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  1. Ah, of course! In my excitement I actually forgot that a strap tends to be attached to a bass... Not a whole lot of benefit to adding a wireless bug system then, unless you regularly remove and reattach your strap.
  2. Now what would it be like if you used a Boss WL20 or similar bug type wireless into the Backbeat’s bass input? Then you’d only have the headphone cable to worry about! Hmmm...
  3. Buy a good set of speakers without inbuilt Bluetooth and just plug in a Bluetooth receiver! I use one of these constantly plugged in to power so I don’t have to worry about the battery: https://www.absolutemusic.co.uk/blackstar-tone-link-bluetooth-audio-receiver.html?source=shopping&sku=bsrtonelink&gclid=Cj0KCQiA0fr_BRDaARIsAABw4EusJM4ZYwDwcZIXRGkuG9m2r2sIRPcTa2bkIV92rPno97FpfSncmS8aAubsEALw_wcB Of course, with most normal desktop speakers, you’d then lose the ability to have a computer or other device plugged via a wired connection at the same time. If that’s essential, I’d look at something like this: https://www.andertons.co.uk/kali-audio-mv-bt-high-resolution-bluetooth-receiver The Kali Audio receiver has an extra 3.5mm Aux input so you get the best of both worlds from your speaker set up.
  4. You’ll notice in both of the posts you’ve quoted, scale length is mentioned as a significant factor. You’ll also, I’m sure, have noticed that was one of the first factors I listed in my post. Both quotes list other factors as having an impact on the issue, which I am wholeheartedly in agreement with. I shall remain quick to dismiss the argument that a P pickup in traditional layout is “useless 90% of the time” on a low B. That statement may be one player’s experience with their own personal basses, amps and other gear - but it is absolutely not a universal truth.
  5. Him, and a ton of other well respected bass brands. Hölger (head of Sandberg) only reverses the P pup in his PJ5 or PM5 (VT5 or VM5) basses as he prefers the way the P blends sonically with the bridge pup in that config. On their standard P5s (VS5) the pickup is in “traditional” position.
  6. That is a hilariously blanket statement. The number of variables is huge. String type, scale length, pickup construction, tone knob (or EQ) position, body construction, plucking hand position and technique. And that’s before you get into the genre of music you’re playing and what the setup of other instruments is like, mix etc. As an aside, it always makes me laugh on bass sale adverts when people ask, “what’s the B string like?” Considering how vastly a change of strings can affect both the feel and tone of a bass, and since you’re likely to change the strings to a set of your preference once you’ve bought the bass anyway, it feels like a pointless question to me. Thankfully, this madness is rarely seen on Basschat!
  7. How heavy is “light weight”?
  8. Ah, I thought that was a bargain until I remembered you’ll be getting VAT added on by customs once it hits UK shores...!
  9. I guess a big argument for going the USA route over the Indonesian Skylines is a theoretical guarantee that you’ll be getting a perfect bass in every way, since it will be hand built by highly skilled craftsmen. Except that isn’t necessarily true. The USA folk can make mistakes too. If I remember correctly, @Quatschmacher had a bit of an issue with a custom order? Was it the neck pocket?
  10. 100% agree. Let’s not forget that Apple products are made in China, yet they are regarded as being a premium product with a price to match. All of the Lakland Skylines I’ve laid my hands on have had top quality fit & finish. I would have serious difficulty justifying spending 2 or 3 times more for a USA version.
  11. I remember calling Alpher about this very bass a while back! Lovely thing. I doubt it will hang around long.
  12. You’d think the same argument would apply to oil/satin vs poly/gloss finish on bodies then, but I’ve never seen that myself. And I I can’t say I’ve ever seen a guitar manufacturer claim a poly finished neck to be a premium feature. In reality it’s down to personal taste and whether it fits the feel and aesthetic of the rest of the instrument. You’re far more likely to see a gloss bodied guitar with an oil neck than a satin bodied guitar with a poly neck. The latter would seem a bit weird to me. Obviously nobody would bat an eyelid at poly on poly and oil on oil.
  13. For what it’s worth, my near £2.5k Xotic XJ has an oiled neck finish. I much prefer it to poly, personally. Oil vs. poly necks can’t be a reason for stating one bass is more premium than another, surely?
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