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  1. Harry, that control layout is mad professor stuff. Love it! I think you've done the paintwork well, a lot better than a lot of amateur and pro jobs. How does it sound?
  2. I've got an old "project" bass that I need to either sell or strip for parts. I need to test the pickup for output, my father in law is an electrician so he may have the kit... It what tool would I need and what would I need to do? I've already tried putting a string on the bass and I got very low volume, but this is with no nut in place so it's hardly an accurate test. I'd like to know how to see for certain if the pickup is able to be saved or not. Thank you
  3. Guitar guitar has these listed as coming soon at £689. Factory made lefties. No date for arrival yet... Awful timing when I'm already torn between fretted or fretless jazz or getting a quote for a Limelight Telecaster bass (I know, different beast altogether!)
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    Ever so slightly off topic... What's the difference between the RM range and the ORIGIN-AL? Phone autocorrect just won't let me write it properly but you know what I mean!!
  5. Top work! I didn't get three of them. One I'm kicking myself for and one I don't think I've ever heard the song.
  6. What's the fretless lurking in the shadows there? Looks like an interesting instrument
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    New LBD

    Personally I'd want the top off of her, so to speak!!! Gorgeous woods, good reports on the sound too. Only ever heard amazing things about ACG, would love to give one a tickle one day.
  8. I've seen new ones for sale at prices I wouldn't be prepared to pay. I think your best bet would be to look at the specialist dealers of vintage guitars and basses and see if they sell, or even buy, the cases themselves to get an idea of market value. There may be a shop or two with a lefty 70s bass that would want a period correct case to sell it in so they can bump up the price a lot. Or there could be a BC'er or two who'd fancy one at a fair market price.
  9. Thanks Phil. The weird thing is there was no continuous popping. Going to try and fire it up daily now and see if it settles itself before giving Ashdown a call. Would hate for it to just cut out at a gig though...!
  10. I hadn't used my amp or cabs since my last gig. I fired them up last week and it took a long while to get a response from my cabs then there was a bit of loud popping. It took so long I was swapping cables back and forth to see if they were the issue. I used the amp again yesterday for practice and had intermittent cutting out before it settled. I'm trying to find out if my amp or maybe the speakers need to be checked over? It's a bit too much to post the lot off and Ashdown HQ is a fair drive... My last gig was on 15th Feb. I played through my Ashdon RM500 head and 2x Ashdon cabs. Very low volume, not driven too hard, I rarely get the VU anywhere near the red anyway but this gig was fairly quiet due to the room. I store my kit in an office that's built in to my garage, dry and secure though not heated daily. I've no concerns about damp though. No idea what I'd be looking for to rectify this, it hasn't happened before.
  11. Black and purple Baby Bjorn baby carrier. Newborn to 15kg. £80 new, sell for £15 Tommee Tippee electric bottle steriliser and electric bottle warmer. Includes two bottle cozy things. Does NOT include bottles, teats, etc. To be clear this is for the electric bottle steriliser unit with the innards so you can sterilise two layers of bottles, and the electric bottle warmer. Other stuff comes with it new but I'm sure nobody would want that second hand. £15 Both items can be collected from me near St Albans. I've got bags of baby and toddler clothes too if you want to have a look before they go off to charity. I'll update this thread when more stuff becomes available. Message me for pics or with questions and I'll do my best.
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124202116656 Interesting 60s bass.
  13. Thanks Mick, it's a neck thru... Though the previous owner has maybe had a go!
  14. Hi everyone. I've done a deal to sell a bass to a chap in Italy. I live near both Parcel Force and DHL depots so I searched both their websites for quotes. Parcel force want over 100 quid. That's what I'm getting for the bass!! The bass is an 80s classic but it needs a LOT of time and or money spent on doing it up. DHL seem to offer postage to Europe from less than £13, is that right? Has anyone used that before? I'm packing the bass heftily, will be about an 8kg parcel. There are DHL options at £13, £14, £25 and £138. The most expensive option is air freight the others seem to be road. I don't know why but I think the £25 road option seems to be my preferred way... Any opinions welcome!
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. Brand new adjustable brass nut for sale. Bought from Thomann but I've got rid of the packaging. So save yourself just over £3 and get slightly quicker shipping if you like! Bought for a project I can't follow through https://m.thomann.de/gb/abm_6240_webster_nut_bass.htm
  17. Price drop £115 on BC only. So I bought a Line 6 G75 wireless... I've never used it beyond testing at home and in the rehearsal rooms. It's new and in the original box. I also bought the Levys leather pouch to hold the transmitter unit on your belt or guitar strap which I'm putting in with the unit. I like the idea of these but in a year just haven't used it on any gigs and so I need to raise funds for a new purchase, this is top of the list to go. Pickup preferred from St Albans/ Welwyn GC area but happy to post at cost to Buyer. Ask me anything I'll try to help.
  18. I kept my Sire V7 Vintage for 6 months before selling... I only sold out of a sense of guilt because I'd splashed out a tax rebate on a stingray. Now I miss having a jazz type bass and for the money and the options available for a lefty I want a Sire again. Or a Fender. Maybe a Sire... I did like my old Fender though... But the Sire has a good active system....
  19. There's just something about the look of a fretless unlined Ray. Beautiful.
  20. I never knew Kier Starmer played sax.
  21. Stop teasing the 80s obsessed left handers!!!
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    Classic knobs.
  23. The best Trace Head is the one you haven't managed to try yet. They're all awesome in their own way, I love em but am being sensible and not buying one for just when I fancy it.
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