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  1. CameronJ

    New Wingbass

    Had an email yesterday from Andy @ Wing Instruments. They’re just putting the finishing touches on my Wing. Things got somewhat delayed, partly due to NAMM amongst other things. I decided to take the plunge and order the UDG MIDI Controller case I posted about above - it arrived today and is fantastic. Obviously I just have the empty case and no Wingbass yet but the guys who designed the case really thought it through. Very high quality. I’ll post pics once the Wing arrives! EDIT: Just realised I’m actually hijacking @Grantd‘s thread so I’ll start a new one when the time comes
  2. I tend to send my phone number as words "zero-seven-nine-five-zero..." or my email address without the punctuation "cameronj(at)mail(dot)com" Works for me!
  3. CameronJ

    Good bag/backpack to carry a Markbass head in?

    True, UDG and Magma aren’t cheap. Gator are much more affordable.
  4. CameronJ

    Good bag/backpack to carry a Markbass head in?

    Gator make a range of very well made bags in a variety of dimensions. Search for “gator mixer bag” and you’ll likely find something that fits. They’re very reasonably priced too.
  5. CameronJ

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    I have come close to pulling the trigger on an M18 a couple of times but backed out simply because for my personal home setup it would be a tad overkill (I'm not in a band)
  6. CameronJ

    IK Multimedia AXE I/O Interface

    I remember seeing this video a few months ago and thinking it looked decent. It definitely would have been a strong contender for me had I not invested in a HX Stomp! What recording software are you using? And how is the selection of bass amps/FX?
  7. Change the board to loop. 90% of folk put the hook side on the pedal, so if you kept the hook on your board you’d have to change the Velcro on every used pedal you buy from now on. It would get old quickly. If you haven’t got enough spare Velcro it can be cheaply bought online in rolls. When I was in the middle of my intense pedalboard phase, the big thing I learned was you can never have too much Velcro!
  8. CameronJ

    Nordstrand Pickups !

    @Marcoelwray how much would the 51P5S cost? Thats the humcancelling version of the '51 Precision style pickup in 5 string size.
  9. CameronJ

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    The most handsome of the flock if you ask me!
  10. CameronJ

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    No but there was a very cool modded one for sale here a couple of years ago which I still regret not buying
  11. CameronJ

    Enfield Lionheart Standard 5 (2015 Model)

    Oh wow...I've GASsed for an Enfield a few times. That GAS has returned!
  12. CameronJ

    Sandberg appreciation society

    Now I get you. The Basic, Classic, Booster etc (basically the all-original shapes which weren't based on Fenders or Gibsons) have the "other" headstock which, I agree, isn't as attractive!
  13. CameronJ

    Sandberg appreciation society

    I too prefer the Fender shape. But the headstock stayed the same didn't it?
  14. CameronJ

    Vigier Arpege III - 6 strings

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen a 6 string Vigier. Very cool!
  15. CameronJ

    Apogee Jam 96k

    Eminently tasteful playing as usual. What bass is that?