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  1. YO! The Basschat Massive... Youngest has been arsing about on an old Aldi or Lidl Synth Thing... Plink Plink.... So want to get him a Keyboard and some software for his computer, make a change from Mindcraft, Portal, Half life, Starwars etc. What should i be looking at, is it a case of a simple USB connection K'bd? Or is a special soundcard etc needed? Budget Recommendations or your leftovers please... Nektar SE25 MIDI keyboard £45? Akai LPK? Reading a bit i think i'd like a normalish size 49 key, rather than a midi. Anyone upgraded and got something to move on at a bargain price? Plus i want some of that early Hawkwind Ring Mod noise!
  2. @SoledadWhere are you based might help... Bound to be some one with a soldering iron local... Often when the nuts get tightened the pots n jack socket rotate underneath... Pos the jack tip 'tab' just needs to face tother wag or the + be sleeved. Ah I see your Sevenoaks... I'm Orpington and would be more than happy to take a look with you... No promises but drop me a PM of ya likes.
  3. Similar Issue with the neck n body on my p bitsa... only about a mm or so just to sort the heel end a slight taper. Google Cabinet Makers in your area... A local cabinet maker, never worked on guitars before, but took a look and used a router in the neck pocket, using a template of the neck heel. Charged me a tenner... This was on a rear rout so i wanted best poss as no plate to cover the join. Got a feeling i'll be taking my next bitsa back there for a similar job
  4. Bones of Elvis - Nik Turner / Inner City Unit
  5. Caerphilly with that axe, Eugene - Pink Floyd
  6. Nice in Natural... http://www.hoshinogakki.co.jp/pdf/ibanez/catalog/1983EB.pdf Looks like its wearing Adagio Flats from the silks...
  7. Like a Bass, rather tham just nut width and profile... Fretboard Radius and posdibly scale length (Fender-esq 25 1/2" v's Gibson-esq 24 3/4"). Worth trying a few to see what floats ya boat. For general play i would stay away from the tremelo stuff and go fixed bridge. What style of music - Humbuckers v's Single Coil, or a Mixture ala PJ? What shape dya fancy? Stratish or Les Paulish Single Cut... Harley Benton?
  8. (Aunt get no) Satisfaction - Rolling Stones
  9. Glad ya kept the old one... Much Mojo!
  10. Really Nice... Was that the old sctatchplate re-done, or did you keep that for a worn look?
  11. If ya not tap dancing like the 6 string brethren... and dont need to be turning effects on off all the time where single pedals are easier. The approach of a set of std base (bass) setting patches in one bank... then build on these, a patch of 2 per song... can all be done on the unit but 'Snipping' and 'Setting' can via the PC or Tone Lab Phone App is also quick and simple... With the Amp n Cab sim options, i also think they can feed a mixer to PA, In Stereo if ya like... so potentially go amp free. For some these Zooms can be an all-you-need.
  12. Huge choice of Modulation type flavours... Up to 5 effects in a row... Umpteen Banks n Patches... Build a patch per tune? Swam em about via PC Amp and Cab Sims Tuner Headphone Amp Had a B1Four but sold it on as i wanted the earlier B1On version as it has a Marshall Amp Sim.
  13. No Way Out - The Tubes (Remote Control)
  14. Length of 2" x 3" ish... or 1 1/2" x 2" ish... check for balance... painted black obvs... then tucked under the front edge of ya combo... Choice of 2 angles... Doubles as a 'fending off' tool in need arises...
  15. I Should CoCo(domol) - Supergrass Valium 10 - Hawkwind
  16. What about 'Bel80ed' as in Belated... happening later than should have been... You can have that for a 'like'..
  17. ^ Said in jest... and a whole lifetime... well 17 years... away
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