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  1. That is gorgeous. Not too showy, classic design, executed perfectly in the detail. Awesome 😎👍
  2. I've been warned off that by my Luthier/ set up guy because it was creating some build up around the frets and yellowing on the frets. I do like the feel of strings when it's applied but he told me it's really bad for the instrument... It can't be horrific otherwise it wouldn't still exist, if there's a knack to using it so it doesn't build up on the frets I'd love to know.
  3. Times are changing. When I worked in pubs a pint of Worthington's was 95p. In summer Monday was the only quiet night, Tues was relatively busy but Weds, Thurs were big nights. Everyone was out on a Friday and Saturdays were chaos. Sunday's were busy nights because you had everyone who'd worked Fri and Sat night having their turn, or people getting through their hangovers or after football beers staying in the pubs til closing. People just don't do that these days, not in the same numbers. So the drinks were cheaper, more people were out, the pubs were making good money and spending good money on bands. Now the breweries give them a £250 weekly entertainment budget. They might spend it on music. They might spend it on access to sports events on TV.
  4. Pubs in Hertfordshire area typically paid £250-£300 in the few years pre covid. That's town centre or village pubs, not specialized music venues. For weddings and functions we would charge significantly more because the set up has to be done earlier, we bring a lot more kit... A LOT more, usually we would be travelling further and maybe need accommodation, we play longer and we have to accommodate requests for new songs. Once you've done a few functions a pub gig feels like a mess about practice.
  5. I got an acceptable fretless substitute sound using reverb and chorus, with octaver able to switch in and out. When I get home I'll look up the settings for you, it's one I put together from scratch.
  6. Steve Harris signature flats are superb. First time I fit them to my old precision I thought the neck was going to snap. They are big, high tension but high clarity strings. They're not as old school as most but they just sound huge and clear and last forever. I don't think I've come across anyone else who has tried them yet. I did like Fender flats on my jazz too, that completely changed the character of the bass.
  7. Indeed! I've lost money, had no end of stress but in the end the 80s Aria is resurrected and on its way to someone who will appreciate it.
  8. One issue I've had with fitting D tuners is that my Luther had to grind a bit of metal off it to fit it on to an MIM Jazz with Gotoh tuners.
  9. Sold to Brian! You've got a bargain, I'm pleased it's going to a BC member.
  10. 1. No, no difference really. 2. Probably a little but that's the trade off for the convenience. Consider also what you're actually doing it for, is it just for the odd open D string or acrobatics all over that string? 3. No. 4. It depends. I don't drop to D very often so it does take my small brain quite a while to work out which notes are where if I'm trying to figure out a new song. Then on times where I don't have my D tuner bass available and I play an octave higher on a standard bass I mess up my muscle memory. I guess the more you use it the easier it is. Also if you think in terms of notes you should be fine, if you think in terms of hand position it may be different. I haven't explained that very well, apologies.
  11. I've not gigged it yet due to my main band falling apart during the pandemic and me pulling the plug on my other project. I could be depping next weekend though and if I take the Stomp it will probably be put on one preset with a couple of effects I can bring in and out as I need. The volume jumps between different effects really bothers me, I don't understand why it does this by default. I seriously need to get under the hood of it before I can think of using it to it's potential.
  12. McCartney 3 2 1 on Disney+ is excellent for this.
  13. Brian - estimate for postage is £35. If it's less than that then I'll refund the difference. I have a box and a gig bag ready.
  14. Agreed. I do enjoy the simplicity of the windows editor though, it really is easy.
  15. I'm auditioning for a band that plays "pop" covers and need a soft fuzz sound for a few songs... Any suggestions, please? I would experiment but by laptop has packed in so I will need to make all changes on the unit itself so not as easy to experiment!
  16. I'm in two minds on this one. I do find the same thumbnail of the opera singer reacting to *whichever heavy metal band has a classically trained singer so they're obviously going to be good* must get boring after two different videos. But I suppose "reaction" is better for the searches and the limited patience of the audience than "critical dissection of the merits of *Five Finger Death Punch* from the perspective of a chamber orchestra fifth tuba player" Still, it must be better than unboxing videos. Who really gives a flying turd about seeing any product in its box and packaging?!?!? Just demo it.
  17. Right. I am so sick of people messing me about with this bass... Not on BC but elsewhere. This bass has "sold" loads of times but to fantacists and weirdos. If someone wants the bass, and most importantly has the means to pay for it... I'll take £200. I need to make space for a new bass and this has been usurped by something even more shockingly 80s. I'm losing money at this price but I've learned some expensive lessons here.
  18. In all seriousness I love a headless bass and have been very pleased that Ibanez have done a lefty in the green one, I'm just not sure about fan frets. It would be an expensive way to try.
  19. Being left handed is a cure for that.
  20. Anyone mentioned these yet... 1985 Ibanez X-ING IMG2010 https://reverb.com/item/32928994-1985-ibanez-x-ing-img2010?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=android-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=32928994
  21. This is interesting then. Ashdown do their Rootmaster 4x10 cabs in either 4 ohm or 8 ohm. So, using my RM head that runs at either 4 or 8 ohms assumedly if I buy the 4 ohm version I've got the option to add another cab should I want to. If I add the 8 ohm version I can't, or shouldn't anyway. From what I read here both 4x10s would give me the same output off the same head.... So why do separate versions exist? What is the advantage of the 8 ohm version? I've noticed there are not a lot of 8 ohm cabs on the market from the reasonably priced manufacturers (Ampeg, Ashdown, Markbass...) so I'm just wondering what the point of them is of there's no difference, only a restriction?
  22. Thanks, I was considering replacing the 8ohm 1x15 with a 4ohm 4x10 but I think I'll try one of those amp stands that puts it on an angle first. And saving myself best part of £350
  23. I'm not sure I fully understand it, but I think the point is that if I were to go from my 8ohm cab to an equivalent 4ohm cab there'd be bog all difference? Combined with your point that a 4x10 is likely to be a bit louder... Overall it just seems like I don't need to take the financial hit of selling off the fifteen to buy something else, I won't get my money's worth.
  24. Didn't say it wasn't a good song, just that it's not a well known one.
  25. So here's the quandary. I have an Ashdown Rootmaster 500 head which is pretty hard to beat, currently played through a single 1x15 Rootmaster cab that rates at 500watts at 8 ohms. I have used two cabs with this before but currently only have the one. I'm also considering taking the head unit put of a Trace combo for gigs where I want the sound of a trace amp but without the weight of the full 2x10 combo. Is it worth me getting a 4 ohm cab? Looking at the 4x10 Ashdown lightweight cab at the moment. Will it give me more output than the 1x15 on its own? I played a function with the RM head and 1x15 cab only and I couldn't hear myself on stage though I think that's because I didn't elevate the cab. I know volume isn't the pure aim of the game but I'm looking to get the most out of my amps in the smallest set up I can... Without spending crazy money or going for something like the Elf set up, I find anything smaller than a 2x10 a bit weird tbh (irrational I know). Any advice gratefully received.
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