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  1. Thanks for the offer but need to make cash on this one...lovely looking bass though Ciao
  2. Scott, PM sent , All the best,Mick.
  3. Hi all ,for those interested ,Wal are no longer accepting orders as they wait time is now over 4 years *** Please note that the demand for our basses continues to exceed our production capacity, and our delivery time has now stretched to over four years. At this moment we are no longer accepting new orders until the backlog has reduced. Please let us know if you would like us to add you to our list to contact once when we are accepting orders again
  4. However If you buy new from a shop , you should only be charged Vat on one side . Either the shop will collect it from you or if not you then pay the export price and then generally the courier will collect it from you All the best Mick
  5. Thanks for the advice. I have it up on Facebook Wal Bass Group plus the European bass Market place for sale .. might put it up on Talkbass now that it’s back online after it’s outage cheers again
  6. Have to agree Piers ,it has kinda killed the Eu/uk second hand market and kinda left the new instruments market as it was.But it’s done now so we will have to get on with it ... I doubt the second hand bass market was high up on the list for the Brexit trade talks 😄
  7. Hi All ... Back up for sale , in all reality probably EU only sale. Just the import/VAT charges will too high for the Uk and seems to be too many variables trying to bring it in via Northern Ireland as the prospective last buyer found out ... bit of a mess really All the best Mick.
  8. Hi Often Sandberg use Imbuia wood for their raretops..what ever it is .It is a lovely top best of luck with sale Mick
  9. Ah you can become import/export hub🤔
  10. Graham... great to hear your still enjoying the Aria . Ironically the Wal is going to the UK via Northern Ireland despite Brexit... well thats the plan the prospective buyer is currently arranging.. we will see but hopefully 🤞 Take Care
  11. On hold :Pending with a plan As cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University well maybe not we will see ah Brexit 😤 All the best, Mick
  12. The others halves seem to be standing in the way of my sale 🤭
  13. @AndyTravis that never goes well 😄
  14. No real way to measure it but it’s mid point between a 70s Jazz and 70s Precision if that is any help
  15. @AndyTravis ... Been a while ... How are ya ? you can have it for £5999 😄 Take Care,All the best,Mick
  16. Hi All, Unfortunately going to put this up for sale . Needs Must.It’s a 1983 with Walnut facings it really good condition for its age with a few marks on the neck ( don’t feel them when playing) and dent on the side see the photos.Weight wise under the 10 ilbs so not too bad and signed of by Ian himself. Comes with Wal Brown case. This was serviced in the last 10 year that was confirmed by the second last owner to me and Paul replaced the string tree thus the reason for the dot on the headstock. I know the prices of Wal these days have gone crazy in the last 2 years ( possibly due to 3 year wait / Tool affiliation ) but the above is in line with that last 2 that have sold on Basschat and actually less than some listed elsewhere online .Looking to clear around 5500€ cash so will accept part trade. Interested in classic 80s ( Jaydee/Aria SB/Yamaha BB/Status) basses or possibly a super Jazz /nice Lakland but feel free to PM me: Worse I can do is say no Amp wise : Maybe an Aguilar DB750 or nice rack pre amp Payment via Bank Transfer.I am willing to ship but would wish for the buyer to arrange as the buyer has ownership if in case goes awry. I can double box it also . please feel free to check out my feedback on Basschat All the best Mick
  17. Haimsey.. I think your right MS 4/RS4 : no pickguard with Maple/Rosewood Fingerboards MV4/RV4 with Pickguards great basses in live band settings best of luck with sale
  18. Bought a 1990 Trace Elliot Ah200 off Nik. He was a joy to deal throughout the transaction from communications, payment, packing and delivery Highly Highly Recommended Thanks Again
  19. That input jack looks original too All the best,Mick
  20. Bought a Pre Gibson Tobias from Stavros .. exactly as described.. great communication and excellent job at packing...Highly Recommended
  21. Musicman Stingray Bass ?? But thats a guess 😄... lovely bass though best of luck with sale All the best,Mick.
  22. Sold a Status Trace Elliott bass to Emiel in a smooth transaction. Great communication throughout and a joy to deal with .Highly Recommended
  23. An Absolute gent, a joy to deal with.Highly Highly recommended.One of the best Thanks Again
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