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  1. Use a cocktail stick as a filling dowl, pva glue it in to the scratch plate screw holes, cut slightly proud 'n sand flush... or cut for just under the body level and fill with a pva and wood dust type mix then sand flat when set. Plain body... No scratch plate
  2. More pics... been itching on one of these... i likes a rear routed and simples... just a shame its not a split P. I understand the finish is a transfer. some google search seems to say that there ia a ply or something layer on the sunburst model over the red one. would be interesting to see how the finish is applied and what the bass wood under looks like. I would look to maybe Danish oil the plain wood, and maybe cocktail stick the scratchplate holes, and fit the thumb rest above the E. More pics please.
  3. @andy67 What's the designation of ya Fender bass... Rear Routed, Single P, VnT.. Nice 'n Simples. is it a Lyte or something? don't see enough of these modern takes of the old...
  4. A most pleasant change from the more usual darker woods seen. Inlays or nice and plain?
  5. PaulThePlug


    Stew, more... really? - Bigger Board... Bigger Behringer? As Foxey Bingo says... 'When The Fun(k) Stops... STOP'
  6. eBay... Strat, Speed, Bell... WD Music
  7. Just spotted on Gumtree... Twin Neck Wal... 5 Fretted / 5 Fretless... Take 2 Basses in to the Show(er)... £7 Large : https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/wal-twin-neck-custom-bass/1393232273
  8. Wow... almost looks like some sort of heavy skin leather... I do hope its gonna be rear routed and you are not gonna need to cover a third of that with a scratch plate. Matching Headstock?
  9. mmm... Scratch plate could of followed the body contour a little better....
  10. Vampires will never hurt you : Also by MCR - Supplied by my Eldest...
  11. SOLD to Exnavrig - Good Comms 'n Prompt Payment.
  12. I'm after the Small Size Ibby Grub Screw Knobs. 2x Cosmo 1x Black.. Seen 'em on a German site but over a tenner each! - Want to replace the Large Tone knobs on the EDA900, and the Large Blend on the SR600 with the small variant, but not at that price. If anyone sees any on there searchin...
  13. Any chance of posting a cover of 'Get outa your lazy bed'... for my eldest?
  14. Nice... Gonna need to do 'Walking In The Shadows of the Blues', after mind... 😉
  15. Have a quick look on Gumtree... or local eBay ya never know what might be round the corner or down the road collection only? Fender Baby Rumble 15? Anything new at under £100 ya likely be paying £10 postage? I got a Marshall MB15 for £35 in lockdown #1 Take ya bass and extension lead and give it a test on the drive?
  16. Got a Donnor Basement Vox-amp-a-like... Probably not as good as the Vox, but at half the price and also rechargable... Doesn't fit the SR300 jack socket though as the plug doesn't rotate..
  17. It's grown a dooh daah... I like's a thumb rest, but on top, put one on my GSR200...
  18. Info if not seen... http://contact.bartolini.net/support/solutions/articles/5000587194-ibanez-basses-pickups-and-electronics SR800, SR700, SR500, - MK-1-4 can be upgraded to MK4CBC with HR-5.4AP MK4 form factor http://www.bartolini.net/?s=mk4&submit=Search Humbuckers, Splits, Singles, Dual, Quad...
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