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  1. This is crazy nice. Makes me wonder what the other bass is, to knock this one off the shelf! Edit: ah, the Celinder!
  2. I’ve got the “L” version and it’s decent. Not sure I’d use it on a gig. Would probably prefer the WL50 version with the pedalboard receiver as I’d be able to easily recharge the transmitter between sets, plus I’d never have to worry about receiver charge as it’d be plumbed into my board’s PSU. Plus it gives the option of plugging a cable directly in, should the transmitter die on you. And the pedalboard receiver allows for extended range vs. the WL20’s bug receiver. If it’s of use to anyone, Andertons currently have the WL50 priced at £5 more than the WL20. As it stands, the 20L that I have is perfect for home use and little jam sessions but I’d be wanting a more robust system for gigs really, in terms of features and form factor.
  3. Single action truss rods can only go between “flat” and bending in one direction. Dual action rods can bend both ways, allowing your neck to be adjusted both forward and back relative to your playing position.
  4. I always assumed that dual action rods were standard on basses built relatively recently? As in, the last 20-30 years or so? But that assumption is based on absolutely nothing tangible! They are a godsend and I don’t know why anyone would continue using single action rods in their builds once dual action options became readily available, other than for the purposes of penny pinching...
  5. Another +1 for both Wunjo’s on Denmark street and Andertons, both of whom I’ve had nothing but excellent experiences with.
  6. Oh bloody hell. I was hoping this was the 5 string version!
  7. I doubt they ever will - the Spectradrive is as close as we’ll likely ever get. Although I feel like it’s the kind of project John East @John-E-Retro could make happen!
  8. Wait...you’re not playing bass anymore?
  9. Indeed, and the flats really add some sauce!
  10. True, but those things can’t completely change the tonal character of a bass. Amp, mic and processing wouldn’t really be able to make a Jazz sound like a Stingray etc.
  11. I’ve always the thought the EQ from TC Electronic’s BH Series heads would be pretty cool in an onboard pre form. They put the same EQ section into the Spectradrive preamp pedal. 4 bands, with each band cutting at a different frequency than it boosts. The bass control cuts at 50hz but boosts at 80hz: Having owned a BH800 head I can say it’s a very intuitive system and just makes a tone of sense.
  12. That sounds bloody good Yes he’s a great player and his phrasing would make any bass sound good but the bass itself definitely has a specific sonic character to it which I really like.
  13. What kind of tones do you prefer? Classic or modern? And therefore, would you be leaning more towards precision/jazz style pickups or humbuckers? Are you looking for an active or a passive bass? The answers to these two points alone will narrow down your selection considerably.
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