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  1. Taken at Orrell live earlier this year headlined by Alexander O’Neill not a fan of his and he was pretty ordinary but his band were really top quality gave us the chance to run around on a big stage and wear the obligatory shades
  2. I bought a player series precision about 3 months ago as a back up to my maruszczyk Jake and since I got it I've gigged with it exclusively, excellent basses , light playable great neck no discernible difference between it and any of the American P basses I've had certainly not worth the extra cost for me wouldn't hesitate to buy another
  3. I've just sold my LImelight as it was too heavy for me for long gigs , took the plunge on one of these in black maple , spent last night playing it , really is excellent quality for the price point . Also good weight which is what is really important to me. Need to change the strings to flats and get it set up , I've got a black white black pickguard on the way I bought this as a back up to my marusczyk but I can honestly see it getting an awful lot of gig time.
  4. It really is a great bass but we do a lot of gigs that are long 2 hour sets and it's just too heavy for my aging shoulder 😂😂 i have a Marusczyk which is sub 8lbs which makes the limelight seem even heavier I have ordered a replacement from Mark and while he can't guarantee it being really light is confident it will be lighter than this one. Marks basses are so good I felt I needed to get myself another
  5. Now sold shortly en route to Sweden
  6. It's with real regret that i am putting this bass up for sale as i love the sound the feel of the neck and basically everything about it except the weight , it's just a little too heavy for me to play longer gigs with. I appreciate that this level of relic will not be to everbodys taste however this is another fine example of Marks work his pick ups are some of the best i've heard and these are no different, , the bass plays superbly below is the spec as outlined on Marks site as you can see it's got a lot of top quality components I've had this bass 6 months it's been gigged but not over used to be honest I've played it more at home . Forgot to add prefer a sale but may consider trade for a black, black , maple P Bass Limelight 00220 Heavy Relic Precision in sunburst with J width neck This Limelight Precision was built as a 68/69 bass and we went to town on the specs. It has all the usual Limelight features but in addition also has the metal earthing plates under the pick ups, an extra added Jazz pick up in the bridge position ( a very popular mod back in the day) plus the extra knob required and side mounted jack socket. It also has a genuine Fender nitro-cellulose pickguard which are over £100 to buy new! If this spec was to be ordered today then it would cost over £1150! I’m offering it at a good price as I currently have 3 Limelight’s for sale and in stock, and usually I have none, so quick sale required. The bass is very heavy relic sunburst, with “J” width rosewood fretboard with clay dots and rolled fretboard edges, and has the usual high quality components such as CTS pots, Switchcraft jack socket and vintage wiring. Price is firm and includes postage and a Hard case if you would like to collect from Wigan I'll reduce by £50 , The bass is not light i don't have an exact weight but it is in excess of 9lbs and probably wouldn't suit anyone like me who has a dodgy shoulder or back issues Happy to send more pictures if anyone wants any
  7. My two pet hates Sit Down and Dancing in the Moonlight unfortunately everyone appears to love them , so we always seem to have to play them , Sit Down especially appears to make sensible people behave totally out of carachter and sit on the floor in the middle of a crowded pub !!! Toploader to me is just mind numbingly boring but maybe it's just me
  8. We don't tend to have a set list decide on the first 3 songs of the first set then play it by ear depending on the audience , makes life a bit more interesting we find , seems to work well for us
  9. I can see why that would appeal lovely looking bass
  10. I must have been lucky I'd already had a couple of LImelight basses when I saw this on Marks website , was a special build he'd done , I had spoken to him before about a sunburst relic but he had always said it was very difficult to do. Probably a bit too heavily relic' d for some people but I like it and it plays beautifully Cheers Steve
  11. Mark had made me a Dakota red 58P and I was struggling with the size of the neck ,when I saw this on the website, This is the 3rd LImelight I've hadn't they've all been great basses but this is the best , the Jazz neck makes it extremely playable. This really does feel so played in and strung with flats has that proper old school P bass vibe , Marks pickups are up there with the best I've ever played Also had a lot of comments from band mates and people at gigs , as I said lots of people don't like the whole relic thing but I guess that's a personal thing
  12. Happy to take these if you are prepared to sell , understand if you want to wait for a trade but if nothing is available let me know Thanks Steve
  13. Got this from Mark after seeing the picture on his web site , now I'm aware such a heavy relic is not to a lot of people's taste however I really like the look and it plays sublimely It's meant to be a 68/69 precision with a Jazz width neck and the addition of the J pup which apparently was a popular mod around then also has a genuine Fender nitro cellulose pickguard and a side mounted jack socket. Only downside it is slightly heavy for long sets but it's worth the trade off To me another example of a quality bass from Mark
  14. Thanks for the kind offer ead I may well take you up on that in the future
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