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  1. Slow site?

    Yes, Safari on iPad and iPhone. The site now feels like it’s switching intermittently between being absolutely fine and very slow again. It’s better than it was though - I’d say it’s fine 70% of the time now. I can live with that!
  2. Is this normal

    I’m firmly in the “it’s mostly/all the bass itself” camp. Tone rolled off a bit.
  3. Slow site?

    The site has been almost unbearably slow for me for the past week or so too. I tend to browse on my iPad and have used both WiFi and 4G with no difference in performance. Same on iPhone (again, WiFi and 4G) but it seems to be fine on my Windows 10 laptop running Firefox. Definitely isn’t my internet connection as every other site loads fine? often when I click a link to get to a section on BC the header will load almost immediately but the content will then take a long while to catch up.
  4. Passive 5 strings, what are your favourites?

    A glorious thing. Love it.
  5. Furch B62 SW-5 (High end acoustic bass)

    It’s like a slightly subtler/classier looking Warwick Alien! Very nice.
  6. I might have to do a few clips of my Octamizer and/or T16 and/or Meatbox if nobody beats me to it. Could have some time tomorrow - watch this space!
  7. Interesting FRFR story..

    Ah, yes. Saw these on the Yamaha Website a few days ago and thought they looked rather nice. I say go for it, @dood! Now the question is, how many inches?
  8. Anyone use Labella black nylon tapewounds?

    They will only get better, trust me! Enjoy
  9. ACG's new profile

    I feel like this bass (or one very similar to it) has been for sale in the classifieds here at some point...?
  10. It's Squier, Squire

    Massive +1 to this. Avoid like the plague.
  11. It's Squier, Squire

    Me too
  12. It's Squier, Squire

    Is it supposed to be pronounced in a Spanish manner?
  13. It's Squier, Squire

  14. Anyone use Labella black nylon tapewounds?

    Based on what you’re looking for you won’t be disappointed. I use a set on my Sandberg P bass and absolutely love them. I was worried I wouldn’t like the tension but as soon as the strings were on the bass and I had it in my hands all worries were out the window.
  15. Tech21 prototype dUg pre-amp pedal.

    I suspect that might work out pretty well!