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  1. Andy's just bought my Bugera 1960 and what a pleasure he was to deal with - communicative and true to his word throughout. Top man! Many thanks Andy!
  2. Mint condition Bugera 1960 150W all valve head. Only been used in the home. Includes overnight UK delivery. Cheers Grahame 🙂
  3. Craig's just bought my fretless Precision and I found him to be communicative and true to his word - a proper Gent! Many thanks Craig!
  4. Interesting stuff! Glad you're happy with the results 🙂
  5. Pentode

    Feedback for W...

    Wayne has just bought my Squier Jazz. Great fella to deal with and a very straightforward transaction. Highly recommended!
  6. Shaun just bought my Dean bass. Very pleasant to deal with, paid immediately and good coms. What more could you ask for?!
  7. Up for grabs is my Dean Edge 5 Good condition bar the missing truss rod cover and very worthy as a try-out for a five banger or second gigging bass. Nice and light (I'll weigh it and post the weight asap) with a 35" scale. Includes gig bag and overnight delivery within the UK £120 Cheers Grahame 🙂
  8. Mark just bought my Bass Collection P and he was as straight as the proverbial die to deal with - instant payment and excellent communications. Thanks Mark, hope you enjoy it! Cheers Grahame 🙂
  9. Sorry, I forgot to answer this.... To be honest I've not looked, it's the original bridge that was on the bass.
  10. Good point! In that case, cross my palm with a further £50 and you can have these Wizard Thumpers to pop in!
  11. Up for sale is my Dean Edge 5 string fretless. Very good condition and laden with Bartolini pickups and John East preamp with sweepable mids. 35" scale and with a fabulous fretless growl. Fairly low action - the B string is 1.5mm at the '12th fret'. The Bartolini's are M45CBC. The truss rod is fine. There are dots on top of the fretboard at the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th etc. The strings are D'addario Chromes. Also the bass weighs 3.9kg (8.6lbs) Includes hardcase and overnight delivery with UPS. Looking for £350. Cheers Grahame
  12. Up for sale is my Bass Collection P bass. Excellent condition and no issues - a cracking bass for the price. Includes hardcase and overnight delivery with UPS. Looking for £230. Cheers Grahame
  13. Up for sale is my Squier Vintage Modified Jazz. As new condition with a Hipshot D Tuner and Gator hardcase. Looking for £300 including overnight delivery with UPS. I'll let the photos take over from here. Cheers Grahame 🙂
  14. Hi my Friend, I'm afraid not, I really need to shift gear for cash - unless you have a Laverda Mirage cylinder head you can trade.... 😉
  15. Many thanks for the feedback, much appreciated 🙂
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