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  1. Problems with my bass's wiring, please help!

    @Grangur Sorry again but the Billy Sheehan bass is not active at all. The compartment on the back is for access to the 2 jack inputs (they have since changed it on the Attitude III to have the jacks mounted on a plate on the front instead of the barrel jacks going through). the pick ups in Billy's basses are Dimarzio Will Power Middle & Model One Neck pick ups (passive, more recently a Yamaha designed pick up in the neck on the Attitude III but again passive). The controls are Neck Volume, Neck Tone & Bridge Volume only. Where he talks about it being two pre amps is that he splits the signals off to 2 different wireless units and then off to 2 different amps which are sculpted for mids & highs on the P pick up then just low end on the Neck pick up. If you pull one of the pots up on his bass it actually routs all the pick ups through one output instead of two as well without cutting tone or volume from either pick up but the neck pick up will still function as that low woofer pick up. Billy's one of my main influences, I've done a lot of reading about his basses. There's also a Facebook group called "Yamaha Attitude Ltd." where a gentleman called Jon Willis built an exact replica of Billy's "Wife" Bass and tells about things like that. So in short, what I want is definitely possible with passive circuitry. It's essentially the same as with Les Pauls where you can have two seperate tone controls that don't affect the opposing pick up or like on Rickenbackers which do the same thing (and I'm not talking about the Ric-O-Sound ones here, just the standard single jack Ricks). You can run the neck pick up with the tone all the way off and still have full range on the bridge pick up or vice versa. I'll just keep going at it on a trial and error, I have a few spare push pull pots so I'll keep going until I find a way.
  2. Problems with my bass's wiring, please help!

    Hi there. I can see where you're coming from over the tone bleed etc and the earth being where the high frequencies are sent to but to mention one I mentioned earlier, Billy Sheehan's Attitude Basses are all passive and the neck "woofer" pick up has a push pull tone cut just for that pick up alone and then it all feeds off to the P Pick up volume and out put so there must be a way somehow. I might look up one of the Yamaha diagrams and see what that says?
  3. Problems with my bass's wiring, please help!

    My attitude? Okay dude? I wasn't being crappy at all so I apologise if that's how it came across but pot calling the kettle black and all with your own reply there. I would actually thank you for mentioning about the capacitor needing to be moved to the right lugs on the switch but as said, your reply was quite rude.
  4. Problems with my bass's wiring, please help!

    Okay, sub woofer, woofer pick up, one word mix up there. Clearly I'm not asking for a pick up to act as a speaker. I was phrasing like Yamaha do in relation to the woofer pick up on Billy Sheehan's basses. 2ndly, the diagram is labelled to show that the neck jazz in the photo is there to represent the neck humbucker and the bridge Jazz is there to represent the P&J pick ups. As I said, everything works apart from the fact the tone cut on the push/pull is cutting tone from the other pick ups as well as the humbucker in the neck when pulled up. Everything else is wired exactly as shown in the diagram and works as it's meant to. That is the only small issue. I don't want to run it where I switch between the neck pick up and P pick up, the 3 way switch works to switch between the P & J just fine. The neck humbucker being on 1 volume and the P & J being on the other works perfectly too. The killswitch I've wired in works as it should, earthed perfectly too so it's dead silent. The tone cut is the only issue I'm having.
  5. Hey! I've recently set about modding a P/J bass to also have a neck humbucker (a dual blade style humbucker, the Entwistle X3) that I can use as a standard pick up or as a subwoofer . I have done the body mods to the bass and have the pick ups installed. The way I have it wired is to have the P&J pick ups going to a 3 way Les Paul style switch then off to the bridge volume on a Jazz Bass style wiring with the neck volume being for the humbucker in the neck position. I haven't put a tone control in so basically it goes from the bridge volume (or P/J volume) to the output (with just a kill switch in-between). On the neck volume pot (or Humbucker volume), I have installed a Push/Pull pot which when in the up position, I wanted to be a treble cut for that neck humbucker so it's just pumping low end only. Now, as said, I have done this wiring and the P/J section works great, the 3 way switch does as it should and the neck volume works as it should until you pull up the knob for the tone cut. When you pull it up, it cuts the tone from the neck pick up but also cuts the tone from the P/J pick ups too which is not what I wanted. I have attached the wiring diagram that I have used below but crudely used paint to show the changes, hopefully this works! *edit* since trying this first method, I have swapped the centre and right lug (as if you were holding the pot pointing upwards) around and this just causes the neck volume to control the P/J pick ups too basically meaning both volumes have to be on full for the P/J pick ups to work Can some one help me with what I need to do for this to work? If there's no simple one then I'm just going to scrap the push/pull pot and put a mini toggle switch with a tone cut between the pick up and the neck volume. Thanks!
  6. Help finding a specific potentiometer

    Obbm I have sent you a PM, thank you!
  7. Sorted

  8. Hey guys Long story short, I want to fit a 2 band pre amp in one of my basses but the pre amp has a 10k for one of the controls and 100k for the other but my bass only has one hole for a tone control and I don't want to drill another so does any one know where to get a 10k/100k stacked/dual (whatever you call it) potentiometer? Thanks
  9. Considering running two amps, queries with example?

    [quote name='Painy' timestamp='1509572846' post='3400060'] Appeared to be the same level coming from the tuner out as the instrument level going in (had the input gain on the 'slave' amp at the same level as it would normally have been plugging the Bass in directly) and it wasn't affected but turning the output volume up or down either. [/quote] Wicked! You've just solved my problem there. Thank you for taking the time to do that. Guess who's now going to have to save up the pennies and build up a stupid sized rig again!
  10. Considering running two amps, queries with example?

    [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1509531903' post='3399618'] If you want to stick with Trace Elliot have a look at stand-alone GP12 pre-amp because that has a built-in bi-amp output with a variable crossover frequency. You can run that into any powers amps you want and control everything from a single point. [/quote] Hey, I've checked out the GP12 pre amp but it won't do exactly what I want, I'd rather be able to completely sculpt the 2nd amp's tone and it seems that it's basically just a normal crossover to split the frequencies on the pre amp. Thank you for your suggestion though.
  11. BUMP UP! Still available! Any one?
  12. Bump! Still available! Come get some of those sweet 80s metal tones!
  13. Considering running two amps, queries with example?

    [quote name='Painy' timestamp='1509495150' post='3399487'] I did exactly method 1 with an Aguilar AG500 and a Trace Elliot AH350SMX (the EQ knob in the SMX section of the Trace is ideal for this as it is a tilting eq so just turn to the left to boost lows and cut highs). Worked absolutely fine. The only issue I found was that, when adjusting the overall volume, it was a pain to maintain the same balance between the two amps as you have to adjust both output controls separately. [/quote] Thank you for your reply. Have you tested the tuner out of the Trace Elliot to see if it's the same level as the instrument going in or is it affected by the input knob and any of the amps EQ? I'm hoping it's just the plain unaffected signal coming from the bass that comes through the tuner out. Yeah I get that you would have to balance the output levels for each amp but again I'm fine with this as I'd be using the 2nd amp for lows and pushing other speakers. Once I found a balance I like, I'd end up just leaving it. Again, thank you!
  14. Hi everyone I'm considering doing a "bi-amp" rig at some point and my choice of amps would be the Trace Elliot GP12SMX AH250/300 amps as they're my favourite amps that I've used. This set up would be for a stoner rock/drone band so the huge set up is essential (joking) Basically I'd want to run one amp with a standard EQ setting then run the other with mostly low end and cut the highs off it. All of that so far is fine to me but as I'd only be sending one signal off, I was wondering if it'd be possible to do it one of these ways... Idea 1: **Bass signal -> Input of Amp 1 with Normal EQ -> Cabinet 1 (4x12) **Tuner out from Amp 1 -> Input of Amp 2 with Low EQ -> Cabinet 2 (4x12 or ?x15) Idea 2 **Bass signal -> Input of Amp 1 with Normal EQ -> Cabinet 1 (4x12) **Effects send out from Amp 1 -> Input of Amp 2 with Low EQ -> Cabinet 2 (4x12 or ?x15) So yeah, would *Method 1* send the right impedance signal out pre EQ to the 2nd amp and would *Method 2* do the same thing? I'd preferably like to run it in Method 1 but recommendations on that would help. Thanks