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  1. I was an electronics tech for 5 years with the Biomedical Physics Dept Aberdeen Uni. A wee change of career and I've been a CSi/Forensic Photographer for the past 34 years, still in the job. Music and gigging keeps me sane along with black humour and evil sarcasm lol
  2. Found this bass on Facebook Marketplace. Got it for £40 and I wasn't expecting much. I got it home, gave it a clean, a wee set up and it sounds great through my combo amp. It's damn near mint condition, the only wee problem is a microphonic bridge pickup which I'll swap out. Does anyone have one, gig one? All I can find out about them is it could be made by Cort as there's a C in the serial number. Great neck on this bass. Any info greatly appreciated
  3. Scored this bass off evilbay for £32. Needed a bit of work as the bridge was misaligned along with the pickups and for some reason the neck pocket had been cut too deep and there was very little clearance between strings and body!. All fixed now. I seem to remember Westfield's had a very Fenderish headstock?! This one is different. My question is it and older or newer model?No serial numbers unfortunately. Squier CV pickups and a set of flatwounds sorted!
  4. Just bought this bad boy off evilbay for £32. Great neck, lovely translucent blue finish. Ok pickups. Unfortunately mine had a misaligned bridge which was easily rectified. Changed the pickups for Wilkinson Alnicos and a set of flatwounds. Decent giggable bass.
  5. I bought the DBS7400, 2x10 and 1x15 when they first came out. I remember being really excited when I got em home. Finally I would have an amp system to keep with 2 Marshall half stacks. How wrong I was! I didn't realise the 400w was delivered at 2ohms. The combo of the 2x10 and 1x15 meant 5.6ohms. Also there was very little bottom end which after a year of playing I finally opened up the the back of the 1x15 to find the speaker was wired out of phase ffs. Got bottom end end but still not enough volume. Gutted. I also managed to fry a PSU capacitor at gig, lots of smoke but it kept on working. Fixed by Marshall no charge.
  6. 6'3" built like a brick outhouse and massive hands. Bass player written all over me!
  7. Hi Jono, I have the Century 200 bass head which is pretty much the same. Got mine on evilbay for about £40 spares or repair. The power amp section was blown so I replaced it with a modern 200w amp module. Gigged it a few times and it was great, the distortion on it is really good. I liked the preamp section so much I copied it and built in a rack format and used it with a PA amp. They are good sounding auld bulletproof amps. Enjoy yours! PS Servisol is the STUFF!
  8. I have always wanted a custom made bass but being a bit short of the readies I’ve never quite managed it till now. For the princely sum of £325 this beauty was delivered to my door. Adam uses repurposed timber and likes to relic stuff. I wasn’t expecting a lot to be honest but I got an unusual good playing bass (after a good setup). 2 Warman jazz blade hum bucking coil tapped pickups Wilkinson bridge and a chunky P bass neck which I really like as I have sausages for fingers. Have yet to gig it but it sound great through my rig. Adam builds guitars as well and right handers too!
  9. Well after a wee look around the tinternet I have found that the Proamps were the brainchild of a John Cooper (ex Selmer) and Roger Haines in Braintree, Essex around early to mid 80's. They later morphed into KMD brand and were distributed by Kaman which when they went bust Proamps went down as well. Fair bit of info on the guitar amps (well regarded) but zero on any bass amps. Rumour has it this company may have been the start of Ashdown? The bass amp is well made and I'm going to gig it along with a stereo power amp for some more oomph
  10. Thanks for the help folks, a few avenues to investigate. Off to do a sink test on the amp to test reliability. Going to gig it hopefully soon Cheers Cammie
  11. Hmm it could be. Its well made with decent components and pcbs. It's definitely a mosfet output stage. Also has a toroidal transformer. Really good sounding amp plus the bonus of 2 channels with separate eq's
  12. Aye Gary Mac, I have this 'thing' about resurrecting old solid state amps. Used to be an electronics tech many years ago and I can't help myself lol. Just got an old Peavey Century 200 Bass back in operation as well, brilliant distortion on them!
  13. Hi Folks I have just scored this amp head off evilbay for the princely sum of £23 After an hour with the soldering iron and a few new components it's all working but I can't find any info about them It's a Proamplifiers Select 130 Bass Series. Anyone any info as I'm curious and I like these weird old amps. It's has a footswitchable 2 channels, compressor and adjustable balanced out. Cheers
  14. Always wanted a Fender bass VI but of course no left handers. Spotted this on evilbay and snapped it up. £229.99 delivered couldn't resist. First impressions it looks and feels bloody good for the price, light weight. The fret ends are a tad sharp but I'm not complaining at this price. 3 single coil pickups, vol, tone, 5 way selector and the varitone switch which has a good sweep of tones. I have only tried it through my practice rig, it sounds really good with a good range of tones. Set up wasn't great out of the box, again this ain't a problem for me. I removed the Vibrato and locked it down, set the neck relief and did the intonation. Chords up the dusty end are sweet! Definately a gigable bass.
  15. Charity gig in a wee village hall on Saturday night. Place was rammed and up for a party. I was suffering from a heavy cold, the stage was boiling hot due to the old fashioned spot lighting and I was dehydrated. How I got through it I don't know, the last 2 songs I thought I was gonna faint. Still we entertained and wee Joe our drummer reckoned that was the tightest him and I have been in a long time, go figure! maybe he was being nice LOL
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