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  1. Sandberg Electra VS4

    @Ceebass in all honesty if you’d listed this for sale a week or two ago I’d have had it!
  2. Sandberg Electra VS4

    Obviously I don’t know the exact weight as I don’t own this bass but mine is very lightweight...
  3. Sandberg Electra VS4

    I’ve just gotten myself one of these and I have to say it is superb! Also, @Ceebass is a gent to deal with.
  4. light weight PA

    The answer is a definite yes. You can ditch the subs completely if you get a pair of RCF 735 or 745s. They have 15 inch woofers and high frequency drivers with BIG voice coils (3inch or 4 inch, respectively) meaning the crossover point with the woofer can be really low allowing it to almost behave like a sub in itself. Then go get yourself a good unpowered digital mixer as the RCFs are already powered, saving a load more weight again. Job done - your PA load in time is cut in half and you sacrifice nothing in terms of sound.
  5. Blind test: MusicMan StingRay 2004 vs Cort GB75JH

    1. Stingray 2. Cort I’m anticipating a surprise result though...
  6. Walk in gigs equipment

    Truth. Generally, if you’re prepared to have a civilised conversation with whoever’s on sound and are clearly not an idiot they’re generally prepared to accommodate.
  7. Walk in gigs equipment

    Or even an effects return maybe. Never tried it myself but should be ok I reckon.
  8. Walk in gigs equipment

    Presumably the XLRs are putting out Line Level signal so I imagine it’s not a great idea to plug that into the instrument input on the front of a venue’s amp. It would potentially work if the recipient amp has a preamp input somewhere?
  9. RAT distortion in a cable?!

    This is madness.
  10. feedback for Deedee

    Just sold a Tecamp Puma 900 to Dan. Super easy transaction, deal with confidence folks!
  11. If you could only choose one octave pedal

    They’re very very different - do you want classic synthy goodness or do you want to blow subs?
  12. New bass day!

    Now I hate to add GAS to the flames but... https://youtu.be/rc7QCOe5lcw
  13. To fit a 4 string precision style headstock.
  14. Ceebass Feedback

    Just sold a Digitech Bass Synth Wah to Will. Super easy transaction, pleasure doing business with you!
  15. New bass day!

    Good lord!