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  1. I wqas born in 74, right bang on the "CBS are crap" years, but I doubt I could afford a 74 p bass or Strat now. Especially needing a lefty!
  2. I've never seen a Fender case designed exclusively for a left handed guitar. My MIS 94 US Std Strat came with a case that is obviosuly designed to accomodate either left or right hander. Same with any other fender case I've seen beofre or since...
  3. Never owned one, but handled a few. Decent enough instruments, generally pretty good for the price. Bit like a Squier - and like Squier once in while you run into a psecial one. If memory serves, Prince's famous "Tele" was from this range, or an earleir version thereof.
  4. I have a basssitting in my office that I can't bring home until I sell a couple of my guitars. (Though it'#s now known about).
  5. Not for me, but I don't care for any violin basses. They just don't do it for me at all. That said, it looks nicely made, and the fact that it doesn't scream "Hofner!" should give it a bit wider a market than Beatles tribute acts.
  6. I found that 'sticker shadow' thing with a Squier bass of mine, though it quickly faded close to a match after the stickers were off (I have it hanging in my living room, so it gets the Sun). I do like how guitars age with a bit of Sun; my Strat (a 1994 Fender American Standard I've owned from new) has gone a nice ivory shade on the pups and the plate, while the maple has darkened nicely. In that era, the wood Fender was using was incredibly anaemic looking when new - it's one of the reasons I went for a rosewood board at the time rather than maple. (I much prefer maple now in general; it's one of the reasons I want a second Strat now.) What I've always preferred is the look of an old flightcase with a bunch of stickers on it, though almost any hardcase I've ever owned wouldn't take stickers forf some reason. They just lifted right off in minimal time.
  7. It's funny, when it comes to guitars, I want LOTS, but with basses, I'm perfectly happy with a P bass; I have a rosewood board model (actually Brandoni, but its guts are all Fender, and Brandoni bought out all the old Fender Japan necks and bodies, so it kind of is a Fender just made by not-Fender), I want a mapleone. IvI had silly money I'd buy two or three more colours, but with bass as I say I don't crave the variety I do with guitar.
  8. When it comes to basses, I have very simple tastes - I like a P bass. Nothing else really does it for me (though on day I night have a p-bass made with a Firebird-shaped body). With three grand to blow on gear, I'd likely hit the Fender Mod Shop and buy a P Bass with very late 50s styling (in metallic Turquoise with a gold anodised guard, and maple board), and a matching Strat.
  9. Nice! I like how it does its own thing. Got a sort of shape I'd associate with one of those cool, obscure 'out there' 50s/60s models that Eastwood revive, but in that reclaimed wood look. I like it very much, there's a sort of primal look to it.
  10. Depends on the size of the bundle - and yeah, anyone with any sense should count it (and anyone honest wouldn't object), but it's been known to happen.
  11. Or (allegedly) Paul Simonon in the Clash. Apparently he wasn't so hot in the early days, learned on the job... If you heard any Sid Vicious er live recording, it's *all* Steve Jones playing - Sid's bass was turned right out of the mix. Jim Morrison, pre-Doors, got a gig miming guitar for a Summer tour when a friend's band's gigging contract specified one mored member, and it gave him a taste for the stage.... I don't know tat I'd want to do it forever, but a paying gig before Christmas where nobody knows, notices or cares? Hell, yeah.
  12. The only thing you have to be careful with cash on collection is that it's legit / not half stuffed with newspaper. One reason I'm so bad at clearing out old music gear is that I hate having strangers come round, and I can't deliver. Did sell an old Fender amp on eBay once, think i took cash for that and it turned out okay, but it's not easy. Often wish I'd stuck to harmonica....
  13. Anyone tried one of these little amps yet? I'm only really a home player these days, so I don't really need something other than my old Vox T-25 (lovely sounding little amp), but part of me really does fancy one of these. Yes, I know they're a plastic body.
  14. Easier to be able to sit in on a jam when you don't have your own instrument too. I can manage a bit on a r/h bass just held my way round; less so on guitar, at least beyond root 6th barres....
  15. http://customshop.seymourduncan.com/filtertron-for-gretsch/
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