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  1. Hey everyone. One of my basses is undergoing a colour change and the black plastic pick up covers on the P and J pick ups just won't look right with it. Nor would cream or white. So, I was wondering, does any one on here know of anywhere you can get different coloured pick up covers made? I would love some in a toxic/neon/slime green as that would fit the colour of the bass perfectly!
  2. Small hole in speaker! Help!

    Those are all things I have around my house! I can get to the back of the speakers just by taking the back panel off (I believe anyway, it’s been ages since I’ve properly used it!). It’s fairly central so hopefully it’s an easy fix. Thank you for your help!
  3. Small hole in speaker! Help!

    Hey everyone i have an old 4x12 cabinet that I’ve been using but unfortunately and rather stupidly, I managed to drop a screw driver which got caught in the mesh grille on the cab and punctured a hole in the speaker. The hole isn’t very big but obviously, not good to have a hole in it. What is the cheapest and easiest method to repair the hole in the speaker? When I say it’s a small hole, it’s sbout 4mm in diameter. any help would be appreciated
  4. SOLD PLEASE LOCK Entwistle pick ups

    Sorry Chris but Mike has got them! Why don't you grab @Donnyboy's J set off him? Cheers every one.
  5. SOLD PLEASE LOCK - EMG J Jazz Pick up

    The x series pick ups are just the same as the regular ones but with higher output so these are exactly the same sounding really
  6. SOLD PLEASE LOCK Entwistle pick ups

    Hi Mike, I’ve sent you a message!
  7. SOLD PLEASE LOCK Entwistle pick ups

    You can list items up to £50 for free bud
  8. SOLD PLEASE LOCK Entwistle pick ups

    Let me have a think about it, if these don't shift in the next week or so, I might take you up on that. Might be worth you listing yours as well though and if your's sell before mine, you could buy them or something?
  9. SOLD PLEASE LOCK Entwistle pick ups

    Hi Donny, sorry but I’d rather sell as a set. Selling a bridge jazz pick up on its own is a bit of a hard task on here. If someone wants the bridge pick up though I’m more than happy to split but I’d rather not be left with just one. Thanks.
  10. EMG P Precision Pick up - PRICE DROP!

    Somebody buy meeeee
  11. SOLD PLEASE LOCK - EMG J Jazz Pick up

    Bump! Any one out there?
  12. SOLD Price Drop Ashdow MK500 plus Ashdown Klystron Cabs

    Those MK500 amps are amazing! Whoever gets this for £150 is stealing it.
  13. No worries man. Thinking of getting some of these for a 5 string I want to get. Will keep an eye on them just in case I manage to get the money for them.
  14. What are you looking for in trade for these dude?