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  1. They are genuinely excellent basses at any money - The fact it took basses 5 times the cost (at least) to dethrone my BB735a speaks volumes.
  2. Best without question - my Dingwall Super PJ5. It’s so good that I’m very seriously considering placing a custom order with Dingwall for a Super J5 next year. My worst is probably the Future Impact pedal I owned briefly but didn’t get any use out of. This is zero reflection on the pedal itself which can create some excellent sounds - I simply didn’t put any time aside to get to grips with it and then life happened, requiring me to raise some funds. It fell onto the chopping block and a willing buyer snapped it up. I may well own one again, especially after the release of the latest firmware.
  3. Perhaps we should start an IEM porn thread?
  4. Ah I didn’t realise that. Still, 9 blocks is great.
  5. I do this myself. All my patches have a HPF and a noise gate set up on the input block as standard. If I had to choose only one though, it would be the noise gate all day long. Most underrated effect ever IMO, both for recording and live use!
  6. Spot on. For the pennies that these cost, it’s worth having some lying around even if you don’t own a bass with split-shaft pots yet.
  7. Yep, in recent years Behringer have proven themselves to be capable of producing some pretty solid gear. Somewhat off-topic but their recent synth stuff in particular has been rather tasty.
  8. I would assume the difference in quality isn’t as much as the price would suggest, more due to Behringer’s ability to manufacture the product on a greater scale than Fischer - economies of scale. But having never used either product I’m purely speculating!
  9. A noble beast. I actually traded my matte black BB735a to Skinnyman of this parish a couple of months ago but I suspect I’ll own another at some point. I can’t think of a better bass for the money.
  10. It’s perfect for when I need more grind/bite and high mid push compared to my usual default clean patch. The sound guy is pleased as it does all of the above whilst retaining the low end nicely - the joy of crossed over highs and compressed lows on Helix! So far I’m using the patch on 9 to 5 (Dolly Parton), Papa Don’t Preach (Madonna), I’ll Be There For You (Rembrandts/Friends theme), Get Ready (Temptations), and there are a few numbers we haven’t started working on yet so there could well be one or two more
  11. @GisserD I’m using your “Amp Tone’z” Stomp patch on quite a few songs on my current Panto gig in Ipswich. It’s proving to work quite nicely in a mix! Special mention goes to the Yamaha DXR12s supplied to us by the sound crew. They sound great! My monitor comfortably fills the whole stage (and the whole rehearsal building!) with full fat bass.
  12. What a tune! Great playing too. I remember checking out those AG70 pups a while back and thinkin they sounded tasty.
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