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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. I sold a TC Flashback Mini delay to James and he's been a real pleasure to deal with. Payment on the dot and all round pleasant transaction. Highly recommended! Enjoy setting that thing to 1/16th notes and being a lazy sod like me
  3. Hi there I've recently changed all the hardware on my bass from Black to Chrome/Nickel so instead of these sitting around or me inevitably finding a project bass for the bits, I thought I'd offer them out (even at this moment I'm thinking of a black'd out project bass). Need to re-coup a bit of the money from changing all the hardware (Hipshot stuff wasn't cheap!) I will say this first, I'm not interested in splitting this lot, I'd rather it gone as one set. So, the bits I have are as follows: 4 tuners with screws: 2x2 set up, lightweight but smooth and hold tuning very well. 3/8" diameter with standard shape tuning key 1 high mass bridge with screws: Looks a bit like the new Fender Geddy Lee bridge but with standard saddles. Very chunky, plenty of sustain but also plenty of adjustment. Roughly 8x5cm and has standard 5 hole mounting. 4 dome top knurled metal knobs: will only fit split shaft pots 2 strap buttons with screws I'll upload some pics a little later on. I'm sure someone will find use for them before I do! £40 plus £5 postage (paypal/bank transfer accepted) or cash on collection from central Bedfordshire is welcome. Thanks
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. From the price and description, I'd say it's the much later black Power Wah
  6. Hey guys I've recently got this pedal as a present but basically, I prefer something with a normal tap tempo. I will say though, I've been so impressed by this pedal so far that the only reason I'm selling it is to get the full fat Flashback and use it with my tap tempo thing. There is a story behind it though: Recently TC Electronic & Devin Townsend held a competition for someone to win a pedalboard made up by Devin Townsend. My mate won this competition but gave me the Flashback Mini as a present. So, this pedal has been touched and played by Devin Townsend (if you're in to that sort of thing haha!). This pedal does have it's own "tap tempo" feature but basically, you hold down the foot switch and it picks up the pattern of your playing, adjusting the delay time to fit it. Great idea for on the fly changes! These pedals also feature the extremely tweakable "tone print" which can be changed the usual ways via the USB port or through the weird signal thing it does through your pickups. It's a great pedal if you want a very versatile delay and you don't have much room on your board. Anyway, I'd like £50 for it as it's basically new and these sell for £70+ new and still appear for £60 on the used market. Obviously there is no box for this pedal but it will be packaged very securely. Postage is £3.90. -SOLD-
  7. Have just had a reply, it's a 10k B (Linear) pot so I might set about fixing it tonight if I still have a spare 10k B pot around.
  8. Typically I don't have a multi meter either! haha. Must get one of those ordered but for future reference, that is great advice, thank you! Yeah I've fired them off another email just asking for info on the pot instead of them giving me a replacement. Hoping for a quick reply though as I'm hoping to use it in my live rig again from July onwards (as it is actually a very good noise gate but cheap pots detract from it!) so yeah, want it sorted haha!
  9. I couldn't see one similar by Vishay when i googled it unfortunately. Thing is, I don't know if this one is Log or Linear either.
  10. Hello! I've had a Rocktron IICX noise gate that I haven't used for years but I've decided to put in my live rig again. Only problem is one of the potentiometers broke and Rocktron offered to send out a new pot but never actually did it. basically the shaft got broken off of the VR3 Threshold control so it's a bit important to fix! haha Anyway, I know the pot's value, it's a 10k pot but I've never seen this type of pot before and can't find anything similar. it's marked with "10k 903" on the top which I've tried googling but to no avail. I'll attach a photo to the end of the post in the hope someone more technically minded knows what sort of pot it is and where I can get a replacement one. Thanks in advance! *edit* Have just had a reply, it's a 10k B (Linear) pot so I might set about fixing it tonight if I still have a spare 10k B pot around.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Hey guys I've been bought a Korg DT-10 tuner to go on my "fly rig" board but as my main bass board and my guitar board both have Korg PB-01 tuners on them, my band mate uses a PB-01 and I have serious OCD when it comes to my pedals, I can't put this on my board (yes that's a ridiculous reason but we're all a little bit "funny" aren't we!). The DT-10 was bought 2nd hand (my relative paid £35) but as such is in very good condition with very little use and has obviously been taken care of. So anyway, I'm offering up my Korg DT-10 in straight swap for a PB-01 but as a sweetener, I'll pay postage on both items (to the max of £3.90 as I know that's how much "signed for" delivery on a parcel this size is). If no one wants to do a trade then I'll take £30 + £3.90 postage for it. Pics to be uploaded later when my phone has charged up. Item location is central Bedfordshire.
  13. Haha! Sorry Andy, didn't mean it to sound like a criticism. Really hope you manage to sort out the problems you've had with it so far though as it's been a great build to follow and such a shame you've had the issues.
  14. Is it my eyes or are the strings really mis-aligned over the fretboard? Apart form that, really enjoyed this build diary!
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