headrush 112 with the Stomp? Any other places to download some decent presets?
  11. I was mistaken. I was sent this one and thought it was powered. https://www.gak.co.uk/en/tc-electronic-k212-k-series-bass-cabinet/110475
  12. Had to Google what FRFR was there haha. This is a couple of years old now and I noticed TC electronic do a pretty affordable powered 2x10 bass cab. Wondered if that would make a nice companion to the helix?
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