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  1. £100 is a bit much, you can get these new from Petr Michilak (the guy who makes these for Spector) for $91/£66 and they tend to sell for about £50/60 on here. https://michalik.cz/pricelist BP-4 Bass preamp - $91
  2. I'll be in luton for the next couple of days, if this can't be picked up and you are getting desperate for the space, I'd love to come get it
  3. Thanks mate, I'll check this against my bass later on and get back to you.
  4. Black jazz basses always look so much better with red tort plates. Wish I was closer/had £100 to spare! GLWTS.
  5. I really want to see pics of that once it's done please dude! loving the idea of an 8 string T bird!
  6. UPDATE 1: TUNING PEGS Right, I'm a d1ck. I got the tuning pegs installed the other night but I've fudged up the Fat E string peg hole by a couple of millimetres. Not a problem, I'll fill the hole and re-drill it. I decided against filling the original 4 peg holes and finding space round them to install the pegs. This avoided having to weaken the headstock too much. Ignore the bit of green lacquer missing, I was seeing how thick the lacquer was as I'll be totally stripping the entire bass back and repainting it. Strings will pass over the nut and to the respective tuning pegs without knocking on to the other pegs. I might angle the tuning pegs back a bit towards the body ala Warwick to give more room between the peg heads as in the horizontal/natural position, they can knock in to each other. Another option is to install smaller "bean" style peg heads on the skinny string pegs and keep them in the horizontal position pictured. Overall I'm pleased with the outcome but obviously will be happier once I've corrected the Fat E peg position. I'll set about that in the next few days. Anyway, any progress is good progress! Thanks again to Andy for your reply about the saddles, I'm more fired up than ever to do this now.
  7. Thank you for your backing and explanations in there. That's really cool of you to do that. Those are the exact saddles I;ll be using for it so hopefully I won't have any issue. Really interesting piece you've put there about the saddle difference only needing to be cut back 2-3mm for the fat string. I'll work out the difference and get it filed once the initial test fit is made. Again, thank you for your helpful reply!
  8. Chorus is my favourite effect, it might end up working in my favour then haha!
  9. I appreciate the heads up and it's definitely something I'll keep an eye on once I've got it together. It's only for a bit of fun anyway so if it ends up "close enough" then I'll leave it as is. Obviously if it ends up totally different notes then I'll be having a rethink haha!
  10. We’re bassists! What are you doing going above the 5th feet anyway? 😂😂 Joking aside, if it’s that noticeable or just that bad to intonate, I’ll seek another option but I’ve seen quite a few 8 string bridges where the pairs of strings share the same saddle or are split on two smaller saddles and intonated by the same screw so i suppose it’s going to be some trial and error. Mainly for a bit of fun and so I can play Cheap Trick/Pearl Jam songs
  11. I’ve thought about the extra tension on the neck which is why I’m going to try fairly light gauge bass strings on it, something like a 90/95 gauge set instead of 105/110 like I’d usually use and keep the skinnies to something around 45 gauge. Doing the conversion on another bass means buying another bass to do the conversion on and due to the pandemic, funds are basically non existent. If it destroys the bass I’m intending on using, it’s no loss as the bas hasn’t been used for over 2 years and way I see it is I’m not owed anything from the bass it’s self as I had the all top end EMG electronics out of it for my other bass. the neck on the bass is a real thick piece of wood and I did have 125 gauge strings tuned to C# on it before which pulled the neck like Robin Hood’s bow (good analogy btw!) but a quick turn of the truss rod sorted that out. If it gets to the point where I’m having to adjust it every few weeks then I’ll change it back to a regular 4 string with the old bridge saddles and nut but again, I’m not too worried about it. sorry, long reply!
  12. Not really, the end of the saddle will be the starting point of the string so as long as the break point of the nut is the same for each pair of strings then the intonation will be no different. the bottom of each pair of strings will be at the same level leaving the saddles too. I'm awful at explaining things btw.
  13. Thanks Andy, hopefully I won't be too long before I can post an update... Thanks Matt, I thought this might be a better option as it takes some of the tension off the bridge screws!
  14. Hey man, nah I won''t be sourcing a new bridge, I'll be using a Badass II I have in my spares box and buying some of the pre-slotted saddles for it to accommodate two strings per saddle. The Badass bridge can be drilled through the bottom to accommodate thru body stringing of the skinny strings or put an extra hole for each skinny string on the back plate of the bridge but that'll add extra tension on the screws so likely it'll be string thru body for the skinnies. Sorry for the long-winded reply!
  15. Hello!. Going to preface this by saying this won’t be a quick project so don’t expect daily updates... I’m too lazy 😊 I’ve had this Shine neck thru bass laying around for a while, basically I bought it for £100 because it had EMG-X pickups and EMG BQC pre amp in it which I wanted for another bass and this has just sat unused apart from a 6 month period I had some Entwistle neo pickups in it and routed it for a humbucker in the neck for a Billy Sheehan type mod with a £6 double rail humbucker from China. It actually worked great until I sold the pickups 😂 Having always wanted an 8 string bass, I might as well use this as it has a 42mm nut, which I’ve seen an ESP/LTD & Dean 8 string basses also has. I have experience in cutting new nuts for basses so it won’t be a problem doing that bit. The Bass will be getting stripped down and repainted as it’s quite badly dented/scratched/chipped & I managed to spill a potted candle all over the body recently (DONT ask! 😂). I mIght end up filling in the neck pickup rout but I’m not sure yet. Electronics wise, I’ve got a set of EMG PJA-X pickups in a spares box and I’ve always been intrigued by the basses I’ve seen with EMG 81 or 60 pickups (I’d go for the X version to keep the output the same as the P&J) in them and could have it on a switchable separate output to send to different effects. 1 3 way toggle switch (P&J), 2 Volumes (P&J/Neck) with a push/pull on the neck one switching outputs, stacked EMG BTC preamp on main, PA-2 booster on the neck-only output. Tuning pegs I’m not decided on but it’ll likely just be any 4 and 4 matching sets of guitar and bass tuners I have in my spares box to keep the cost down. Hoping I have them both in matching colours but if I have one set in chrome and one in black, it changes the paint scheme (which I’m keeping quiet on for now) Ive thought over what to use for the bridge and I do have an old Badass II in my spares box but the saddles are fudged so if I got some fresh saddles, I could cut them in for 2 strings on each saddle and add an extra hole in the back plate or through the bottom plate (and go string-thru body) for the skinny strings Tuning wise it’ll be in E standard so I’ll go with whichever string set is fairly light on tension with something around 95s for the fat strings. Anyway, I think I’ve covered most of it. 😅😅 Updates coming on a day ending in Y...
  16. Medusa comes to mind. Cut one snake off and 10 more appear. He's also using the name "Mike" instead of "Mick" on Gumtree to avoid being found under Mick Mason on there.
  17. Those are basically the exact same threats I got but different numbers were thrown about and much like you, I got called a peadophile quite a few times. He’s such a charmer. Modern day Romeo.
  18. I’m keeping all the conversations in my messenger inbox. Happy to provide access to anyone who needs and wants them.
  19. Serious question, had any one else on here been contacted by an account called “Jason Lear” claiming to know Mick/ask for details on anyone who contacted you about him?? If so, Jason Lear isn’t real. It’s Mick Mason... he’ll ask you for details on people who’ve contacted you about Mason (I refused to give the names of the genuine people who contacted me) then claims that “Mick doesn’t need to steal, he’s a HUGE promoter, I’m shocked”. He kept asking over and over if I got my money back then blocked me when I wouldn’t give him any details of others.
  20. Update: he’s deactivated his Facebook page but his messenger is still active so he’s clearly tried to go in to hiding. Inb4 anyone says “he’s just blocked you”, no, his messenger is active as I can send messages to him but he’s deactivated his actual Facebook page.
  21. The police will require the thread to be left available so don’t bow to Mason’s pressure and remove it.
  22. I think it’s safe to say he’s shi77ing himself at the moment. 25 pages of evidence brought against him. I’ll be phoning Leicestershire Police and giving them the details to add to the crime ref number I had opened when he scammed me. I hope you’re reading this Mick, happy Christmas,m.
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