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  1. TobyMunkling

    Boss GT-1B

    That's brilliant thanks Visog! Any opinions anyone for live useability?
  2. TobyMunkling

    Boss GT-1B

    I'd love to hear your opinion.......
  3. TobyMunkling

    Boss GT-1B

    Thanks Mikey ......am very interested to know your opinion!
  4. TobyMunkling

    Boss GT-1B

    [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Thomann, Richtone and various other places have had some for a week, or so. Maybe they sold out and have gone back to "on order." I suppose that it's early days for a review! [/font][/color]
  5. TobyMunkling

    Boss GT-1B

    Anyone bought one of these yet? I'd love to read an unbiased review and/or a comparison to the Zoom B3n (which I currently use, but would change if the GT-1B is better)
  6. Following my recent moaning and temporary disappointment with my new BigBaby 2, I thought that I should report back after my first gig since the horn disconnection issue was resolved. This cabinet is awesome. I was very happy with my set-up. Genz Benz Streamliner 600, Sandberg PM4, Zoom B3 and the BB2. Easily enough volume for virtually any pub that we play in (we don't mic the drums except the Bass Drum). Crystal highs, punchy mids and deep, but not boomy bass. (Rolled off the bass control a touch on the streamliner) Another very noticeable thing was that stuff that I have been playing for years, suddenly sounded clearer, more distinct and articulate. I especially noticed it in the Bass & Guitar Riff of Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well" and in Red Hot Chilli Peppers' "Danni California". Anyway, my apologies for ever doubting Barefaced. I am very happy that I bought this cabinet. I can't see me needing to buy another in the foreseeable future. I am also happy with their customer service (despite being a bit crap at responding to emails). Alex kindly spent some time talking the problem through with me and has followed up with an email to make sure that everything is ok. Now I will wear my "Barefaced" T-Shirt with pride.
  7. Just called Alex on the phone and he had read my email! He suggested that I took the panel off the back (if I wanted to, otherwise to send it back to them) and explained at length and in some detail how the horn was wired and to check the two (military grade) bayonet fixings on the terminals, as he couldn't imagine what else it could be. I was pleasantly reassured at the time he took and his concern. He obviously has great pride in his creations! I did this. They hadn't come off, but I pushed them on tighter anyway. Hoorah! This seems to have solved the problem. Probably moved in transit. The horn now works. It sounds fantastic! Plenty of high frequencies, rich bass. I shall be gigging it twice this weekend and will make my final decision whether to keep it. If it carries on sounding this good, it's almost a cert that I will! Thanks for the help chaps!
  8. Thanks for your replies! The streamliner was used on both the BB2 and my Epifani UL2 112. I find the streamliner to be pretty good at a clean hifi like sound if the valve section is kept in check. I will send my BB2 back to Barefaced and see what they say. If the horn wasn't working, I may just ask for a repair. If the horn is working, then they can keep it. it's not for me! Barefaced have (typically) not yet replied to my email. Other companies are busy, and yet manage to keep-up with their customers!
  9. I got my BB2 a couple of weeks ago and have gigged it a few times now, powered by my GB Streamliner. Frankly I'm very disappointed with it! Yes it has great lows, but there are no high frequencies or punch, especially when compared to my Epifani UL2 112. Maybe my one is defective, as turning the "horn control" on the back of the cab makes absolutely no difference to the sound at all. I even got my band mates to check it out and they agree! It that the same for all you other owners, or have I just got a duff one? I assume the latter! It has rather put me off and as it's within it's one month trial I may just ask for a refund. It's not cheap cabinet and Barefaced's lack of communication and response to emails right from the beginning of the ordering process has also rather put me off! Am I being petulant? Should I stick with it and get it repaired.? Advice requested and welcomed!
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