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  1. Bought a 1990 Trace Elliot Ah200 off Nik. He was a joy to deal throughout the transaction from communications, payment, packing and delivery Highly Highly Recommended Thanks Again
  2. That input jack looks original too All the best,Mick
  3. Bought a Pre Gibson Tobias from Stavros .. exactly as described.. great communication and excellent job at packing...Highly Recommended
  4. Musicman Stingray Bass ?? But thats a guess 😄... lovely bass though best of luck with sale All the best,Mick.
  5. Sold a Status Trace Elliott bass to Emiel in a smooth transaction. Great communication throughout and a joy to deal with .Highly Recommended
  6. An Absolute gent, a joy to deal with.Highly Highly recommended.One of the best Thanks Again
  7. Hi what the depth of this ? All the best Mick
  8. Johnny thanks for the info and I will definitely check out the clip :Serial number is 47.Thanks again.Mick.
  9. No word from Emiel so still for sale/trade.. looks he deleted his offer post too ???
  10. Hi Emiel that might work but it may be best to PM me as I think the moderators prefer trades and offer to be done via PMs All the best Mick
  11. Hi Open to trades? All the best, Mick.
  12. Disappointed with many Class D amps for Heft etc. switched to Separate Pre Amp and way to go 🙂 so (Throw a Crown Xls amp with this , Which are around £200 on Thomann and you a 1100 watt amp with Heft for around £600 with minimal weight ) Have 2 preamps for sale so will withdraw if other sells : Really nice pre plus has a tube overdrive for those into fuzzy sound ... in very good condition has some rack rash but not much This was €1000 new originally so half price Its a lovely pre but too many options on both the front and rear panel for me to use Open to trades : Basses or Preamps or even the right amp or Even a Berg cabinet 410 or 210 Price includes Shipping Bass preamp with tube warm circuit and 5-band tone control The Eden World Tour Pro Preamp WTPPre is a versatile preamp for electric bass, which is ideally suited for use in recording studios with a top-class sound and first-class equipment, but also provides perfect sound experiences on a separate power amp. Based on an analog circuit with two tubes, the preamp delivers both crystal-clear clean sounds and juicy overdrive, while the 5-band tone control with semi-parametric mid-bands allows particularly precise tuning of the sound character. In addition, a switchable compressor with ratio control and the Enhance filter typical of Eden amps are available, which creates a hi-fi sound image by emphasizing bass and treble. The Eden World Tour Pro Preamp WTPPre at a glance: Bass Preamplifiers from the Eden World Tour Series Preamp circuit with two tubes ("Tube Warmer") Enhance filter for emphasizing bass, high midrange and treble Switchable compressor with controls for amount and ratio Pre-send and -return to pick up the signal before equalizer and effects Stereo effect path with additional outputs Symmetrical DI Out with pre/post counter and ground lift Aux In and headphone jack Rack format housing
  13. As Andy is out .. I’ll take his place .. if he doesn’t mind that is All the best Mick.
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