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  1. Thanks both, I'll send off some emails and see what can be done!
  2. So I could go for the Serek - but if there anyone in the UK that would be able to do something similar? I love the way this looks but $175+shipping and taxes makes it quite expensive....Any Suggestions?
  3. Welcome! Super fun and just convenient aren't they? I have two questions for the masses - can you buy that Mustang Bridge or just any bridge from Fender? I've got a Bronco and it's so close to being good, but the intonation is a nightmare with only 2 saddle adjustments. Second - I put a wanted ad up but just in case anyone here has a set of short flats they don't like/need I would be interested. Especially Chromes or Cobalts! Ta
  4. Just spotted this on No Treble - https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2021/01/29/rotosound-announces-single-string-availability/ You can now buy single strings from Rotosound - could be handy if you break one or want to try a slightly different gauge.
  5. They have just released it as a humbucker and it does sound cool in this Gibson - very tempted.
  6. They were definitely a bucket list band for me - Discovery in full would have been such a good concert. Ah well!
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. So I've currently got a 35" MTD Kingston and a Bronco short scale and I think a perfect compromise for the 3rd slot would be a medium scale. I know I could just get a Mezzo but I just can't gel with the SR shape. A quick Google shows SX did a 32 jazz which would be ideal, anyone had/got one or know if Rondo Music still produce these?
  9. I was just watching a bunch of Serek vids last night as I'm weighing up buying their new B90 humbucker for my Bronco project. Interesting pickup placement, was that your idea of theirs?
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. So I've got this Bronco that I've resurrected, it currently has a cheap rail pickup sitting in it which is fine but I want something more. I love the look of Nick Campbells Musicmaster and the vibe it has. I'm intrigued by the Serek B90 humbucker but let me know what other fun pickup suggestions you have!
  12. Not super light, but my go to recommendation for people wanting to try something different - LaBella White Nylons, copper for warmer, whites for brighter. Not cheap but they are butter smooth, last for ages and are brighter than flats.
  13. Yeah, MK1 looks classy but see when you pick up the MK2 and sit it on your lap. It's so good.
  14. Might be worth contacting GuitarGuitar or Bass Direct as since they are stockists then can do direct orders. Not sure if that makes any difference on import price
  15. So, definitely no shipping? Would happily pay for it
  16. Also, I've just noticed how weird this shape looks on 4 strings versions. Really weedy and unbalanced, almost like Mike designed them to have 5 strings as standard 😅
  17. The pukka ones they post on Instagram are proper works of art, but the Kingstons take all the design and shape to the budget side which is fantastic. The KZ5/6 come up on ebay at decent prices, I'm just not mad on the veneer on most of them.
  18. I'm glad there are potential solutions ahead, but you can see how ridiculous they think this situation is by the amount of tongue in cheek in that article, and they're not wrong 😅
  19. Great video, and that bass looks killer too. One day...
  20. Eurosender are currently unable to operate in UK so would count them out for now.
  21. So with the new charges and courier implications of the trade deal - are Maruszczyk still "good value" for custom instruments? I appreciate they were a bargain a few years ago but will these new fees push them into other builder territory?
  22. People will be bored of hearing this from me but try Labella White Nylon Tapewounds. Expensive yes but they give the brighter sound with the flat would feel. My favourite strings by far.
  23. That looks like a great home set up, I don't see myself in a band for the foreseeable and don't really have an amp. I primarily use my Phil Jones Bass Buddy and headphones but this might be a better set up for what I'm looking for. How is the latency for streaming stuff from the NUX for playing along? Also, are there any UK retailers for the Backbeat?
  24. I wouldn't read too much into his reaction. As much as he is trying to be neutral, you just have to look at his recent videos and his wall of basses to know he is a huge EB Fanboy and Spectors are very different to EBs.
  25. An update from Eurosender- ah the B word 😞 We regret to inform you about some unpleasant news at the moment. We have been informed just today by our partner Dpd, that the pick-ups within the UK cannot be performed for us as we have a seat of the company in Luxembourg and unfortunately not in the UK at the moment. This means that unfortunately as a foreign company we cannot operate at the moment in the UK due to Brexit regulations.
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