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  1. Ha I wish! Thanks for the gentle persuasion though! I think it’s either the Focusrite Itrack Solo or the Apogee Jam+. The iRig 2 HD has some bad reviews regarding latency.
  2. Yes, I think I have narrowed it down to one of the following: Focusrite Itrack Solo £109 iRig Pro I/O £111 Apogee Jam+ £149 I am just deciding whether to go with an IPad or MacBook from curry’s.
  3. Thanks. Are there any issues with latency? I think I read that somewhere previously, but then maybe it was the cheaper version.
  4. Hi everyone. Hoping someone can give me some advice. Looking an Interface to record bass through GarageBand on my iPhone/ IPad over guitar parts received from a friend. I was looking at the Focusrite Itrack Solo - is this suitable, or is there a better alternative around a similar price? Thanks in advance for you input. Wayne
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. [sup]I prefer the Darkglass Vintage Microtubes to the Sansamp VT. Slightly more expensive but more natural sounding.[/sup] [sup]The SVT 7 Pro and SVT 410he sound fantastic together. The price however seems to have jumped up dramatically to buy new on places like GAK etc for some unknown reason. Maybe try ebay or gumtree for secondhand. Also make sure the SVT 7 Pro is rev C at least, there were a few reported problems with the early models.[/sup]
  7. Got the T-Rex Junior, the pedal works perfectly now, clean as a whistle. The sound is awesome, definitely recommend it well pleased with it. The t-rex is a brilliant power supply as well.
  8. Just used a cheap 9v power supply at £9.99, would this be the problem? Do you need to use a something like a T-Rex fuel tank junior to isolate the problem? Thanks.
  9. Got to try it out today, there is a noise coming back through the amp. It's kinda like a high pitched hum. Has anyone else experienced this? Sounds great otherwise but I couldn't play live with that coming back through the speaker!!! Considering sending it back.
  10. Is there no warranty with this pedal? I just got it in a box with no paperwork/ instructions etc. Is this the way they normally are delivered? I hope I didn't get one someone had sent back!!
  11. Just received mine today from Bass Direct. I have to say im not happy at paying £200 for a pedal and they can't even be bothered to provide a bit of bubble wrap. It was just in the darkglass box in a plastic bag. Very poor customer service. I hope it works ok!!
  12. [quote name='Truckstop' timestamp='1368371020' post='2076182'] I just wouldn't bother. You'll never be able to properly replicate the sound you have in your head. The only reason I've ever used Ampeg gear is because it looks awesome and, yeah sounds good, but never really achieved what I wanted out of a bass rig. Just go out there and try everything you can. Eventually you'll settle on something you like! Why do you need a 'stack' anyway? Markbass combos sound great, weigh nothing and are furiously loud. If you need to go louder, the room should have a PA that you can plug into. Even the 1x15 conbos have a tiny footprint. And if you did want to expand there's a ready supply of second hand cabs floating about. Truckstop [/quote] I always loved the sound of Tim Slades jazz through his Ampeg SVT stack when we played gigs with Mohair. I guess the SVT 7 pro and HE410 would kind of get me there but it's still pretty big and heavy!
  13. Yeah I seen those rs210's. I was interested in them. The rs410's are really cheap at the minute, but I think 2 rs210's would be a easy to lug around and get in my Peugeot 308. I preferred the sound of the vintage microtubes. I was going to wait and get a VT bass DI until I heard the microtubes, so bought it and a radial J48 instead!
  14. [quote name='Prime_BASS' timestamp='1368301122' post='2075538'] I did the two ampeg svt210 things for a while does the sound of the big 810 well on budget while saving weight and space. If you have the time and spare cash is get the barefaced 69er as its supposed to clone the sound only with better performance and lighter and smaller. As far as head or amp goes. Get your self either a GB shuttle or MB LMtube, the preamp tube is going to give you the harmonic distortion, the cb will give you the overall colour, and the microtubes will give you any drive you want. [/quote] Is the micro VR with 210av x 2No. Loud enough to cope with a drummer and 2 guitarists? That would be a good option If it was. I'm kind of swaying towards a Markbass Little Mark iii. I'm struggling to find 2 good quality 2x10 cabs to pair with it. Easier for me to move around than a 4x10. The markbass cabs seem to get bad press online, plus they are pretty expensive.
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