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  1. Ha! I was gonna say if you ever get bored of your Super J5 (or 4) let me know I don’t think I’ll be letting go of my Super P though - it’s the best bass I’ve ever played!
  2. CameronJ

    Got wood?

    Seeing all these basses in left handed orientation is giving me a new appreciation of body shapes I’ve always taken for granted 🤔
  3. Beautiful! Love the look of them. I’d like a matching Super J to go with my Super P!
  4. Ooh, do you have a photo of your Super J? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?
  5. CameronJ

    Got wood?

    I was so busy drooling I didn’t even realise they were left handed
  6. CameronJ

    Got wood?

    @blablas are they all yours?!
  7. And there I was hoping they’d be affordable! No such luck...
  8. Delicious. You should call her “Andy’s Candy”
  9. Oh man that looks phenomenal! Reminds me of Carey Nordstrand’s gold P bass:
  10. Ooft. Worcester sauce and mature cheddar on your Cobalts. That’ll get your tone nice and funky.
  11. Haha! I’m currently in Zürich so it’s actually 12.30 on a Friday night
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