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  1. No one did it better than Melvins in their Big Business phase - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpgZ5MUnkkE
  2. Couldn't get the time together this month unfortunately, bad form I know, but too many half finished ideas and not enough time... Great crop though, not all what I expected but all the better for it.
  3. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    Evil tinkering - finally getting round to doing the XP-All mod to my old Digitech XP-100 - https://www.circuitbenders.co.uk/newsarchive/XPALL.html Annoyingly I bought all the stuff years ago when I worked at a PCB assembler and had access to an EPROM burner - but didn't have the foresight to burn the chip while I had access so I'm hoping to find some kind soul who has one knocking about in the loft. Backup plan is to use my spare raspberry pi, which can apparently do it from the GPIO.
  4. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    I've seen people do DIY paste stencils with vinyl cutters etc. - but I think very quickly you hit a point of diminsihing returns with SMT in DIY - but it might be something we have to contend with as the big manufacturers are gradually pivtoing away from through-hole packages for a lot of ICs/Transistors. As an aside - does anyone happen to have an EPROM burner and the burning (see what I did there) desire to be super helpful?
  5. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    A man can dream.
  6. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    What you want is a super hard-on with a standard volume control instead of just bias, enter the EQD black eye - https://www.diystompboxes.com/smfforum/index.php?topic=116920.0 Or the LPB, I think fuzzdog does a kit for that, basically you're looking for any boost with a standard grounding volume output control.
  7. I've had a eureka moment, I was trying to do lots of creepy intervals and dissonant chord shapes on guitar but found it difficult to get going - ended up in a frankenstein tuning that just sings foreboding evil (F# F# B F# G# E low to high)
  8. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    The input side of C1 should be grounded when it's in bypass, as the bypass switch wiring that fuzzdog uses grounds the circuit input in bypass (to prevent noise bleed). But it shouldn't be grounded when the effect is engaged - if it's reading ground in both switch positions then you likely have a problem with your switch wiring.
  9. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    Hmm, I didn't get that far in the build doc, but it's a mistake. The 386 is a very low wattage power amplifier, even if you did patch the pinout it's never going to replace an op-amp, it might pass sound but it would not sound great. Yank it out, put a tl071 in there and email JMK to get that changed.
  10. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    Ahh, got it, the board is laid out for a CA3130/TL071, you';ve used a 386 which is NOT a drop in replacement, different pinouts and different functions. You'll need to get a single op-amp. TL071, CA3130 etc. - Slightly more awake now and realized it's a BBOD clone - you might struggle to get a CA3130 (long obsolete and a lot of fakes about due to the demand), a TL071 will do the job.
  11. bobbass4k

    DIY Effects

    It might be hiding but looks like you're one connection short, is the circuit output connected at the top right?
  12. I figured It'd be an interesting change of pace, something a little dark and sinister. A little context - I took this while walking home in a state of mild inebriation at about 2am, and had absolutely no recollection of taking it until I was going through my pictures a couple of months later, whereupon it scared the bejesus out of me and I moved it to the "album covers?" folder.
  13. You don't have to tell me twice, I did the first one of these whenever it was, 7 years ago now? This is the achievement of a long sublimated dream...
  14. Trawling through the "album covers?" folder on my phone, can't decide between three. I know there's only 10 or 12 of us but there's SO MUCH PRESSURE. Ahem.
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