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Hohner Professional PJ Bass info

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Found this bass on Facebook Marketplace. Got it for £40 and I wasn't expecting much. I got it home, gave it a clean, a wee set up and it sounds great through my combo amp. It's damn near mint condition, the only wee problem is a microphonic bridge pickup which I'll swap out. Does anyone have one, gig one? All I can find out about them is it could be made by Cort as there's a C in the serial number. Great neck on this bass. Any info greatly appreciated





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I had one in the early 2000s, I couldn't get on with it personally, it just didn't feel up to much. Bought it for around 100 quid with a hard case, sold the case for 50ish and the bass for 70 or 80 after not having it very long. Glad you've found one you like, if the neck feels good then a decent amp etc should get something worthwhile out of it. 

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