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  1. Hey everyone just noticed the bridge on my new (2nd hand) bass has a bent baseplate (even though it's a "high mass" bridge? what was he stringing it with????) so I need a quick and cheap replacement whilst I keep my eye out for a Badass V. Only stipulation is it must be chrome and standard 6 bolt screw holes please. I'll even take a BBOT style bridge but would prefer it to be a high mass type. Not looking to spend big here. Some pictures below for reference.
  2. Hello! Looking to upgrade a couple of my basses so on the look out for the following Hipshot sets: HB6-C - 3/8 Black (USA) set of 4 (4-in-line right handed set up preferred but as they're USA, they should be reversible) HB6-C - 3/8 Chrome (USA) x 2 sets of 4 (2x2 set up preferred but as they're USA, they should be reversible) HB6-C - 3/8 Gold (Licensed or USA) set of 4 (2x2 set up needed so if Licensed then must be the 2x2 set) They must have the clover keys and the Chrome sets must have the "satin" baseplate and polished peg (photo below for reference). Priority is the chrome ones as it's for my main gigging basses and the gold ones are for a lower end bass which is why I don't mind if they're the Licensed ones Thanks!
  3. Because I was bought it a few years back and noticed that it made a difference to the noise in my rig when playing crappy dingy "venues" (aka pubs that think they're a venue) who run extension lead in to extension lead and have sh1te grounding. In fairness, that's also been the case in some other more professional venues too. I'm not in a pro touring band, I'm in an unsigned metal band so we don't have our pick of the creme de la creme venues unfortunately. They're also 6x the top end of my budget! haha I'm in Bedfordshire mate. That would mean having to buy another case which would likely cost another £50 which I don't have the budget for unfortunately.
  4. Hey everyone this may seem like a bit of a stupid question, but does any one know if Fender used the same mirrored chrome pickguard (as in same part, cut out, screw hole alignment) for the 2009/10 MIJ Blue Sparkle Precision Bass as they use on the newer MIM West Ham version? Reason I ask is my bass has been gigged an awful lot and where the body and neck are in near perfect condition (odd dink on the very end of the headstock unfortunately!), the chrome pickguard has the usual swirl marks and scuffs from either where I’ve rested my thumb on the pickup screw or where a pick has caught the guard SO I’m thinking of taking this plate off to put on another P bass and putting a proper replacement one on there to keep it looking clean. I don’t use the Blue Sparkle one for gigging any more due to needing a 5 string tuned to A standard and the fact I’m scared to death of it either going walkabouts (seems to be a recent rise in gear thefts) or it getting damaged so I keep it in the case. It also has a lot of sentimental value to me so there’s also that! any help would be appreciated and again, sorry if it’s a stupid question! Cheers!
  5. Unfortunately my case only has 1u of space in it as there is a power condition, Marshall JMP-1 and multi-Fx unit in there and it’s a 4u case
  6. Thanks for all your suggestions everyone! I’ve had a couple of messages about potential power amps as well which is quite handy so I’ll be taking those in to consideration. And yeah it was definitely a case of the 2nd hand market for buying one. Ideally I wanted a Marshall VS 8008 but whenever they pop up, it’s always at the wrong time and going for more than what I could budget. Again thanks for all the suggestions!
  7. Hey everyone I'm basically just looking for any pointers here towards any decent, budget friendly 2 channel 1u rack mountable power amps please. preferably 100w or more per side as it's going to be used to power 2 4x12 cabinets in a doom/stoner rock band. Must be rack mountable, 1u spacing and have 2 channels. 1/4" ins and outs would be preferable too. I have the power conditioner, pre amp, noise gate and multi fx units I want in the rack but need an amplifier for it all now! Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello! As in the title, looking for a chrome Omega Badass V bridge. Thanks
  9. I have one of these basses, one of the Made In Japan ones and yeah it's a great bass but £2k? Guys a fool. I paid 1k for mine new and have considered letting it go at times for that same price but to try and get £2k for it is absurd!
  10. Hey everyone I've got an EMG BTS, the bass & treble preamp but I'm swapping it in to a different bass that already has an EMG stacked mid control and only has one more hole so if anyone has an EMG BTC (the bass/treble stacked pot) that they'd be willing to swap for it, I'll even pay the postage on both items (Royal Mail signed for - £3.90, I'll book the postal order and send you the label). Must be the solderless/quick connect version but I don't need any of the gubbins (knobs, wires, jack, battery clip etc etc) that come with it (nor will I be sending any of the other bits as it's just going to be a direct swap). For sake of keeping to the forum rules, sale price is £50 but I'm technically not wanting to sell it unless someone else is selling a BTC for £50 on here. I'm located in Bedfordshire, if you want to do a stop and swap then by all means cool with me but I don't drive so I can't offer to do the same! Thanks for reading! (to save any confusion) This is what I have: This is what I'd like in trade:
  11. I feel your pain there, such a great compressor.
  12. Hello! I've decided to sell my Morley wah as I'm rarely using it. Apart from the replacement glow in the dark Grip tape, it's in great condition. I've got velcro strips on the underside but I can take them off if you want. The original rubber treadle matt was missing when I bought it but I put this glow in the dark skateboard grip tape on so I could see it on dark stages. it does that job perfectly and grips your foot very well. Again though can be taken off if necessary. SOLD ELSEWHERE Thanks!
  13. What a great gesture from Rotosound! Fair play to you. The reason I play bass and reason I got my first set of Rotosounds was Steve Harris. Stuck a set of the SH77 flats on my Epiphone bass and used them for ages. Loved them. Moved back to using round wounds after that and was drawn to use Rotos again because of Geddy Lee & Duff McKagan.
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