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  1. If I didn't allready own an sd1200 I'd buy myself one of these. Good luck with the sale. Grtz, Marc.
  2. EA IAMP 800

    I do NOT need or want it........ Grtz, Marc.
  3. Zoot 4 x 10 cab. SOLD.

    How much giraffes in that carpet? Very nice cab btw., wish I had the money to spend. Grtz, Marc.
  4. Oh man, ... if I wasn't to buy something else I'd be all over the Berg's. Good luck with the sale, make someone happy. Grtz, Marc.
  5. SOLD Status S2 5 string headless SOLD

    I don't need it, I don't need it..... Glwts, Marc.
  6. Zeck (EV cones) 4x10 and 1x18

    Hi, where are you located please? The Cayman Islands are a bit too far for me. Grtz, Marc.
  7. RMI Cosme 6 string headless bass

    Very, very nice. Wish I could.... Glwts. Grtz, Marc.
  8. Eden E300T with Matching 410 cab

    You're gonna regret it.... Glwts, Marc.
  9. I must resist. I must resist...
  10. Boom Bass Cab

    Hi, has anyone heard, seen or played one of the Boom Bass Cabinets range? I'm tempted by the 1215. Grtz, Marc.
  11. sold

    Must resist....must resist.... Aaaooow. Glwts
  12. Marbass SD1200

    Opened up the amp : 50 kohms. This thread may be closed. Thanks for your interest. Grtz, Marc.
  13. Depending on the amount of money you can/will spend : go for a Markbass. Cannot go wrong with one of those. (LM II, LM III SA, SD,...). Grtz, Marc.
  14. Marbass SD1200

    I've tried cleaning it with two types of pot cleaner. Nothing helps, it remains scratchy.