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  1. Plugged in my bass and tried out the amp. My other amp is a Markbass SD1200., which is a T- Rex. But this thing has to be Godzilla..... Phew, what a sound and headroom.....400 transistor and transformer watts easily outnumber 1200 class D watts. Really happy with this. 😻 grtz, Marc.
  2. Hi, just got a RAH400SMX wednesday. Hope I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed reading your article. Very well done sir. Grtz, Marc.
  3. Thanks everyone for the answers. Forgot Google existed......🤪
  4. Hi, what’s the exact dimensions? HxWxD? Grtz, Marc.
  5. Next to this topic : I like the Dr Bass cables but I hate their jack plugs. I swap them for Neutrik ones, and it works fine from there. Nice pedalboard you have. Grtz, Marc.
  6. Hi, can you get this cab to London? Grtz. Marc.
  7. Have one. Best little pedal ever. Grtz
  8. My board. Built from pieces of wood lying around. Instead of painting it black and waiting ages to dry, I painted in water-based satin varnish. Took two hours to dry for each coat ( three coats were needed ), and installed sone power plugs into the board. Everything works like fine, and pedal power comes from a Carl Martin.
  9. Hi, 4th picture shows 4 ohms.... Very tempted as well. Grtz. Marc.
  10. Tried mooer? Different power cables available Got one myself (2 in 1), decent quality for money. Grtz, Marc.
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