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  1. Never a truer word spoken - I did a very rough estimate of how much I´ve spent building pedals over the years - it had 4 digits and the first was not 1...
  2. Yeah - electrically it´s splitting the stereo jack out into two seperate outputs. With the "Bass" and "Treble" marking, it´s clearly intended for rics.
  3. First things first - the power supply IS the same polarity as the SDRUM and the Zoom (generally called "tip negative" or "centre negative".) and WILL work with these two. The fact the plus and minus are the other way round on the symbol on the power supply is NOT important - the important information is which is which. The diiagram shows the centre pin (the solid black circle) and the sleeve (the semi circle). These are then labelled positive and negative, so THAT is the information you need too match. You can and will see these symbols both way round, what matters is if the solid black circle is connected to the minus or plus. The other two will also work but the explanation is a little longer - Boss pedals all use standard 9V tip negative 2.1mm connectors, like your power supply (it is also called "Boss style power" as they popularized it). This is the industry standard and most pedals use this. The problem with the Boss and Jamman is that the big companies will often tell you to use only their power supplies, but the manual will usually tell you even if the pedal itself doesn't - (the manual I found here confirms it is tip negative). So you're safe to use it on all four. Some extra advice though about current draw since I assume you'll be daisy chaining. Your pedals "draw" current from the power supply, when you're daisy chaining this means that you add up the current draws given on the pedal and the total has to be LESS than the current output of the supply. So your total current draw is 500mA (0.5A) + 500mA + 350mA (0.35A) + 70mA (RC-3, I looked it up) = 1.42A. So you're fine as this is well below the 3A of your supply, but if you add any other big digital pedals you'll need to be careful as these generally have big current draws.
  4. Added some new builds to my dirt section - Brief annotations of the DIY ones - 1 - EQD Ghost Echo clone (Reverb) 2 - Madbean Dreamtime, FV-1 delay in a teeny tiny package - granular and tremolo modes in partiular are very useful. 3 - EQD Sea Machine Clone (Chorus) 4 - EQD Data Corrupter Clone with mods (Harmonizer/Synth Fuzz?) 5 - EQD Life Pedal Clone with mods - Octave Up into a Rat with a MOSFET boost at the end (boost can be switched off or used on it's own) 6 - Darkglass Microtubes clone with substantial mods (Overdrive). Took me a long time to get on board with this one but wit the right mods (and run at 18V) it can really sparkle. 7 - Catalinbread SFT clone with mods (itself an attempt to capture the SVT Vibe) - I've added a switch to lower the gain and the option to rub at 18V - makes a really good clean preamp at low gain. 8 - Lovetone Big Cheese Clone - Slightly modded to make the silly super gated mode even sillier. 9 - Moosapotamus Dirty Bird - Ridiculous chirping, quacky fuzz - kind of like a prunes and custard but waaaaaaaay weirder. 17 - Phase inverter 10 - DBA Echo Dream Clone - substantially modded to make it actually work properly.... 11 - Frostwave Funk-A-Duck Clone - Absolutely mad envelope filter, designed for synths I think. Takes a lot of patience, a lot of the knob settings will make no sound but if you treat it right... like no other filter I've ever had. 12 - DBA Space Ring Clone with mods (Ring Mod) - Built from the deadendfx PCB which makes a lot of useful improvements. 13 - Schalltechnik Pumpernickel Compressor 14 - Lovetone Doppelganger clone (Phaser/Vibe) - All the bells and whistles - had a smaller form factor clone of this but I sold it and missed it so much I didn't care that the only PCB i could get was for this masive version. 15 - Mid-Fi Pitch Pirate Deluxe Clone (Super Extreme Chorus) 16 - Step Sequencer - Puts out sequenced CV via 3.5mm cables to the control the pedals modded to take it, replacing their internal LFOs (Pitch Pirate and Doppelganger on this board)
  5. Is there any blending happening amp side? If the sound is vanishing almost completely it sounds like a phase issue to me, but I'm not familiar enough with the amps to advise specifically.
  6. I don't think a disregard for the rules and conventions neccesarily implies a lack of skill or knowledge, and to assume that the unique appeal of her appeals was essentially accidental seems a little unfair. After all, you can't break the rules if you don't know what they are... I know that was just a specific example but I've seen other designs with series/parallel caps, and there can be valid reasons for it. At the time she was around, the majority of boutique builders were regurgitating the same designs with token tweaks or gimmicky features, I don't really see how there's anymore skill or experience in changing a few caps in a big muff and calling it something else... For better or worse, her pedals stood out a mile at the time.
  7. Effector 13 was the original name Devi used back in the early/mid 2000's. I think there was a brief period of crossover and maybe she kept the effector 13 name in Japan (where pedals are known as effectors) but she settled on the Devi Ever name in the late 2000's. Things get very complicated from there as she hit some financial trouble (that's a whoooooole other story) and licensed a lot of her more popular names and designs out to other companies - Dwarfcraft, INFANEM (who did a version of the improbability drive) and a couple of others I think. I didn't fully keep up with the rest but at some point she tried to get her names and designs back and had a public spat with Dwarfcraft, and got some but not all back. She started selling her own pedals again under the Fuzz Goddess name, but many without their original names. She can be a divisive figure in the pedal world - there's still a lot of animosity around the aformentioned financial trouble (it's a very long story but basically she took a lot of money for a kickstarter and didn't deliver) and if you asked this question over on talkbass you may get a very different explanation. Perosnally I think her designs were unique and sounded horrible in that very special way - others think she was an untrained hack who made abominations.
  8. Enough filters for you? That thing´s a beast - how´s the wombtone, don´t see a lot of them around. I only had 10 minutes with a warped vinyl once but it was absolutely magical.
  9. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    Farnell don't stock a big range of the right angle PCB pin ones unfortunately - a point of contention I raised with the guy responsible for them when I worked there, but to no avail... They're mainly of interest to the hobbyist (pedal hobbyists specifically) so they're hard to find at the big boys.
  10. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    Has anyone got a good source of the right angled PCB pin 16mm pots? I never buy huge quantities so I usually just get them from bitsbox but I'm looking to stock up. They're cheap at rapid but they only have half the values I need. Can anyone vouch for an ebay seller?
  11. He's looping everything through Ableton so the actual answer could be any number of very specific plugins. There's definitley an envelope filter and octave effects (up and down, maybe 2 down 1 up?) but yeah I also hear a pitch effect - sounds maybe like he's trying to emulate a fretless?
  12. An extremely rough phone clip I accidently recorded - some silly textural guitar stuff I was messing about with trying to find sounds that work through an amp. The phone clip is actually useful cos you can hear the guitar acoustically too. 20200809_012404.m4a
  13. Tarred and feathered is probably one of their more straightforward Tunes - A good thing to remember is that Tim played some of the basslines on the records (though Jim always reproduced them live), or especially on Sing to God there's a lot of programmed synths that weave in and out of the basslines. Have a crack at Insect Hoofs on Lassie or Horse's Tail if you fancy some fun.
  14. Very nice work - I've spent the week going back trying to learn some of the basslines I gave up on years ago and good GOD was Jim an underrated bassist. I know the whole Cardiacs story is one of criminal under-appreciation but Jim (JIM!) is maybe the biggest victim.
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