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  1. £40 posted final reduction.
  2. Reduced to £45. Postage free.
  3. RnRDave

    Ampeg or another Ashdown?

    Amazing service. Thank you @Ashdown Engineering
  4. RnRDave

    Ampeg or another Ashdown?

    Brilliant thanks for all the help on the quest for a working amp! I've put the Viking funeral down the river Calder on hold. The fuse is T4AL 250v and I'm trying to get hold of some before Saturday so Amazon prime would have to be an option as I'm unsure if we even have any hardware stores open in Lancashire anymore. Would these work?? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B072B82FS1/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_i_IyOzCbXTQZ65F
  5. RnRDave

    Ampeg or another Ashdown?

    I'm hoping so!! But why did it blow?! Could condensation get in the amp?
  6. RnRDave

    Ampeg or another Ashdown?

    Totally didn't think to check the fuse in the actual amp head. Simple Google and now this...
  7. I know. I guess sometimes it's just right place, right time!! Thanks for interest.
  8. May have already sold mate. If not I'll measure it up tomorrow for you.
  9. NOW SOLD Having a clear out and I'm not cool enough for a filthy fuzz pedal Any More. I guess it's a clone of the Zvex Wooley Mammoth but never had one so can't compare. Mammoths eyes light up when on. Pick up a bargain. Postage available for £5.
  10. Taken from my FSR VM Squier Jazz Bass. Having a clear out so it's up for sale. Could probably benefit from a new nut and has a few dings in the headstock. Postage no problem but unsure how much it would cost. Any questions then feel free to ask away.
  11. You all know what these are. Has a few scratches and some wear on 2 of the saddles where I guess the strings may have slipped? Postage will be a few quid via royal mail. No screws included just the bridge. More pictures available upon request. Cheers Dave
  12. RnRDave

    Ampeg or another Ashdown?

    Thanks for that! I've messaged @Ashdown Engineering so will see what they say. I hope she can be saved!!
  13. RnRDave

    Ampeg or another Ashdown?

    So my ABM300 head crapped out on me at rehearsal last night (the power just went mid song so I suspect the power section has just blown, checked kettle lead fuses etc) Is it worth trying to get it fixed or shop around for something else? I've only ever had 2 amps (a Hartke HA3500 and the ABM300) in 10 years so don't mind trying something new but the ashdown did everything I needed it to. I like the look of the Ampeg PF 500 due to size and cost but been warmed there's some reliability issues with those? Anyone any experience? Alternatively does anyone know anyone who fixes amps around Lancashire?
  14. RnRDave

    Jack and Danny Mini Jazz Bass

    Just had a gander on their site. So they do short scale bass strings to suit? I've just got a VM squier mustang bass but gonna get one of these J&D as a back up/project finally now the blue is back in stock.