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  1. This is extremely cheap!! Something like this ordered new today would easily cost double! 😳
  2. [quote name='Kev' timestamp='1508520368' post='3392766'] Chris, the figuring on the walnut pickguard is very familiar... [/quote] Claro is beautiful isnt it? It actually came from a billet that we cut tops from!
  3. I'm not 100% sure how this is still here? Super cheap!!
  4. I absolutely love this bass! This is a crazy good deal!
  5. Please check your messages
  6. Hey Guys!! Thank you all for visiting us at the show! and thank you for all the lovely comments! it was a fun day and great to meet you all in person. let me know if any of you have any questions and i'll be happy to help Chris Alpher
  7. [quote name='markdavid' timestamp='1488674014' post='3251020'] That is some bigass neck on that bass , lovely looking bass though [/quote] It must just be the perspective of the photo, it's not a big neck at all
  8. Hey Jeff Thanks for keeping this build diary and thanks again for coming to collect your bass It's always so nice to hand them over in person I wish you all the best with the new bass Stay in touch!
  9. [quote name='dyerseve' timestamp='1473251197' post='3128324'] some of the best looking pieces of timber I have ever seen! Your finishing is superb! I take it you do this for living? [/quote] Hey Dyerseve Thank you very much! Yes i do. i have the best job in the world and this weekend is one of the most satisfying parts where i actually get to hand over the bass to it's owner in person.
  10. I can't wait to start showing some progress Jeff!!
  11. That top horn seems very familiar..........
  12. Hey everyone! Just wanted to say if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask me
  13. [quote name='BigBearKris' timestamp='1426362751' post='2717403'] Hi all. I'm relatively new to bass so I wanted to ask fellow forum members about this guitar. [url="http://www.gak.co.uk/en/warwick-thumb-4-bolt-on-pre-owned/114284"]http://www.gak.co.uk...re-owned/114284[/url] Is that a good price for a good bass? Pros and cons? I'm mostly blues+rock player and I want a quality bass for practice. I owned a Sterling by MM sub Ray and quite liked it. I've played Warwick bass once but unfortunately cannot remember which model was it. I know You guys know Your stuff so it'd be great to hear your opinions. Kind regards [/quote] This looks like a great bass! I had a 1999 Thumb just like it! I much prefer the slimmer wenge (the GAK listing is wrong) necks they use to use back then. After 1999 they switched to ovangkol and for some reason completely changed the neck profile!
  14. [quote name='Kev' timestamp='1426265422' post='2716391'] Stunning indeed! I can only hope mine turns out that well [/quote] I'm pretty sure your claro will equal if not better chris's (if that's even possible! I love that bass)
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