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  1. It's a fairly simple job, depending on what you want putting in where nand why. A lot of pedals are the size they are for a reason though, i haven't seen that many professional pedals recently that have acres of pointless space. There's other reasons to do it though, some great circuits come in flimsy plastic cases (*cough* Behringer *cough*), or if you want controls rearranged, true-bypassing etc. The sticking point will be graphics, most of us DIYerrs can't match the finish on professionally produced pedals (silkscreening is very expensive and time consuming for one offs or small runs so most of us don't bother). But if you were flexible on graphics it might be an option. We'd need to know more specifics though.
  2. You could do it with a very hollow flanger blended in, it wouldn't get you that honkiness but you could try and cover that with the clean tone. Depends on the chorus pedal but you'd struggle to get there with just a chorus.
  3. A very fortunate find, though I'm extremely surprised I've not come across you before to be honest, having seen Blacklisters, FOTL, TSPSI and various other bands I'd definitely put you on support bills for over the past few years. Unless I have and forgotten... Which is not entirely unlikely Edit - You're from Leeds? I feel very bad now. My new band detection powers have failed me.
  4. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    A single 6 line bloomberg article that cites no sources? Pretty much since RoHS was introduced people have been moaning about an "EU ban" on leaded solder, they don't do themselves any favours by making conclusive information difficult to find, but it's there - https://echa.europa.eu/fi/-/ten-new-substances-added-to-the-candidate-list Lead is on the SVHC Candidate list under the REACH regulation, meaning distributors have more obligations when selling it but is NOT an outright legal ban, it's a first step to moving to the "authorization list" which is a much stricter level of control and would potentially cause problems with supplying it. REACH has more legal teeth than RoHS, which is essentially optional. Consumer aimed retailers like B&Q etc. are probably not providing the necessary information, but this is a far cry from being in breach of an outright ban.
  5. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    As I understand it's only on the REACH SVHC Candidate list so far, which just increases the obligations of selling it to certain consumers (mandatory SDS etc.). I work at Farnell, compliance isn't my area and it makes my teeth itch, so I'm not going to claim any more specific knowledge, but RoHS/REACH is reviewed constantly by an entire team of very boring but competent people. If we couldn't sell it, we wouldn't.
  6. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    Tin/Lead is still readily available. You have to go looking a little bit more, but it's still perfectly legal to sell, It's just a supply and demand thing. Businesses etc. all want to be RoHS compliant so the demand for it plummeted, but you can still get it from more hobby-focused places. CPC/Farnell sell multicore, or the RS or Rapid own brand stuff is good.
  7. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    Amen on both, I record a riff on the loop pedal and just feed that in. Doing test probes on amp also a bad idea, I use an old pair of headphones. It's pretty safe, 9v dc will just give you a bit of a buzz, you get used to it after a while to be honest. The bigger risk is to the pedal be very careful with the probe, any accidental shorts while power is on could blow something up or render it useless.
  8. I've always thought of gear4 as an online shop. Having been to the York showroom I certainly wouldn't expect them to have stock of everything they're listing online there without confirming first. Can't say I really see the problem.
  9. Anyone know any good places for 2nd hand/used pedals in London Town? Got some time to kill this weekend and in all my foragings round Denmark Street I've never found a decent stock of interesting 2nd handers.

  10. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    A percolator is as good a starting place as any, beware though as the circuit is quite tempramental, the original transistors are obsolete and the sound will change quite drastically with your transistor choices, I'd maybe go for a components kit from somewhere like fuzzdog, as they'll come with "known good" ones.
  11. Super important completely hypothetical question - If I wanted to do a cover of an obscure song using the original vocal stem that has been freely published for remix purposes is that kosher within the spirit of the thing or is it too "remixy"?
  12. The "There's no rules, just listen to the universe maaaan" answer is never as useful as people seem to think it is, especially for beginners. You only need 6 pedals before you're looking at 700+ potential combinations. On my most recent 22 strong board that spikes slightly to 1120000000000000000000. I know I have better things to do with my Sundays. As a rule, Octavers track much, much better with a clean, strong signal, always first or just after the compressor. I like gain early, other people vary but I generally prefer running gain in to everything else (pre-amp, amp sim pedals being the general exception). As radiophonic said, phaser (and chorus etc.) into gain will sound more pronounced but I've never found much use for those sounds. Filters after drive is a lot more pronounced and what I go for usually, if you want that big synth sound you need to go octave > fuzz > filter. A fuzz produces an extremely compressed signal that essentially jams an envelope filter open, if you put a filter first the fuzz obliterates the dynamics and I've always found it way too subtle. I then run modulation, the order varies but I tend to run the more subtle effects like chorus first and tremolo usually goes last. Time effects like delay and long reverbs go last as generally you want the delay to apply to the whole signal, though delay before other stuff can be a fun effect. There's other things to consider, if you're running a long chain a good buffered bypass pedal near the end and in the middle is a very good idea. Compressor is largely taste/the effect you need, if you're after general tone shaping first is a good idea, if you're using it as more of a limiter for big peaks then you'll usually want to go last or directly after the problem pedal.
  13. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    I have to do most of my componenets ordering at work so it's just practical, I got sick of ordering expensive ICs for new builds only to discover I had one in the back of the ICs drawer. it only works if you remember to update it though...
  14. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    If my google sheets inventory is to be believed I do, but I'll check when I get home.
  15. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    For general edification, this is an industry wide problem that's going to get worse before it gets better. Most of the big manufacturers have pushed out their lead times and all the distributors have panicked with a big rush of orders, so a lot of stuff is on allocation (orders are outstripping production). One of our manufacturers has quoted us 48 weeks on some stuff. This problem has been looming for a year or so, but as everyone is now running out of their existing and emergency stock, it's starting to hit every level.
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