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  1. Somewhat off-topic but what strings are on this? I’ve never seen silks in that colour before
  2. Fantastic basses - I have an identical one and it’s currently my only 4 string! I briefly listed it for sale last year before coming to my senses...
  3. Still not sure why Zoom continue to insist on making separate guitar/bass specific versions of their multis, rather than making one unit with all FX & amp models like pretty much every other major player in the multiFX modelling world does.
  4. Bloody hell. I don’t even have a cab to run this through but I’m still tempted! Great amps at a great price.
  5. By far the most useful things there are the clip indicator/level meters! Been much-requested by Helix users for quite some time now so I’m glad to see them arriving at last.
  6. Yeah that UI looks great! I’m really liking the rotary footswitches - the more I see them the more they make sense. Having so many immediately tweakable parameters (reducing the amount of menu diving) whilst simultaneously reducing the overall footprint of the unit and keeping the front panel clean/minimalist is a great design choice IMO.
  7. Yup. Preorders are now past the initial batch of 1000 and are now into “Tier 2” with an estimated shipping date of November (as opposed to September for Tier 1)
  8. In other news, regarding the sturdiness of the rotary footswitches, check this photo out:
  9. I’d be surprised if there weren’t at least a couple of decent monophonic octavers (and maybe even a poly) in the unit but as we know, tastes in octavers can be very subjective/personal. I personally doubt there will be a ground breaking synth engine in the Quad Cortex. Look at Darkglass/Neural products thus far: distortions, compressors, amps/cabs etc. but zero synth stuff. The fact is, synth effects for guitar and bass are still a small niche area of the market and there’s a good chance that for Doug Castro and his team, building a comprehensive software synth engine to compete with the likes of Source Audio C4 and Future Impact simply isn’t worth the time and effort given the realistic impact on Quad Cortex sales at present. Not saying it’s impossible but precedent tells me it’s very very unlikely, especially at launch. Quad Cortex has serious processing power under the hood though, so one can argue it would be foolish for the Neural folks not spend time creating some more ambitious effect types for the platform. Time will tell! In the meantime, I’d happily stick a Source Audio C4 into one of the FX loops.
  10. Just gonna leave this here - Q&A livestream with Doug Castro scheduled for tomorrow evening:
  11. I wouldn’t mind this to complement my Wingbass! Really like the finish.
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