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  1. Nice... I voted clear, and so did a few others... What do you think Yorks5? Happy with the look? Noting the Carbon neck 'n headstock, if it were a 'modern normal P body' and usuall pickguard would of suggested a Carbon or Carbon Wrap.
  2. Subtle n simple... Nice Initial familiarity of the pickup and pickguard to the eye... Then the 'Tele' difference to the body. Bit like when reverse headstocks started making an apperance. You going reversed Tele-stock?
  3. Silver polish cloth will be fine... Autosolve... Mask the fret board , a smear on the frets, allow a little time to darken / blacken - by the time you have done the last the first will be ready to polish off. I use a little white mop on a dremmel, lowish speed, couple of passes back n forth across the width of the neck / length of the fret, not pressing down to hard... Then a quick wipe with cloth, remove the tape, n clean the fretboard, lemon oil for wood, polish for laquered mapel.
  4. Octaver... Octave Up, with a touch of modulation, Chorus for example?
  5. Hooky... What Ibby Bass... If ya check the Ibby website parts listings for model, bridge, you can find the saddle part number... see em on reverb and a couple of german sites, possibly on the bay of e... 2BB1MDI013 ? set of 4 ia about £15 plus postage whole B10 bridge on the bay is £25... posted
  6. Have a measure up for a bit of brass from the bay... or https://www.metaloffcuts.co.uk/product/natural-brass-sheet/ listing suitable size off cuts 100m x 100m 1.5, 2mm thick...
  7. Aunt Hilda's Fur Coat... Isn't that by YES?
  8. Brass markers n nut different and have come up nice. gonna fashion a matching brass truss nut cover? Nice thru neck n wood. bet its got a bit of weight n substance to it.
  9. Nice find... ...and the after pics? Are you removing the flags and headstock adornments? What does the back look like, thru neck?
  10. Nice... what a great idea 😉 Silver screws match the hardware... knobs, bridge, machine heads etc.
  11. Screw Fix Danish Oil... £5... Almost clear, very light tint, several coats, nice matt to satin finish. Its all in the before hand prep... unless you want a worn look. Did my Cruiser P-a-like. (Search 'Danish Oil' on here and you will get a few posts n ideas) Applied using the slurry method with fine wet n dry.. easier than spraying.
  12. Do you need the width adjust? will the current Accucast B500 fit? If you can go with the std 19mm spacing maybe drop down a model of bridge for say the current B300 or B120?
  13. Had one of those rechargable Vox-a-likes... OKish but not great, and wouldnt fit the Ibby SR600 recessed jack. Got a Zoom B1xFour, the model with the Vol / Expression Pedal from a fellow Basschater a couple of months back after um-ing and ah-ing, convinced myself, but has gone mainly unused. I likes the simplicity of the EHX Headphone amp https://www.ehx.com/products/headphone-amp and a short 1m lead. No fuss 'n gimicks or sim, just the sound of the bass, but can be used after an effects pedal or two, I have a cheap Chorus and Phaser by Wholenote, Ibanez Tank Series Clones.
  14. Try a smear of vaseline on the worm gears... applied with a cotton bud for ease. Might smooth things out and give a better feel.
  15. From looking at the pictures... looks like an 18mm or 3/4" corner used on 15mm or 5/8" edge...
  16. From posts on here about the MM, P 'n J of this lot... and someone on here has modded one of these... https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_pb_50_sb_vintage_series.htm or https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_pb_50_fr_vintage_series.htm And express yourself with a headstock template, a sander and your own finish... What could go wrong for £105 initial outlay? I would love to but would have to lose the Ibby EDA900 first...
  17. pics? try warming it a little... would of posdibly been better warming the wrap prior to removal. hairdryer rather than heat gun.
  18. Watching a bit of the Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival 2019... Excuse my ignorance... Not sure who the bass player is, but playing Squire Sunburst Jazz... Gonna be a fair few $£€¥ of wood on and backstage...
  19. Lookin' Nice in Danish... Satin and brings out the wood. Did a cheapy some while back with £5 Screwfix Danish Oil and wet n dry slurry method.
  20. Brand New Cadillac - The Clash / Inner City Unit / ...
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