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  1. A handsome beast. Glad this went to a basschatter!
  2. Just to add that when the factory strings die on my Xotic XJ 5er, I’ll be buying another set of Elixir nickels for it. I’m not one who delights in changing strings all the time (unless it’s rounds to flats/tapes or vice-versa for a completely different tone) so these are a no brainer.
  3. Thanks man, yeah it’s COVID dependent - hopefully by November it’ll be doable! Re: the strings, I’d really recommend them, they feel nice under the fingers and sound the way good strings should. I got the Nickels so can’t comment on the steels from personal experience, but I’m sure they’re just as good if steels are your flavour of choice.
  4. They’re great. Can’t say I’ve noticed a change in tone to be honest. I recently changed to TI Flatwounds on the bass they were on (purely for the tonal variety of having a bass with flats) but it’s nice to know they’ll still sound good when I put them back on. I potentially have a long gig at the end of the year - a Panto in Wales with 8 performances a week for 2 months - that’ll be a serious test for the Elixirs as my hands sweat quite a bit when playing live!
  5. That looks pretty damn good @ezbass
  6. Whoa. Some beautiful basses coming out of the woodwork, Johann! GLWTS sir.
  7. It would seem that the two systems are similar, yes. Still haven’t taken the plunge with buying an HRI system for my Xotic but when I do I’m sure I’ll post a thread here with the results.
  8. Such a cool bass
  9. If I had the cash it would likely already be in my arms! ...Says the 5 string player with a track record of selling all 4 string basses
  10. Truth. Dingwall soap bar pickups are also reverse P’s on the inside!
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