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  1. Been Caught Stealing - Jane's Addiction
  2. I've 2x GSR200 and a SR600... Yep the SR300 is nice... All about that neck! Body is a bonus...
  3. What compressor is best for my susaphone?
  4. I think Guitars will preety much always be about... as for bass may be repalced by the Devil's Left Hand... I'm not up with the DAW type stuff, but for studio / bedroom bourne music seems a controller can do most things, then add vocals, mublings, vague attempt at monotone rambling rhyming.. what ever is the latest, then add a bit of real guitar, or sample someone elses if thats what ya want. As for live... K'bds right paw keeps the numbers down. [Edit: Meant Left...] So maybe a dying art like a harmonica or saxaphone player... might get to the 'Ohhh come and see this band, they have a real bass player!'
  5. That would be the pickup... 🤣
  6. When you say Hand Wound... i presume wound on a foot operated winding machine, with a counter... like transformers, chokes etc used to be done... back in the day... rather than fingers round a bobbin and counting in ya head or out loud and anoyingthe person next to you Did a bit of transformer winding in my apprentiship back in the 80's.. oh to have access to all that kit now... I'd be Custom winding P Pickups and Valve Amps trannys
  7. Nice... have you swapped out the squeaky phospher bronze or rounds for Flats? I loves my Harley Benton HBO-850...
  8. Loves a bit of Black Uhuru... May I add Ini Kamoze... 'Statement' and 'Shocking Out' for some more Robbie Shakespear and Danny Thompson Goodness...
  9. Modded both my Ibby GSR200 to MN ungrounded blend... SR600 is blend as standard but AC so changed to MN... my 2 x Jazz are PJ's and are blend... and my Rick-o-like has 2 toaster-buckers and blend. Blend Makes Sense.
  10. Ear plugs... Howard Leight Max Green... For smaller ear canal... T Shape andxSoft, loads better than the cheap yellow cylinders or the hard foam cones. Worn 'em for years... motorbike, gigs, sleeping. It's all about the fitting... roll em squish, and put em in and hold allowing them to expand to seal, rather than expanding and pushing out. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Howard-Leight-33-011-20-Max-Lite-Ear-Plugs-Green-Uncorded-200-Pairs-/175198359357?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  11. From 'The-Off'....Air (La Femme... Moon Safari) meets 70' Film Incidental Muisc (Think 'Bullitt')... Both of which i love. But, where is the rest of it? Over too soon... Link to more please. @metermanSweet tone...
  12. Compressors... Interesting reading... often alluded to like a automatic recoeding level, reducing dynamic range... to achieve a degree of consistancy I (sort of) understand Threshold, Attack and Release etc. But how does this fit in or work in a single 'Compression' control on say my Marshall Bass Combo... Described in the range brocure... A Variable Compressor smoothes your sound into a solid wall of low frequencies while the additional Limiter prevents power amp clipping. And in the handbook... The Compressor smoothes out your bass sound. As you increase the amount of compression, so you flatten out the peaks in the incoming signal. When the compression reaches its threshold the LED will change to red. Single control is likely to just be 'Threshold' (to a fixex ratio) Or might it also effect the Ratio as it is turned up? Thanks for those that may have the time (and patience) to respond... I wont to get a fuller understanding of a Single Control - and how to determine the effect of compression - before i have a look at the various compressor options of the Zoom B1on.
  13. You work out the thickness at the back of the pocket... (or the shim angle) by the amount you wish to raise at the bridge... Think of it as a right angle triangle from the front of the pocket to the saddles... the hypotenuse being the strings... Then think of a small triangle (shim) that sits just in the neck pocket... to give the same angle.
  14. In the grip of a tyre fitters hand - Budgie (Just to move things along...)
  15. Nah... black handles, otherwise it takes the 'effect' away from the grill...
  16. Is there a screw in the end of the butterfly / fishtail?
  17. ^ When i was looking... think it was for an Ibanez... i had to make do with a spline shaft... and make sure the grub screw of the knob alignes with the slot of the pot shaft.
  18. Tried again today... Still Hard Work... perhaps just not for me. (Stripping it back to basics with some Black Keys to give my ears a rest...)
  19. Chameleon Flip... aka TVR Cars and CCM bikes... Nice!
  20. Great PMT are dealing with it... I'd be Cc'ing in Ibanez (Headstock Distributions) in... just so they are aware...
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