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  1. Oh man. I've been eyeing these up to replace my cheapo fretless. And I'm in Glasgow. Welp.
  2. At that's good! With the plugging into the amp thing - for me it would be how instinctive and easy it is to get a desired tone. For some having 5 knobs is perfect for the amount of control, for others it might be that passive, two knob control that's easy and 'natural' As you say, each to their own!
  3. Very quick question. I'll be down at Bass Direct in a few weeks, and obviously they have some very high end stuff - how happy are they for you to have a little noodle on things? Not many shops in the UK has the variety of stock they have so want to make the most of trying things to work out what basses suit me and what don't for future knowledge. Ta!
  4. Hey @Jiggfan I'll send you a private message
  5. Thanks! It's a great bass but just doesn't make its way into the rotation just now. Christmas is coming etc etc....
  6. My Dad (guitar player) is currently using and really enjoying the Mooer GE200 - I assume this is just the cab sim section from that. He classes it as basically a budget Helix type system. Have asked him what he thinks of it and will update later.
  7. While GuitarGuitar Glasgow has a decent selection, I am very excited to make a trip down to Bass Direct at the end of the month.


    1. GisserD


      who is paul?

    2. BassApprentice


      Paul is the bass guy at GuitarGuitar Glasgow - he's taken them having nothing but Fenders and Ibanez to having custom shop Sandbergs and Mayones and a lot more in stock. 

    3. jezzaboy


      Paul is the guy with the beard, specs and kind of hipster bun type hairdoo. He only works Friday and over the weekend if I remember right.

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  8. Apart from being a stunning bass - the bridge pickup looks really cool, wonder what the reason is? To imitate a slanted pickup maybe?
  9. I would have loved that Fretless 5er!! Should really keep a closer eye on eBay....
  10. To totally divert this discussion. I saw a BB714BS for sale and wondered what the general consensus is on them? Obviously the Attitude is highly regarded but how does this sub-signature model hold up?
  11. Can anyone explain the bridge? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hohner-B-bass-guitar/153230813463 Looks good otherwise just not sure why it has a Steinberger bridge
  12. A BB1025x has just popped up on Facebook for £550.... Must Not Buy Anyone want a mint BB425? 😬
  13. While the tone in the fingers argument is valid - I saw Santana this summer and he came out with a Strat at the end and looked and sounded completely lost. Understandable that Wooten isn't at his most comfortable on a jazz
  14. Oh definitely, some videos he tends to get lost in the technical side of his playing.
  15. Just saw this on Facebook Highly doubt it means anything but would be cool to see what Sire and Victor could do with a budget bass....
  16. Have to say, that Kala U Bass Journeyman looks mighty tempting for a living room noodler..... 

    1. Burns-bass


      Don't do it.


      I had one at it just ended up being an attractive case warmer.



    2. JapanAxe


      I have to admit I rarely use my own U-bass, but the Journeyman has knocked the bottom out of the used market so it won't be going anywhere!

  17. Just perusing Facebook and this popped up. Could be a suitable donor project?
  18. On enquire with our well featured @Andyjr1515 Check his thread about removing weight from a Harley Benton Jazz
  19. Aurichu, I have sent you a private message!
  20. Sad they aren't coming to Scotland this time round. They genuinely fill the entire room with joy and good vibes!
  21. I had one for a while and they are good fun to mess around on. I imagine if you're actively recording you will definitely find some good uses for it! Enjoy!
  22. Tell you what, I'll get in on this - I've been on the merry go round of buying and selling £300 basses in the past 12 months so think I need to stop and appreciate what I have. 4 String (x 2) ✅ Short Scale ✅ 5 String ✅ Fretless ✅ Good Amp ✅ Multi Effects ✅ Don't really have an excuse to buy any new gear...So let's see how this goes.
  23. Oooh, never seen a white SWB in the flesh but that looks good. Is that the passive version?
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