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  1. These are utterly excellent power supplies. Whoever buys this will be very happy.
  2. My new favourite flats! If anyone likes TIs but would prefer *slightly* higher tension and already broken in tone fresh from the packet, these are for you. GLWTS sir!
  3. The switch they use in Combustions/NG3s have the option for neck and bridge pups together, but this sacrifices the middle pup solo option. Both versions of the switch can be purchased separately at Bass Direct so it’s simple enough to go for the one you prefer. I quite like the options the D-Roc switch gives, personally. I’ve had to resist the urge to order one now that the 5ers are available! Pretty convinced I’ll own one at some point.
  4. +1 to this. I’ve owned three Dingwall Super Ps and each one has been beyond phenomenal. Had to sell two of them a year ago due to COVID but I’d buy them both back in a heartbeat if I could! GLWTS sir.
  5. Haven’t got one yet despite it being over a year since I first saw them! But I’m still considering one, mainly because it would double up nicely as both a very rugged case and a very rugged stand. I need to get some measurements on the width of the Enki and the width of the gap it would hypothetically slot into in my bedroom studio before I make a decision. The alternative is a Gruv Gear Kapsule (possibly a Duo version) which wouldn’t serve as a stand at all but the storage space could be a godsend with how frequently I’m on tour - I might be able to replace a suitcase + single bass case with a Kapsule Duo 🤔
  6. I’ve heard nothing but good things re: the reliability and quality of the Shure GLXD16 system - it will definitely be the next wireless system I buy!
  7. The company is kind of split between Japan and the US. The basses are made in Japan and the skinny stringed guitars are made in the US. Both workshops deliver absolutely stunning instruments.
  8. Has your amp got a dedicated “Aux Input”? That would be the best way to connect your Scarlett’s headphone output to your amp. Connecting your Scarlett’s headphone output to your your amp’s FX Return shouldn’t damage anything, but I suspect the signal level will be off, plus you’ll lose the stereo aspect of of your signal since FX returns are mono. I realise the amp will output a mono sound through your cab anyway but connecting via a dedicated Aux input will at least receive the stereo signal and sum both channels to mono properly, rather than just getting rid of the left or right channel of audio completely, which is what an FX return is likely to do. Hope that makes sense…!
  9. +1 to this. I’ve very recently converted to LaBella LTF (low tension flats) and the feel of them is truly perfect straight out of the pack. Silky smooth with zero stickiness, and the tension is really really nice. Oh and they sound bloody excellent too. They’re my favourite flats now after having tried Thomastiks, EB Cobalts, Dunlops and the standard La Bella 760 flats.
  10. My Wingbass NT5. Black Limba body with a flamed maple top. Birdseye maple fingerboard.
  11. These are rarer than hens teeth!
  12. No great hardship, I’m sure
  13. @fretmeister do the tweeter. You know it makes sense. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it…
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