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  1. To be fair I already have one, but at this price I was highly tempted by a second. I am the definition of greed
  2. Definitely worth a try. However as has been said, neck profile, nut width, string spacing at the bridge etc can have a bigger effect on playing comfort than whether the bass is multi scale or not. For me, it took a couple of minutes to get used to fanned frets - I switch between fanned and non fanned basses regularly without issue. Also, my Dingwall Super PJ5 with a 35" scale low B feels like a noticeably shorter scale instrument than my Xotic 5 string jazz basses with a 34" scale across all strings. There's much more to playing comfort than just the scale length of the strings themselves.
  3. These are great machines. Performance to shame older intel Macs and frankly incredible battery life. This is a great spec too with the upgraded Memory and larger SSD. GLWTS sir! P.S. does it come with original box & cables, manuals etc? Only asking as I think it’ll help the sale.
  4. I bought my first ever proper bass cab from Bass Gear! They were so helpful, friendly and patient. Such a great shop.
  5. I hadn’t even thought of that but it will be such a great tool for trying out new basses! Not that I’ll be buying new basses any time soon of course. Now where was that Pinocchio emoji…?
  6. I know what you mean. In a roundabout way I can record what I hear as the sound I’ve set up in the WAZA is basically the same as I use when playing through my Helix Stomp (or Helix Native software) using my in ear monitors with my audio interface. Boss have just allowed me to take that setup with me wherever I go without a single cable in sight. Now if I ever dive into the spatial head tracking stuff that’s where I’ll be in irreplicable territory…
  7. Just bought one of these from a fellow basschatter and wow…they’re phenomenal. I’ve got everything set completely flat. No effects, just bass and Bluetooth audio streaming. The quality of sound is top notch, no farting out even when maxing the bass volume - plus to my surprise the cans themselves are actually very comfortable! I wasn’t sure what to expect with the rectangular cups but I’m very pleasantly surprised. I haven’t touched a manual, just unboxed the kit, downloaded the app and worked it all out. I was up and running within 5 minutes. Without doubt the best headphone practice amp I’ve ever tried. The previous holder of that title was the Phil Jones BigHead, which will now be up for sale I suspect. Bravo, Boss!
  8. I’ve just purchased a Boss WAZA Air (bass version) from Mark. Communication was great, postage swift and well packaged for transit. A thoroughly pleasant experience from start to finish! Mark is a credit to Basschat - I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with him again. Many thanks
  9. For anyone wondering what these beasts sound like:
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