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  1. Highly underrated amps
  2. Hi Got This in a trade recently...absolutely amazing sound but no real use with probably going IEM. Based on the Fender Dual Showman , these now have a list price of $ 2200 , going off the serial number I reckon it’s a 1990. Open to trades for class d amps (Mesa/Aguilar/Bergantino etc. )but need to be around 500 watt at 8 ohms/ or might even take a bass as a trade (Maybe a Sire V7 Gen 2 but open to others ) , obviously willing to ship. Price is the Trade Value ... sizeable discount for cash but interested in trades mostly All the best Mick. F2B_manual.pdf
  3. Hi All Selling an Aguilar DB750 in excellent condition , only gigged a handful of times due to using house PAs . Bought from new in the Bass Gallery so have the original box for shipping. Fantastic heft from this but rarely used these days due to it’s weight. Always kept in a light flight case New DB751 retails circa £2400 All the best Mick.
  4. Sorry with regard to weight : medium light in the 8 -9 ilbs range
  5. Thanks for the offer : Nice bass too but only interested in 4 strings thanks again All the best Mick.
  6. Interested in Part trades?? All the best Mick.
  7. Did another deal with Arnoldo, yet again he was a dream to deal in all aspects: payment , communication and etiquette Thank you yet again
  8. Thanks for comments gentlemen.. as Allaboutthebass says you can spend a lot more and not come close .. I traded this with Neil with the intention on moving immediately but I just couldn’t do it but eventually needs must
  9. Hi All clearout continues: This time a 2017 Pino P bass by Fender Custom Shop. Need I say any more , in the same condition as It left the factory. Photo are from the original sale thread from Brewer62. Trade wise: open trades to trades partial or full but will probably say no unless it’s a Aria SB 1000 or Mark King Supernatural but you never know but 4 strings only : Trade value is higher than the asking
  10. Hi All Got this as a trade with the intention to flip immediately but held on for longer than I should have , as its a good as any Custom Fender shop.The relic ing is spot on with a sublime neck. Based in Ireland so willing to ship Tradewise looking at vintages 80’s so Aria SB1000 or Mark King supernatural with cash my way. Price in ad is cash price specs....Classic J Antique 7.25 Radius Indian Rosewood board / Suhr plecked fret dress Quarter dawn maple neck ( extra tinted) Alder body with Olympic white nitro finish and Tort plate Hipshot tuners and Gotoh vintage bridge includes Original Hard case Retail price on this model is now £2855 /3400 € All the best Mick.
  11. Added a few photos as requested.. some nice trade offers but still available
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