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  1. That was brilliant. Great bassline and very watchable fellow. I knew nothing of Guy Pratt before this really so thanks!
  2. PM headed your way sir, lest this thread become a gushing wankfest for Dingwall basses.
  3. @therealting my new Super P4 is the little sibling to yours! On the right of this family shot:
  4. I’m Inclined to agree with this!
  5. Somehow all of the jazzes I’ve liked most have had 70’s spacing. Though I suppose it could have been any number of factors. Pickups, electronics etc. I should add that I NEVER use the bridge pup soloed. It’s not a sound I enjoy at all, for my playing at least. So my preference for 70’s spacing is purely down to how it blends with the neck pup.
  6. I think @kusee pee meant keys as in piano keys - i.e. having the keyboard laid out in front of you makes it easier to visualise note relationships given its linear orientation.
  7. Also, just gonna leave this link here for a well discounted black JMJ Mustang: https://guitarvillage.co.uk/products/fender-jmj-road-worn-mustang-bass-black
  8. They have the new black JMJ Mustang listed at 20% off! If I weren’t so unemployed right now I’d be jumping all over that https://guitarvillage.co.uk/products/fender-jmj-road-worn-mustang-bass-black
  9. I’m a little worried about this too. I placed an order for assorted gym equipment on the day the lockdown was announced! An example of my impeccable timing.
  10. Congrats @Old Horse Murphy! Beware though. It’s potentially a gateway drug into the world of multi scale bass. Soon, like me, you’ll have Dingwalls sprouting from every orifice!
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