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  1. Mickb1773

    Sold !!!! Fodera Yin Yang Standard II 4 Strings

    Hi Lovely bass , what s the weight and do you know the fingerboard radius All the best Mick.
  2. Mickb1773

    Feedback for Arnoldoc

    Great to deal with. Deal with confidence. Highly recommended Thanks Arnoldo
  3. Mickb1773

    Feedback for Brewer62

    Bought a Pino bass off Mark. A true gent and excellent to deal with. Highly recommended All the best Mick
  4. Mickb1773

    Celinder 5 String 2005

    On hold pending the usual
  5. Mickb1773

    Celinder 5 String 2005

    Thanks to all the posts regarding the quality and sound of the Celinder .. I think one YouTuber referred to them as the Unicorn bass All the best Mick.
  6. Mickb1773

    Celinder 5 String 2005

    Hi All, Got this from Norwood (using his pics..thanks )a couple of months back and its is a truly exceptional and sublime bass.It just sings but alas the 5 string is just not for me (this is about my fourth attempt with 5 strings I should have learnt by now ).It is in excellent condition with a lovely set up (Converted from original fretless ). It has the default Aguilar 3 band pre - amp which the later models came with. The above price is the cash price for this extremely rare bass but would be interested in trades (obviously trade value is higher ).Have a love for 80's bass so would be into ARIA SB1000 /Jaydee Supernatural (non Roadie)/Status Series 2/Vintage Ric 4001 but sure try me (or if anyone has a Celinder 4 they would swap ?) Might also swap for High End type Jazz but must be 4 String and active or Pino P Bass Based in Ireland so willing to ship at your expense but i will arrange it All the best, Mick.
  7. Mickb1773

    Feedback for norwood

    Traded plus cash to Greg recently. Great to deal with.highly recommended
  8. Mickb1773

    Feedback for doc40hz

    Sold a jaydee to Chris.A absolute gent and a pleasure to deal with.Highly recommended Thanks Sir
  9. Mickb1773

    Warwick GPS Thumb BO 4 RESALE VALUE?

    Just have to say as I m selling a neck throug in pristine condition that second hand is the way to go .. aswell as stated ...there several fine thumb also for sale well within your budget All the best Mick
  10. Thanks for all the comments Andy, Correct it was yours All the best, Mick.
  11. Certainly All the best, Mick.
  12. For all the Mark King Fans a 1987 Jaydee in very good condition.Lovely neck and nails the Level 42 sound spot on...a little piece of history Chrome Schaller Machine Heads Solid Mahogany Neck & Body 21 Fret Ebony Fingerboard 34″ Scale Bone Nut Mother of Pearl Dot Fret Position Markers 2 x SN2000 Pickups Active Electronics With 3 Band EQ No trades on this one. looking fro 1000 Eur.Price is for the bass itself. Based In Ireland Willing to ship ,done so many times in the past , feel free to check out my feedback Shipping etc. will be extra .From 20 Eur depending on shipping insurance level and whether packed in boxes versus hardcase etc. All the best, Mick.
  13. Mickb1773

    Warwick Thumb NT - 1989 - WITHDRAWN

    3 band in 1995 I think
  14. Mickb1773


    Traded basses and a little cash his way recently. with Neil A very smooth transaction from all aspects.A joy to deal with and will hopefully do so again in the future. Credit to the community, deal in confidence All the best, Mick.