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  1. CameronJ

    BassChat Podcast?

    @Akio Dāku sounds good. And @Chownybass, I’m sure none of us will mind!
  2. CameronJ

    Bass Direct

    Ewww. 1kHz LPF at the desk is a sorry state of affairs.
  3. CameronJ

    New tiny amp options

    Took the words right out of my mouth. I owned a Tecamp Puma 900 for a while (the older sibling to the Eich T900) and I don’t know how you could get a more friendly form factor, especially at that kind of wattage. Legitimately gig-bag-pocketable and weighs next to nothing to boot. You can get 300/500/900 watt variants and, as @TJ Spicer says, they’re all exactly the same size.
  4. CameronJ

    Bolin NS5

    Rare and lovely basses! They really don’t come up often at all - GLWTS
  5. CameronJ

    YAMAHA BB5000A

    I have absolutely no need for this bass - and yet I want it!
  6. CameronJ

    Markbass Little Marcus 800 New! 450£

    @Al Krow 🧐
  7. CameronJ

    Source Audio Aftershock £90 posted

    Bargain prices for these!
  8. Very good price. If I had a bass for these to go on I’d be all over them.
  9. CameronJ

    NCD: RCF Art 735

    Thoughts so far, @r16ktx?
  10. CameronJ

    Line 6 Helix.

    Stop teasing me...!
  11. CameronJ

    Dunlop Super Bright Strings

    That’s not great, but where did you purchase the strings from? You could have gotten a replacement pack (or at least a replacement string) had the issue been raised with the retailer.
  12. CameronJ

    BassChat Podcast?

    I didn’t notice. You gave a damn good interview as far as I’m concerned! Very insightful.
  13. CameronJ

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Oh wow. The luminlays don’t look good at all. The raised lump on the rear looks like it might be a knot in the wood which hasn’t been sealed?? Glad he’s accepted your complaints and is dealing with it. It’s definitely gonna have to be a rebuild methinks - too much effort to undo and redo, surely!
  14. CameronJ

    The Bass Gallery Presents: A Masterclass With John Patitucci

    If only I didn’t have bills to pay 😂