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  1. EdwardMarlowe

    What to pair with a P90?

  2. EdwardMarlowe

    Where did all the cheap second-hand tab books go?

    Probably many ended up binned if the acts behind them didn't retain popularity. Otherwise, with so many tab sites on the net now (and falling guitar sales) I'd say there's less demand now, so fewer printed...
  3. EdwardMarlowe

    My old POS acoustic with Zep link

    Page also played a Dano when they were just cheapo old budget guitars, not 'cool retro'. I'd guess that as a guy who could have anything he wanted and knew what he liked / needed for a particular sound, he didn't care what a guitar cost as long as it had 'that sound'.
  4. EdwardMarlowe

    Affordable lefty P

    I'll have to check them out. The neck on my Brandoni P is, I think, wider than 42mm, though certainly not unpleasant to play. Log been tempted by a Jazz, but really they're a bit 'late' for my tastes.
  5. EdwardMarlowe

    Cab for hifi?

    For a few years at University I was the sounddesk guy for the CU praise band. Learned a lot about music and getting a good balance between instruments from that. The lead guitar player had a GK hybrid amp we used to call the Concrete Elephant because it weighed a ton, but despite being very modern looking, it had lovely, vintage style sounds. The 60s-styled Fender clean type tone on it were fantastic especially, really warm and characterful.
  6. EdwardMarlowe

    Left-Handed Horror Stories

    I see you as righties coming to learn the superior, sinister path...
  7. EdwardMarlowe

    Cab for hifi?

    Some oldies like these would fit the bill! I've got their big brother, the 66 series 2 and they're the dog's... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Celestion-Ditton-44-Speakers-/253895374369 Ha, yeah.... I always wondered why the likes of Fender or Marshall never got into hifi speakers, given their cab expertise.... Howcool would a nice pair of speakers look in tweed tolex with brown-oxblood grillecloth? I'd adore a pair of 66s; my fantasy is actually apair of the big Klipshes, but alas She Who Must Be Obeyed, while very tolerant of my obsessions, has rules out Big Speakers. (I've got my own way on the 50" TV, so I can't complain!) In any case, it's a small flat, so. The QAcoustic 3020is really look great - I just need to check out whether they would work with my amp (it putsout at 8ohms, while the QAs are rated 6 ohms). They'd also sit neatly on the unit I intend to build for the stereo, which would be Popular Around Here.
  8. EdwardMarlowe

    Cab for hifi?

    Thanks, yes - that's what I'd figured would be the case, but thought I'd ask around just in case. It's not easy to find (or afford!) hifi speakers with lovely, big 12" drivers in 'em.... The Voxcab will have to join the long list of gear that's got to be sold off before I buy any more guitars. (Weirdly, I'm quite excited about flushing out over half the collection.... the only thing I'm struggling with a bit is my Korean Epi LP - lovely guitar, I'm just over LPs. I know if I could sell it for what it cost, I'd not think twice, but somehow the old thought of it being worth much less than I think it "should" be bothers me with that one than any other.) Q Acoustics are definitely on the list as a brand to check out. I think I'll be looking for something 'woody' to keep it matching in with the other bits (and keep Herself onside). I'm torn between buy some great speakers from the affordable endat RS or going all out on the Klipsh bookshelf speakers at around three-fifty.... in a perfect world I'd have a pair of the BIG Klipshes with the 12" drivers already, but my budget for the whole system is less than they cost! Thanks, folks.
  9. EdwardMarlowe

    Gibson Futura and Ugly Duckings

    Never cared for the pointy Gibsons. I did, however, once get the chance to play Jimi's Black Angel custom lefty V (yes, the actual Hendrix guitar, the one he played at IoW and the last guitar he played in public). Still don',t like other Vs, but oh, my did that one feel special! Wish I could have plugged it in to a killer amp...
  10. EdwardMarlowe

    Stickers on guitars?

    Had a sticker here and there on a Strategy or P bass guard over the years, but always took em off in the end. Only stickers I really like nowadays are the forties style pinup girls on Steve Jones' Led Paul's, but as I'm *so* *over* Les Pauls..... Unlikely for me now.
  11. EdwardMarlowe

    Stickers on guitars?

    Had a sticker here and there on a Strategy or P bass guard over the years, but always took em off in the end. Only stickers I really like nowadays are the forties style pinup girls on Steve Jones' Led Paul's, but as I'm *so* *over* Les Paul's..... Unlikely for me now.
  12. EdwardMarlowe

    What Killed Rock & Roll?

    Spotify and the others' remuneration policy is s big part of the problem. When I buy a cd, even from Amazon, say, the artist gets for that one-time purchase the equivalent of tens of thousands of listens.... Also, Spotify has tsught kids music is of no value. They don't even pay ten bucks a month for it: the money is to get rid of the annoyance of ads. It's not an equivalent of the radio. I used to use radio to discover new stuff then buy. Kids use spotify to avoid the need to buy. With fewer and fewer live venues available, how else are artists to make a living? And no, it's not a quality thing. Getting digned and being a success in the music biz is far more luck than anything else.
  13. EdwardMarlowe

    PRS John Mayer errrrm Strat.

    I'm not offended by it, though why anyone with that to spend on a guitar would buy this oroduction model rather than a custom order from Fender'CS or any other, high end luthier is beyond me.
  14. EdwardMarlowe

    What Killed Rock & Roll?

    The damn Beatles sure didn't help. I'll take one Brand New Cadillac over their entire oeuvre, thanks. And Macca 'love the queen, me, thumbs aloft, whacky' can fack right off. He's almost as bad as Cliff (though he lacks that hilarious bitterness Cliff has at not being playlisted for children between 13 and 25). There 's always great music around, you just have to know where to look and make the effort. The only thing sadder than an old fart like me (over forty - the age at which, as Gregg Davies memorably noted, " you walk past a night club, and nobody offers you a flyer") whining about 'no good music since the seventies, blah blah' is when you see fifteen year old kids saying it and worshipping zeppelin and such. Rock, in its broadest sense, has disappeared from the mainstream in the UK thanks to a few things. One, small island (and Brexit will make Europe less easily accessible too), so fewer places to play. Two, legislation in the Blair era made it more expensive to have a full band in, so most venues opted for synth duos and DJs ( I believe the post 2010 shower changed the rules for smaller, sub 400 venues, but too late). And three, Spotify has taught the kids music is not to be valued enough to pay for it. Great stuff is still out there though, all you have to do is find it.
  15. EdwardMarlowe

    Cab for hifi?

    I found a lot of online discussions about using hifi speakers for guitar, but.... Not the other way around? I have a Pioneer sx890 hifi stereo tuner amp which puts out 2 x 60watts in stereo at 8ohms. I also have a Vox ad212vt http://www.voxshowroom.com/uk/amp/ad212.html which can take 8ohms in stereo, rms 80watts each channel. Can I, therefore, use this 2x12" cab with pretty good speakers in place of generic hifispeakers?