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  1. The sides and back of my JC look amazing, as does @Badscrew's. They should do one that looks like that all over.
  2. Probably playing for Hendrix. The first band I played in did loads of Hendrix and it allowed me and the drummer to just jam through the songs and make it different every time.
  3. I should really like this. I don't dislike it. But it does nothing for me I'm afraid.
  4. Exactly what my guitarist needs it for. It's only one song that he needs to raise his strap for but it's a pain to do.
  5. My guitarist could do with something that does that.... It that looks a bit flimsy tbh.
  6. Each to their own but I LOVE my Stingray.... And what's more it's the dreaded 3 band EQ version. But before anyone calls me a heretic for liking the 3 band EQ my explanation is simple: I usually cut the mids, max the bass and have the treble a tiny bit past middle. When I need to push the bass forwards more I go just past the middle with the mids and it changes the sound a lot. I also find the neck (2018ish US Stingray) the most comfortable and best feel ever, also the string spacing is perfect for me. I also enjoy a P bass (had an MIJ Special edition for a few years) and I think one would really suit as a backup for me but the Stingray is the sure fire winner. The body is different to a P with the bridge being a bit further towards the butt so that may also throw some people off a bit, but I honestly couldn't tell you where I anchor my thumb, I'm all over the place! Also I use a pick a lot now, not that my blistered fingertips give that away!
  7. Played a pub that my band (I joined late 2021) had played four years ago and remembered it being a good night. I didn't know what to expect, I've really gone off playing pubs now since I've mostly been doing rock clubs with this band, but we pitched up and set up in a purpose built stage area outside with a half marquee type arrangement covering a good sized area for punters. Ten minutes before we started there was a handful of people there and we had a warning about noise levels and curfew. Once we got going the place filled up, fantastic crowd of people singing along to every song. I was trying out a new amp (Ashdown ABM600 which is phenomenal) so I may have been a bit on the edge of the noise warning but we got the place rocking. Really pleased with it considering I had very low expectations.
  8. My ABM arrived on Thursday I think. Gigged it last night. Holy moly. What a sound!!!! Musicman Stingray, slight dip in the mids on the amp, ramping up the mids on the bass onboard EQ for certain songs and wow. The authority to the bass sound is immense. I love it! I thought my Rootmaster was great but the ABM is a cut above.
  9. My point is that this bass is f*cked. Regardless of what it could have been. If it were in playable condition and didn't look like it had been salvaged from a shipwreck then I can understand pricing north of £2k. It just seems if it has the big F on it, regardless of condition, then the base price is £2k for any of them over thirty years old. I may as well buy up some perfectly usable 90s and early 2000s Fenders in good condition, beat them up a bit then treble my money in ten years time.
  10. They've polished the frets but thought "f it we'll leave that sticky old blanket fused to the body" makes perfect sense to me....
  11. In my typical perusal of Reverb I found this bass: Vintage Lefty 1978 Fender Precision Bass Electric Guitar Left Handed https://reverb.com/item/56851917-vintage-lefty-1978-fender-precision-bass-electric-guitar-left-handed?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=android-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=56851917 And I'm baffled by the price. This isn't nicely aged or roadworn, it looks like it's been left in the loft and had water dripping on it for the last 42 years. At some point will "old Fenders" be realistically valued or do we just accept that anything Fender whether playable or not is automatically worth £2k minimum once it's 30 years old? It just seems completely detached from reality. If it were an Ibanez Musician or something else from late 70s in that condition there's no way it would be up for two grand.
  12. It's all generally nuclear war themed, except the artwork for Youthanasia and maybe one or two others.
  13. I like to think I'm prowling around like a seasoned stadium rocker. In reality.... I wiggle my shoulders a bit if the song is "bouncy", I try to interact with the drummer but that's hit and miss whether he even notices I'm there. I often interact with the singer or other guitarist, particularly on parts where we need to lock in. In all though, on video it looks a bit stilted and unnatural. I think that's just me though! A few years back an old friend watched me play and noticed I had two moves: lean back a lot, lean forward a lot. I never knew until he told me but he was right! One thing I do like to do is play around during boring songs. We play Run by Snow Patrol. When the lead guitarist does his solo the melody of it reminds me of the chorus to "nothings gonna stop is now" by Starship so I'm often singing that as loud as I can, away from the mic, at the singer during the solo. Just a joke between me and him which makes us both laugh during one of the most boring songs we play.
  14. I'm gigging outdoor in Leighton Buzzard on Saturday night so if you're at home you might hear it!
  15. I'm looking forward to it. I really liked Dystopia and it seems Mustaine's voice hasn't suffered too much. I'll be buying the album on release day.
  16. Being left handed I started a few years back to contact shops before I go in to see if they have what I want in stock as websites are not always up to date. I generally find I get treated well but they know I'm coming and I'm serious about what I'm looking for. Manson's in Exeter are great for customer service, as are Wunjos in London. I've had bad treatment though many times when I was younger. Generally looking down on me or trying to embarrass me when I'm looking at a cheap instrument and they say "nah you want this..." And point you to a £2000 instrument.
  17. I noticed that straight away, I thought the VU wasn't working until I cranked a few other dials. Good tip, thank you! This is what I wanted it for 😎
  18. I use two 1x15s and have done for quite a while. It used to be two Ashdown Rootmaster cabs now it's two Ashdown ABM Pro Neo's. In between times I did have a 1x15 and a 2x10 but much preferred the depth of sound from the 15s. I just prefer them to 10s overall. What kind of advice are you looking for specifically? If I were you I'd just blast through them for some rehearsals and gigs and if you don't like them change them.
  19. It had to happen sooner or later. I do love my Rootmaster but in my constant quest to upgrade gear I was looking for ABMs. I found all kinds of 500s at amazing second hand prices, and 600s at fair second hand prices. Then I found Omega music in Belgium via Reverb. Even after paying VAT I got a great deal on this brand new ABM 600. I've not had long with it but my experience of ABMs was always in rehearsal rooms. My impression was "great for a passive P bass, not so good for active basses". But that's from not bothering myself tinkering too much with them. I've read up loads, unpacked this and pligged in my Stingray. It is very, very good for active basses, no concerns there! The Rootmaster got me used to certain features that I now want from any amp, which restricted me to only really upgrading to an ABM, most other brands won't do. But this gives me real valves to drive in the preamp which is so much nicer than the emulated sounds out of my Helix. This amp will be gigged on Saturday, outdoors, driving two ABM Pro Neo 15s. It might get loud and hairy. Second image compares the size to my RM500.
  20. *ADJUSTING PRICE AFTER SEEING SOME OTHER ADS* £230 I LOVE this amp but got a deal I couldn't refuse on an ABM. It's in very good condition and has seen many gigs and rehearsals over the last few years. I never push the input into the red and the master never goes remotely near half. It's a great amp on its own, also very good if you use amp Sims, just press the EQ bypass and use it as a power amp. I'm including a two button footswitch and possibly a knackered laptop bag too which is good to carry it around in, depends on how well I can pack it. Will post in the UK via UPS but obviously collection is preferred. Feel free to ask any questions. Mandatory bullsh!t: plays like butter, if you're looking you know, etc etc
  21. Played a whole sweaty gig with my JC last Friday and forgot my sweatband!! Have to say it wasn't too uncomfortable but my sweaty arm kept slipping around on the bass 😄
  22. Looks like one of the Charvel basses they did recently. Doesn't Fender own Charvel...?
  23. If I tried it would be more Wallace and Gromit than McGuyver
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