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  1. Yeah every now and then BassFreaks has one for sale. They sound excellent.
  2. That sounds positive. I’m definitely with you in not liking the NYXLs at all. Tried them on my Dingwall and they lasted all of 45 seconds before removal.
  3. How do the new XTs compare to the XLs?
  4. Dingwall Super P for me. So good I want another one to string with flats!
  5. Re: the Yamaha store, yes the staff will typically plug you into one of the small Hartke combos but there are also a couple of much heftier Ampeg rigs on the opposite side of the showroom which they’ll happily plug you into if you ask! The first time I tried a 735a was through their Ampeg 410 stack and it was a glorious experience even at the low volume I was playing at.
  6. I only really played the main groove, not the song in its entirety! I’m certainly no Thundercat.
  7. Played this as part of an audition a while back and got the job! Such a tune.
  8. Have to agree. Lusted hard after them when they came out. @dave_bass5 is yours blue or red?
  9. Not all satin finishes are created equal. The same applies for gloss. @dave_bass5 I think I may have posted a few pages back about preferring the Fender Am Pro Precision V neck to the Yamaha P35 neck. I fully stick by that with the addition that I also prefer my BB735a neck to the P35 neck. And I think it might be entirely down to the difference in finish - they’re both satin in a general sense but each executed differently, with the result being that the 735 feels noticeably better (for me)
  10. Sounds like your drummer has wildly overreacted. If the second band doesn’t conflict with your current one then there is no problem, surely.
  11. If I were anywhere near Manchester I’d be all over that!
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