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  1. Do you need the width adjust? will the current Accucast B500 fit? If you can go with the std 19mm spacing maybe drop down a model of bridge for say the current B300 or B120?
  2. Had one of those rechargable Vox-a-likes... OKish but not great, and wouldnt fit the Ibby SR600 recessed jack. Got a Zoom B1xFour, the model with the Vol / Expression Pedal from a fellow Basschater a couple of months back after um-ing and ah-ing, convinced myself, but has gone mainly unused. I likes the simplicity of the EHX Headphone amp https://www.ehx.com/products/headphone-amp and a short 1m lead. No fuss 'n gimicks or sim, just the sound of the bass, but can be used after an effects pedal or two, I have a cheap Chorus and Phaser by Wholenote, Ibanez Tank Series Clones.
  3. Try a smear of vaseline on the worm gears... applied with a cotton bud for ease. Might smooth things out and give a better feel.
  4. From looking at the pictures... looks like an 18mm or 3/4" corner used on 15mm or 5/8" edge...
  5. From posts on here about the MM, P 'n J of this lot... and someone on here has modded one of these... https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_pb_50_sb_vintage_series.htm or https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_pb_50_fr_vintage_series.htm And express yourself with a headstock template, a sander and your own finish... What could go wrong for £105 initial outlay? I would love to but would have to lose the Ibby EDA900 first...
  6. pics? try warming it a little... would of posdibly been better warming the wrap prior to removal. hairdryer rather than heat gun.
  7. Watching a bit of the Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival 2019... Excuse my ignorance... Not sure who the bass player is, but playing Squire Sunburst Jazz... Gonna be a fair few $£€¥ of wood on and backstage...
  8. Lookin' Nice in Danish... Satin and brings out the wood. Did a cheapy some while back with £5 Screwfix Danish Oil and wet n dry slurry method.
  9. Brand New Cadillac - The Clash / Inner City Unit / ...
  10. Nice Bass... Lookin' different in the Scratchplate, Pickup department... and a nice old style 2 saddle bridge. Had similar with a machine head, one of a cheapy set for a Cruiser by Crafter fix-up. I Removed the bolt holding the gear wheel, and pushed a 'plug' out from the back of the string post with a scribber. Worth a go for a better anchor on the E string... If its a fix, you won't have to list it as an issue? Is that some sort of X in the wood or some sort if shaddow, just under the strings?
  11. Not wishing to hijack Tjhooker's thread... He will 'prolly arest me! Any builders with a suitable off cut - 108mm (4 1/4") x 40mm (1 1/2") x 8mm (5/16") thick - to fashion a Bartolini-esq soapbar Flat bottom, Radius top edges... to go between the pickups of my Ibby SR600 in Natural or Fretboard hue as per my Avatar pic?
  12. A nice little earner for builders off cuts? Matching or Contrasting woods... So you would think... eBay for perspex?
  13. Spliff - Spliff Radio Show... Album with a Radio Show Format - each track a different style, with light hearted adverts! German, 80's Electronic Disco Punk Funk... a bit 'Tubes' esq
  14. DiscoKaine - Spliff Radio Show {Some lovely 80's 'clank' - for those that havent herd em check em out... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spliff_(band) }
  15. Sounds like a mechanical switch, with a 'break-before-make' switching action, rather than a 'make-before-break' switching action. Rather than a switch switching the circuit electronicaly...
  16. Nice, loves the Stat' jack... would go Strat' knobs How cool would that look with some individual saddles mimicking the pickups?
  17. Black, White is too stark and i dont do tort... might be something to do with being colour blind. tort just looks messy to me. Got any clear, or light tint?... 'cos ya got the scratch plate holes... keeps the lines and the vibe... and ya get 30% more wood!
  18. Status have a pdf about fitting their neck... plus detail on their site about neck pocket size. You then have some dimensions to look for in regard to a body.. then as mentioned, maybe a little fine sanding... Pickups may be slightly different in corner radius from a Seymore Duncan to another brand, bridges may differ in string spacing... What other bits are you looking at?
  19. A quick google shows similar models with 3x pots What are your pots doing? VVT, VBT? 3 position Switch? If 'blend' it may be an AC taper pot and someone fitted a switch so you can have both pickups at full(ish) output. Easier to just swap the pot for a switch, thinking about it, it's what i could of done on my SR...
  20. https://coolcarz.co.uk/ http://www.metalflake.co.uk/ Suppliers of paint matetials, but they might tell you who they are supplying in your area...
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